- cart vehicles used by Turbo Rangers
First Appearance: 503-SIT3
Last Appearance: 540-C&TC
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?   As part of the new appearances of the Turbozord cockpits, their seats now consisted of the yet un-introduced Turbo Carts, held in place by large clamps.

?   When Porto grew to giant size, the Rangers drove onto the site in their Turbo Carts, then proceeded to attack giant Porto ineffectively with their Turbo Weapons; it's unknown why they didn't summon the Turbozords.
-   Each Turbo Cart bore the number of its matching Ranger: Red was 1, Blue 2, Green 3, Yellow 4, and Pink 5.
-   The red Turbo Cart had what looked like a silver cannon in front, the blue Turbo Cart had a spoiler in back, the green Turbo Cart had what looked like two silver missiles in front, the yellow Turbo Cart had cigar-chaped projections on the sides of its front bumper, and the pink Turbo Cart had a spoiler in back.
-   Each Turbo Cart had "Carranger" written on its rear fenders.

-   Adam used his Turbo Cart to chase after Demon Racer in his Jeep.
-   When Demon Racer II grew to giant size, Adam again got into his Turbo Cart and, as he drove toward the giant monster, pressed a button labeled "Missile" on the right side of his steering wheel, launching the left missile from the hood of his cart; the missile struck giant Demon Racer II, knocking him over after Adam had driven under his legs.

-   Tommy used his Turbo Cart to chase Big Burpa on her bicycle; the Yellow, Green, and Pink Rangers then joined in on the chase in their carts as well.

-   After Maniac Mechanic had sped away in his battle wagon, Ashley, touching the right side of her helmet, summoned her Turbo Cart to pursue him; Justin would then drive up in Storm Blaster to give Carlos a ride, whom Ashley had left behind.
-   The Turbo Cart's pedal bore a C emblem.
-   When Maniac Mechanic touched his magic wrench to the front right wheel of Ashley's Turbo Cart, the wheel fell off, and Ashley crashed.

- Phrases used to summon Turbo Cart
534-TOWW Ashley: "Turbo Cart, now!"

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