- devices used to tap Turbo powers to morph teens into Turbo Rangers
First Appearance: 500-TPRM
Last Appearance: 1034-FRed
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-   After the Turbozords had been created, a stand appeared from the mist in the Turbozords' room; the circular platform on the stand was divided onto five Ranger-colored sections, on each of which lay each Turbo Morpher and key, including the as yet unused Blue Ranger's Morpher and key.
?   All of the Turbo Morpher keys were unfolded in the initial shot, but in the close-ups of the keys, only the Red Ranger's key was unfolded.
-   At the base of each key was a gold triangular C emblem seen frequently on Turbo equipment.
-   Zordon told the teens, "Before you are your new Turbo Morphers, five keys similar to Lerigot's Golden Key"; his wording implies that the keys were themselves the main parts of the Morphers, with the wrist-mounted devices being mere accessories; nevertheless, for the purposes of clarity, this guide refers to the wrist devices as Turbo Morphers and the keys as Turbo Morpher keys.
-   As stated in the previous entry, the five Turbo Morpher keys were supposedly similar to Lerigot's Golden Key.
-   Individually, the keys/Morphers would power up the Turbozords and give the teens access to their (new Turbo) morphing powers.
-   Together, and only together, were the five keys powerful enough to see the teens safely through the Nemesis Triangle.
-   As the four teens held their hands on their keys and Morphers, Ranger-colored energy beams shot down into them from above, suiting them up in their Turbo suits; this was verified by the flashback in 501-SIT1.
-   In the Power Chamber, Zordon told the Rangers to take their Turbozords across the "great desert" to the sea; there they would find the Ghost Galleon, a phantom ship which would take them and their Zords to the Nemesis Triangle.
-   Zordon said the combined power of the Rangers' keys and the galleon would see them safely through the Nemesis Triangle.
-   Alpha said the Rangers had to merge the power of their keys at the moment they crossed the Nemesis Triangle.
-   On a podium on the upper deck of the Ghost Galleon was an ornate box; inside were five keyholes.
-   The teens removed their Turbo Morpher keys from their pockets and inserted them in the left-to-right order (facing the box) Tanya, Kat, Tommy, Adam, and Justin.
-   Once the five keys (called "portal keys," the only official name given to them) had been inserted into the keyholes and turned left ninety degrees, white light shone up from the keyholes, and the ship prepared itself for and embarked upon its voyage.
?   A crooked key (Adam's) corrected itself between shots.
-   Two days later, as the Ghost Galleon approached the Nemesis Triangle, Kat had the teens go down below while she retrieved the keys from the galleon's controls.
?   Kat handed each teen a key, but since the keys had no distinguishing features from one another, it seems that she would have handed the teens random keys.
-   When the teens held their keys toward the center of their circular group, Ranger-colored light glowed from each key's blade, and the teens seemed to have trouble holding them steady; an orange burst of light then flung the teens back, and the galleon passed through the wall of the Nemesis Triangle; the energy-combining scene as the galleon approached the Nemesis Triangle was verified by the flashback in 501-SIT1.
-   Some time later, the galleon's control box was still open, and the keys appeared to be back in the keyholes.
-   The teens must have had their keys in their possession by the time they came upstairs strapping on their Power Boxes, since, after this point, Adam, and soon the others, would leave the soon-to-be-destroyed Ghost Galleon in their Turbozords.
-   So that they could morph to make a silent approach on Maligore's temple, Tommy told the teens to take out their "Morphers," at which point they removed their keys from their pockets.
-   When the teens assumed their pre-morph stances, the four older teens faced toward their right, with their left arm flexed (as though in preparation to summon their Turbo Morphers onto their wrists); Justin, however, goofed by facing toward his left, with his right arm flexed (holding his key in the foreground, as would become the new pre-morph stance in 516-Shr1); Tommy glared at Justin with a look of disapproval and annoyance until Justin turned around to match the other teens' stances.
-   Whenever the teens summoned their Turbo Morphers, the devices would replace the communicators on the teens' wrists.
-   After doing arm gestures while holding their keys, the teens would insert the glowing keys into the Turbo Morphers to activate the morph sequence; occasionally, they would turn the keys after inserting them, but most often they would not turn them.
-   Occasionally, the keys wouldn't be glowing when they were inserted into the Turbo Morphers, but there would always be a glow after the insertion.

-   The Turbo Morphers replaced each teen's communicator on his or her right wrist when the teen did a wrist-twist motion as had been done to summon the Zeonizers; the Morpher would appear with a gleam of Ranger-colored light; meanwhile, the summoning of the Turbo Keys into the left hand would never be shown, unless it was a rare instance in which the teen pulled out the key from his or her pocket.

