- devices used by Turbo Rangers to locate people and objects
First Appearance: 500-TPRM
Last Appearance: 543-P&Pc
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-   Alpha said that the short-range locators (later called Turbo Navigators) in the Power Boxes would lead Tommy and Kat straight to Lerigot.
-   Using his short-range locator, Tommy located Lerigot with what looked like a thermal map of the area or perhaps a color-coded elevation map.
-   Tommy had a short-range locator with him on the Ghost Galleon, apparently having brought it along with his Power Box in his Turbozord; the locator was unable to get a lock on Lerigot as they approached Muiranthias once inside the Nemesis Triangle.
-   The short-range locator showed readings of two approaching torpedoes which had been launched from Divatox's subcraft.

-   The short-range locator was now known as a Turbo Navigator.
-   The Turbo Navigator automatically responded to any extraterrestrial organism or device, so no alterations were necessary to make it track detonators.
-   On the Power Chamber's main console was a panel labeled "Signal Scan," and Justin used the controls to make a Turbo Navigator appear from blue energy from the panel.
-   When Tommy flipped up the lid on the Turbo Navigator, its main screen read, "Turbo Navigator Activated," then displayed a 3-D grid of the power plant.

-   Tommy and Justin scanned a construction site with a Turbo Navigator after learning there was trouble there.

-   Tanya had brought a Turbo Navigator to the radio station with her in her bag; when it began chirping in reaction to the detonator Elgar had planted outside, Tanya could hear it through her headphones.
-   Looking at the Turbo Navigator's display, Tanya said a detonator had to be close by.
-   When Kat arrived, Tanya told her that her Turbo Navigator (referring to it as her own) had detected a detonator near the broadcast tower.

-   Tommy and Justin had been in the Power Chamber charging the Turbo Navigators when one of them had picked up a detonator in Angel Grove.
-   The five teens split up, each with a Turbo Navigator, to search for the detonator.
-   After destroying the first Demon Racer, Adam continued to use his Turbo Navigator while morphed; as Rob's car drove by with the detonator inside, the Navigator alerted Adam to its location.

?   The Rangers searched the car wash for a detonator without using a Turbo Navigator.

?   The five teens together searched backstage at the stunt show for a detonator, without using a Turbo Navigator.

?   Prompted by Dimitria's questions, the teens figured out that Divatox was setting off alarms to distract them from her detonator, and they split up to search for it; although Kat and presumably the other three teens as well used Turbo Navigators, Justin wasn't using one when he was confronted by Reggie and Junior in the park.
-   When Kat picked up a detonator signal on her Turbo Navigator, she returned to the Power Chamber, where Alpha fed the coordinates into the Power Chamber's computer to follow the detonator's movement.

-   After Blue Senturion had left, morphed Justin used a Turbo Navigator to discover a detonator somewhere, and he suspected it was on Blue Senturion.
?   When the Rangers split up to look for Blue Senturion, Tommy and Kat searched an industrial site without a Turbo Navigator.

-   At a soccer game with Tanya, and Kat as Adam coached, Justin had brought a Turbo Navigator in his backpack just in case Divatox tried to follow up her attack on Carlos and Ashley.
?   When his Turbo Navigator beeped in response to a detonator in the scoreboard as the teens returned to the soccer game, Justin figured he hadn't heard it with the noise of the crowd earlier, but when he heard it, the crowd was quite noisy, and they had been away from the crowd when they'd left to morph earlier.
-   The Turbo Navigator showed a photorealistic zoom-out on the scoreboard.

-   Justin was in the Power Chamber having charged the Turbo Navigators when the other four teens came in to use them to search for a detonator they suspected Divatox had planted, but they had to morph to fight Griller first.
-   When the Rangers later went after the detonator, only Red Ranger had a Turbo Navigator.

-   Holding a Turbo Navigator after shrunken Tommy had called Justin in the Power Chamber, Alpha discovered there was a detonator where the shrunken Rangers were headed while riding the torpedoes.

-   Lightning Cruiser's display looked identical to a Turbo Navigator display; it had menu bars of Analysis (blue, flashing at first), Search (red, flashing afterward), and Navigate (green); below the menu bars was "Bowzock Search Mode / Mode A - Energy Emission Scan."

