- cannon used by Turbo Rangers
First Appearance: 522-TBTS
Last Appearance: 535-SpOW
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?   Divatox found in a chest from the Salton Sea (in southern California) a map to the space cars - a map which had been missing for eons, but an illustration on the map showed the Turbine Laser mounted on the top of Storm Blaster and a C emblem on Storm Blaster's side; when the space cars would be released in modern day, Storm Blaster's side would initially be bare, and the Turbine Laser wouldn't be introduced yet.

-   Before the teens morphed to fight Mad Mike, Dimitria told them that along with their new abilities as Power Rangers, they also had a new weapon, the Turbine Laser.
-   The Turbine Laser used the latest technology in particle acceleration to create a highly concentrated beam of energy that could supposedly devastate any foe; Dimitria said it held immense power.
-   When summoned, the Turbine Laser would always fly in through blackness with blue streaks going by.
-   If the Turbine Laser had had a wheel base (with which it was never shown), it would have looked like a small racer, much like the Turbo RAM.
-   The Turbine Laser had a C emblem on it.
-   After flying in, the Turbine Laser would hover near the Rangers and fold down its side wings to transform into cannon mode.
-   While holding the Turbine Laser, Justin and Carlos stood in front, with Cassie and Ashley on the sides and T.J. in back.
-   The Turbine Laser's spinning barrel shot a fiery red sphere of energy.
-   The Turbine Laser didn't destroy Mad Mike.

-   The Rangers used the Turbine Laser to destroy Elgar's rocket with a large explosion as the rocket was launching to freeze the sun with the freeze key; this event was undone by Clockster, who turned back time before the Rangers had had a chance to summon the Turbine Laser to destroy the freeze key.

-   To meet General Havoc at the pier for him to deliver their terms of surrender or he would destroy the Earth, the Rangers drove up in Lightning Cruiser and Storm Blaster, with the Turbine Laser mounted on Storm Blaster.
?   When Havoc first brought in Metallasaurus, T.J. had the Rangers try the Turbine Laser, which flew in with its normal streaks even though they'd brought it with them.
-   To call for the Turbine Laser, T.J. touched the left side of his helmet rather than the right.
-   The Turbine Laser's blast bounced off Metallasaurus's nose.

?   When the Rangers used Storm Blaster, it no longer had the Turbine Laser on it, but when the Rangers summoned the Turbine Laser, it wasn't shown flying in with its normal streaks.
-   When T.J. summoned the Turbine Laser, he touched the right side of his helmet and at the same time appeared to call into his communicator for a moment.
-   The Turbine Laser's blast struck Metallasaurus directly but did nothing to the Zord.
-   After being hit by Metallasaurus's eyebeams, the Rangers dropped the Turbine Laser, and it vanished soon afterward.

-   The Turbine Laser temporarily defeated Wicked Wisher.

?   Storm Blaster didn't have the Turbine Laser on it in the US footage, but it did after the switch to sentai.

-   The Turbine Laser was on Storm Blaster when it rammed Torch Tiger, but it hadn't been present earlier in the forest.

?   In the switch between US and sentai shots, the Turbine Laser switched between being present and absent from Storm Blaster multiple times.

?   The energy sphere from the Turbine Laser only seemed to bowl Lord Litter over.

- Phrases used to summon Turbine Laser
522-TBTS T.J.: "Turbine Laser, online!"
525-WTFO T.J. (event undone): "Turbine Laser, now!"
526-DrkD 531-BTTW T.J.: "Turbine Laser, now!"
527-OLHo T.J.: "We need Turbine Laser power, now!"
535-SpOW T.J.: "We need the Turbine Laser, now!"

- Phrases used to transform Turbine Laser into cannon mode
522-TBTS T.J.: "All right!"
526-DrkD T.J.: "Laser activate!"
531-BTTW T.J.: "Lock it up!"
535-SpOW T.J.: "Lock in position!"

- Phrases used for Rangers to assume firing positions
522-TBTS T.J.: "Take your positions, Rangers! Ready!"
525-WTFO T.J. (event undone): "Assault positions!"
527-OLHo T.J.: "Positions..."
531-BTTW T.J.: "Attack positions!"

- Phrases used for Turbine Laser to rev
525-WTFO T.J. (event undone): "All right, engage turbine!"
526-DrkD Rangers: "Turbine Laser!"
527-OLHo 535-SpOW T.J.: "Power up!"

- Phrases used to fire Turbine Laser
522-TBTS 526-DrkD 527-OLHo 535-SpOW Rangers: "Fire!"
525-WTFO Rangers (event undone): "Turbine Laser, fire!"
531-BTTW T.J.: "Turbine Laser..."
Rangers: "Fire!"

Other Sources
-   According to the toy line, the Turbine Laser was the Phantom Ranger's special weapon.

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