-   Once the five Turbozords were docked together, the Rangers would insert their Turbo Keys into the controls in front of them; the keyhole for each Ranger was surrounded by a disc divided into five Ranger-colored segments, of which the respective Ranger's color, on the top for each Ranger, lit up when the keys were turned; the Turbo Megazord then stood up and completed its transformation.

-   The teens were still wearing their Turbo Morphers on their wrists after being demorphed by the Shadow Rangers' creation.

-   Although she wasn't shown summoning her Turbo Morpher before her morph, Tanya's wrist glowed with yellow light as she performed her pre-morph pose.

-   As it seemed Reggie was about to beat him up, Justin reached into his back pocket and pulled out his Turbo Key, flipping out its blade and causing it to glow with blue light behind his back.

-   On Blue Senturion's left wrist was a silver device which looked similar to a Turbo Morpher.

-   Morphing alone, Justin first used the new pre-morph stance of facing left with his right, key arm flexed, holding his key in the foreground, with the Morpher-summoning on his left wrist never shown; elsewhere, the other four teens assumed the same pre-morph stance without having seen Justin's.

-   Before calling his morph, Justin pulled out his key (perhaps from his right pocket) and clicked out the blade.
-   Justin appeared to click out the blade of his key by squeezing the C emblems on the bottom, wide surfaces of the key.

-   As Piranhatrons on bikes shot at them, Kat dropped her Turbo Key upon leaping out of the truck on Tommy's insistence.
-   Justin pulled out his key, apparently from his right pocket, and held it out to morph, but Flamite knocked the key from his hand.
-   After Tanya and Adam had pulled out their keys from their right pockets to morph, Flamite kicked the keys from their hands as well.
-   The keys, lying on the ground next to a fire started by Flamite, quickly became hot, as though made of metal; Adam picked up two of them off the ground.

-   Justin, Adam, and Tanya ran from Flamite with their Morphers on their wrists and their keys in their hands; Tanya said she'd gotten her "Morpher" (presumably referring to her key), and that was all of them.

-   Beginning with this episode, when a morph preparation would not include a key insertion, the key, held in the teen's hand, would often glow with Ranger-colored light, blending into a light in front of the Ranger for his or her morph; similarly, key insertions would frequently do the same.
-   Despite the infrequent insertion of the keys into the Turbo Morphers as of the introduction of the new preparation stance, as well as the lack of involvement of the Turbo Morphers in the new morph sequences, the Turbo Morphers would still be on the new teens' wrists during the morph sequences.

-   While fighting Piranhatrons, Justin told Alpha over the communicator to send the other Rangers, and he then instantly morphed (and grew) with a flash of blue light in the middle of punching a Piranhatron; neither his key nor his Morpher was visible at the time.

-   The robot teens were able to morph with the keys and Morphers.
?   Robot Carlos wasn't holding a key when he flexed his right arm for his pre-morph pose, but he was as he and robot Justin did their key insertion gestures.
-   The robot teens weren't shown giving the keys and Morphers back to the real teens, but the real teens were able to summon them and morph as usual.

-   Confronted by Piranhatron, super-strong Justin pulled out his key and tried to morph, but his Morpher didn't appear, and his arm holding his key appeared to be in pain.
-   Dimitria told Justin that his super strength, apparently given to him by being bitten by an ant doused with chemicals, was incompatible with his Ranger powers.

-   On a balcony area overlooking the Mega Vehicles' hangar in the moonbase on Jupiter's moon Ganymede was a table apparatus very similar to the stand from which the Turbo Rangers had gotten their Turbo powers in the Power Chamber in 500-TPRM.
-   At this table, the Rangers exchanged Zordon's keycards from Eltar with new keycards which actually operated the Mega Vehicles.

-   As Storm Blaster raced toward a warehouse to help the captured Space Rangers, with Justin in the driver's seat, its glove compartment opened, revealing a Turbo Morpher and key which Justin excitedly exclaimed were his.
-   Justin was driving Storm Blaster as the Blue Turbo Ranger when it crashed into the warehouse.

- Phrases used for Rangers to insert Turbo Keys into controls
503-SIT3 503-SIT3 504-Shad 508-BBFB 509-WLie 510-GlHa 511-Wt&S 513-MiMe 526-DrkD Rangers: "Initiate Turbo Megazord!"
507-BFSp Tommy: "All right..."
Rangers: "Turbo Megazord!"
520-StWi 536-Conf T.J.: "Initiate Turbo Megazord!"

- Phrases used as Rangers turn inserted Turbo Keys
503-SIT3 504-Shad 507-BFSp 509-WLie 511-Wt&S Tommy: "Turbo up!"
other Rangers: "Turbo up!"
503-SIT3 508-BBFB 510-GlHa 513-MiMe Tommy: "Turbo up!"
520-StWi Rangers (as T.J. inserts key): "Turbo up!"
526-DrkD 536-Conf T.J.: "Turbo up!"

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