-   While he and the guys played basketball, Justin had a Turbo Navigator in his bookbag which he grabbed before everything else around the teens had managed to vanish.
-   Tracking invisible Piranhatron, the Turbo Navigator's display was identical to the Lightning Cruiser display from 521-TWOF, with the Analysis menu bar flashing; on a grid, the screen showed Ranger-colored blips for the teens and a swarm of red blips moving in on them.
-   Later, morphed Justin led the other Rangers after an energy source through Angel Grove with the Turbo Navigator, but they passed right by the street Translucitor and the villains were on.
-   The Rangers summoned Lightning Cruiser and Storm Blaster to help them track Translucitor after they hadn't had much luck following the Turbo Navigator.
-   After the guys were captured, morphed Ashley and Cassie tracked them down with the Turbo Navigator Justin had left in Storm Blaster.
?   In the US footage, the Turbo Navigator's lid was silver, but in the sentai footage, it was black with a C emblem on it.
-   When Ashley opened the Navigator's lid, it read, "Standing by," and then showed its normal screen with "search" flashing and the text "Bowzock Search Mode" and "Mode A - Energy Emission Scan"; the display showed pink and yellow ovals for the girls and a triangular red icon representing the invisible Translucitor.
?   As the girls tracked Translucitor, the "standby" screen was on the display inside the lid, which was otherwise never used; the regular display was then shown on the main screen.
-   Regularly on the Turbo Navigator's screen but seldom seen clearly were a row of yellow buttons down the upper left side: "Power," "Mode," "Map," "Cancel," and "Shift"; along the bottom were a blue "Multi Func." button, a yellow stop button, a green "MR." button, a yellow rewind button, a red record button, a blue play button, a yellow fast-forward button, and a red "Em." button.
-   In small text below the "Mode A > Energy Emission Scan" line was, often seen but rarely discernable, the following: "Scanning Ranger >20 Km Inner / Energy Type >D2MG434R.5522 / Interactive Com. Fank > Active".
-   Ashley thought to transform the Turbo Navigator into gun mode, called Defender Mode, to have its blast follow Translucitor, enabling the Rangers to follow it to the monster's location.
-   On one side of the Turbo Navigator's handle was "Carranger" written in red text.
-   Once the Turbo Navigator was in Defender Mode, its small fold-out display screen on its left side showed a graphical map of the terrain, with the words "Lock on" as it locked on to Translucitor's position.
-   The Turbo Navigator Defender Mode shot a red stream of energy which went around corners to hunt down the invisible Translucitor and blast him.
-   Ashley thought to combine the tracking of the Turbo Navigator with the firepower of T.J.'s Auto Blaster (which he transformed into Turbo Mode before joining the weapons), creating what T.J. called an Auto Blast Defender.
-   The Auto Blast Defender shot a red stream of flaming energy which knocked Translucitor down and caused everything which he'd turned invisible to return.
?   When Cassie used the Turbo Navigator in the Turbo Navigator, the title bar of the lid monitor had a menu bars of "Date," "Energy" (lit up red), and "On|Off"; in a single bar running below that was "Hyper Technology Navigation"; in the screen was "Bowzock Search Mode / Mode A > Energy Emission Scan" with no text below it; almost immediately afterward, the normal display was shown, but without the body of small text which was normally shown below the "Energy Emission Scan."

-   After using a Turbo Navigator to locate a spot directly above Phantom's access tunnel (a spot near a parking lot by the woods somewhere), T.J. and Cassie had Alpha teleport them down into the tunnel.
-   The Turbo Navigator's lid screen was active, with large amounts of white text scrolling up as Cassie scanned for Phantom Ranger.
-   The Turbo Navigator was apparently unable to detect Phantom and his ship until T.J. and Cassie were within just a few feet of them.

-   As evil Blue Senturion was defeating him, T.J. used a Turbo Navigator in Defender Mode to shoot a red laser beam which wrapped around Blue Senturion, briefly restraining him and buying T.J. time to retreat.
-   After learning of Divatox's search for her lost wishing coin, the teens split up with Turbo Navigators set by Alpha to search for metal of the same weight and shape as the coin.

-   T.J. and Cassie now walked for blocks with their Turbo Navigators searching for the coin while the others were in the Power Chamber.
-   After the Rangers had briefly fought Blue Senturion, Carlos and Justin searched as far as the Youth Center with their Turbo Navigators and found nothing.
-   When the Rangers were attacked by mutant bees, morphed Ashley and Cassie each pulled out a Turbo Navigator in Defender Mode; after the girls announced, "Target seek mode," the weapons shot red lasers which curved to blast three of the four bees.

-   Ashley shot a gold energy beam from an Auto Blast Defender into the turbine of Maniac Mechanic's battle wagon, destroying the vehicle with a massive explosion.

-   Cassie used a Turbo Navigator in the Rescue Megazord to track down Terrorzord after it had vanished; in the display, the search bar was flashing, and a VRV symbol represented the Megazord.

-   Strikeout had "Bol Zock" on his sports uniform, similar to the "Bowzock" as seen in the phrase, "Bowzock search mode," on the Turbo Navigators.

-   As the Rescue Megazord fought the Sharkzord underwater, Ashley's Turbo Navigator display in the Rescue Megazord showed a display of the Rescue Megazord (with the torso green and all else flashing red), along with the "Power Boost Ratio" going down from 80% to 60%; as the accompanying power bar dropped, it turned from green to yellow once it had dropped below 75%, and there was a white line where 50% would be.
-   The Rangers switched into the Turbo Megazord because of the power loss the Rescue Megazord was experiencing, but Cassie's Turbo Navigator display showed "Power Unit Empty," a flashing orange Turbo Megazord display, and the power bar dropping from 25% to 18%; the bar turned from yellow to red once it had dropped below 25%.
-   As her Turbo Navigator screen centered on Porto's control car atop the Sharkzord, Cassie announced that the tractor beam was locked, and Justin fired the Turbo Megazord's chest ray at the car, ejecting Porto and causing the unpiloted Sharkzord to collapse.

-   As the Catzord was overloading from Rygog's using too much power, Alpha suggested the power inversion, and as the Rangers activated it, five Ranger-colored streaks flew out from Catzord's chest and charged up the Rescuezords; Ashley, consulting her Turbo Navigator, then happily announced that they were back online.

- Phrases used to fire Turbo Navigator Defender Mode
524-VAct Ashley: "Turbo Navigator Defender Mode!"
532-GOEv Ashley/Cassie: "Target seek mode!"

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