- holding bay for Turbo Rangers' Zords beneath Angel Grove
First Appearance: 503-SIT3
Last Appearance: 541-LSMn
See Also: Phantom Ranger's access tunnel
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-   When the Rangers summoned the Turbozords to use them against giant Amphibitor, the Turbozords would activate by themselves in an (unnamed) underground holding bay which had five compartments for the Zords.
-   On a red racing light above the storage compartments was the word "Carranger."
-   A highway in downtown Angel Grove split open, revealing an enormous ramp from which the giant Turbozords drove after passing through a tunnel with orange rectangular lights.

?   Robo Racer in car mode, driving above ground in Angel Grove, would frequently (particularly while transforming into battle mode) race through a tunnel that looked identical to the one through which the Turbozords would drive to travel up from the holding bay.

-   Once the Rangers had agreed to come with him during Metallasaurus's attack, Phantom Ranger pointed his hand at the ground, and a square opening in the concrete downtown opened up; Phantom and the Rangers leapt down into a tunnel which led beneath Angel Grove.
-   To get past a wall (which Phantom called rubble) at the end of the tunnel, Phantom summoned a laser weapon which, when the Rangers joined in with their Auto Blasters, blasted a hole through the wall; the next time the Rangers would be seen, they would be in the Rescuezords in Artillatron.
-   Artillatron came from inside, beneath, or behind what looked like a domed sports stadium in Angel Grove.

-   Inside a compound, a crane near Artillatron raised, and Artillatron drove forward, then shown driving out from the dome in Angel Grove.

-   When the Rangers summoned the Rescuezords this time, enormous doors in the compound slid open to reveal the storage area for the Zords, with Artillatron on the left of the Turbozords' compartments.
?   The Turbozords were shown parked in their compartments, but they were supposed to be in the form of the evil Turbo Megazord, the reason the Rangers had summoned the Rescuezords.

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