- Turbo Rangers' initial set of Zords; each modeled after a modern car
First Appearance: 500-TPRM
Last Appearance: 544-CIS1
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-   When the four teens created their Turbozords using the Power Chamber's controls, Kat, Adam, and Alpha worked the main console while Tanya sat at the western console; Tommy (soon joined by Tanya) walked from Tanya's console to the main console, saying, "Level stabilizers off 8.40. Full throttle the power output."; Kat replied that all systems were go, and the Turbozords were then created.
-   During the creation of the Zords, the Viewing Screen showed five Ranger-colored outlines of the Turbozords, which flowed outward and streaked through a black background; the Turbozords were then revealed to be in a smoke-filled room elsewhere in the Power Chamber.
-   The Turbozords' being in a room elsewhere in the Power Chamber was verified by the flashback in 501-SIT1.
-   As the Turbozords were being created, Zordon said they would possess the power to carry the teens safely on their quest through the Nemesis Triangle.
-   Although the Turbozords were created quickly, it's unknown when and by whom the Turbo powers, weapons, suits, and Zords were designed.
-   The Turbozords were car-sized and appeared to be just ordinary cars, but they could turn on their lights, rev their engines, and drive forward, seemingly on their own.
-   Zordon said that the Turbozords were vehicles equipped with the power and velocity of Turbo technology.
?   Zordon said that individually, the Turbozords were formidable fighting machines, but the individual Turbozords had no weapons systems.
-   As the newly-morphed Turbo Rangers walked into the Power Chamber, Alpha said that all systems checked out and that the Turbozords were programmed and ready to go.
-   In the Power Chamber, Zordon told the Rangers to take their Turbozords across the "great desert" to the sea; there they would find the Ghost Galleon, a phantom ship which would take them and their Zords to the Nemesis Triangle.
-   Zordon told the Rangers that neither the galleon nor the Turbozords would be detectable by Divatox, but he neglected to mention that the Rangers would be detectable, at least in unmorphed form.
?   In the desert, the four Turbozords drove out from a large dust cloud; in the flashback in 501-SIT1, they would instead drive out from four Ranger-colored explosions of smoke.
-   The unmorphed teens drove the still car-sized Turbozords through the desert; this was the only time unmorphed Rangers would pilot Zords.
?   The Turbozords' cockpits appeared to be much more spacious than could have been fit into the car-sized Zords, especially in the cases of Red Lightning and Wind Chaser.
-   In the Turbozord cockpits, the four teens all wore headsets.
?   Had several shots not been flipped from left to right, all of the Turbozords' cockpits would have had two levers on the pilot's left side; the teens' headsets also would have all been on their right ear. (Source: Flipping submitted by Selma McCrory)
-   The shorter lever on the left, closer to the teen than the longer one, made the Turbozords shift into high speed, with glowing streaks, perhaps flames, coming from the rear ends of the Zords.
?   All of the car-sized Turbozords but Wind Chaser were shown to have standard driver's-side doors through which the teens could enter and exit their vehicles, yet none of the cockpits had space for a side doorway.
-   After Justin had taken Rocky's place as the Blue Ranger, Alpha had had to give him a crash-course in driving; apparently, he didn't receive an instinctual knowledge of piloting his Turbozord.
-   The teens somehow got the Turbozords aboard the Ghost Galleon's lower cargo area; it wouldn't be until much later that the Turbozords' ability to drive across water would be demonstrated.
?   The next night on the galleon, the four teens were studying a map on a table downstairs, seemingly in the cargo area, yet the Turbozords were nowhere to be seen.
-   After watching their approach of Muiranthias from the galleon's upper deck, the next day, the teens went back downstairs and came up strapping their Power Boxes on; apparently, they'd brought the Power Boxes with them in the Turbozords.
-   Immediately after he'd gone downstairs, Adam was shown, from through a grating with sunlight on it, getting into Desert Thunder; this indicates that the Turbozords were indeed in the one lower cargo area, and that they should have been down there all along whenever the teens had gone downstairs.
?   When Adam got in the driver's side door of Desert Thunder, he sat on a gray seat on the driver's side, as if it were a normal van inside, yet the cockpit interior was much more spacious, and it had a centered, green seat.
-   Desert Thunder drove away from the Ghost Galleon with only its wheels submerged in the ocean water.
-   The Turbozords were also called "Turbo vehicles."
-   When Tommy's short-range locator detected two torpedoes approaching, the four teens quickly got into the Turbozords for protection and for shelter from Divatox's sensors.
-   The four Turbozords drove away from the flaming wreckage of the Ghost Galleon, showing that all five Turbozords were able to drive on water, with only their wheels submerged.
-   Although unmorphed Justin was never shown while driving Mountain Blaster, he presumably had a headset to match the others'.
-   Once the teens had parked the Turbozords in the jungle of Muiranthias and Adam told them that Lerigot was dying and that they might already be too late (apparently referring to Lerigot's health rather than Divatox's imminent release of Maligore), Tommy had them morph and leave the Turbozords behind so they could take the silent approach.
-   When the Turbo Weapons were ineffective on Maligore in the temple, Tommy had the Rangers lure Maligore outside so they could call on their Zords, but Maligore wasn't giant-sized at the time.
?   The Rangers, in the Turbozords, shifted the longer of the two levers (with all of the levers now on the Rangers' left sides); the red circle in the back of Red Lightning's cockpit then opened like an iris, even though it had been open in all previous shots.
-   Tommy announced, "Turbo Megazord morph sequence, online," at which point the Turbozords grew to the standard Zord size; only Red Lightning was shown clearly in the growing process, and it did so with red energy; the growth sequence was verified by the flashback in 501-SIT1.
-   Immediately after the Turbozords had grown, Adam announced the powering-up of the Turbo Shield armor, which gave the Zords a rugged armor exterior.
-   Once the Turbo Megazord was complete and upright, a blue flash of light completed the transformation and took away the rugged armor, making the Zords' surfaces smooth again.

-   Tommy raced a stock car around a track quite well after only having been driving the car for a month; since it doesn't seem that the teens would have waited a month after 500-TPRM to tell Rocky about their adventure, Tommy must have begun racing before 500-TPRM and the introduction of the Turbo powers and Zords.

-   After the Rangers morphed, they were then shown driving the Turbozords through the desert.
-   The Turbozords were now by default Zord-sized.
?   The Turbozord cockpits were completely different from their appearance in 500-TPRM; now in the rear of each was a Ranger-colored circle bearing the Turbozord's number, and the Rangers' seats now consisted of the yet un-introduced Turbo Carts, held in place by large clamps.
?   After she and Justin had arrived in the Megazord cockpit, Kat got out of her seat and remarked to Justin how amazing this new Megazord was, but the Rangers had used the Megazord in 500-TPRM.
?   When Tanya noted as the Rangers were forming the Turbo Megazord that Justin was sure having a good time with this, Adam replied, "He's a kid with a new toy! Let him have some fun! You did, remember?"
-   While racing along a mountainous ledge, trying to get past Elgar's vehicle, Tommy pulled out from under his left side a white instruction manual for the Zord, with "RV" and Japanese writing on the cover; flipping through it, he remarked, "Now, lemme see, how do I kick this thing into Turbo? Lucky I got my manual!"
-   On the tailgate of Mountain Blaster was now "Power 2 Vehicle," while in 500-TPRM, all that had been there was the number two.
-   A rear tire appearing to be on Dune Star read "Power Vehicle" and "CR-1000."
-   Unless otherwise noted, when summoning the Turbozords, the Rangers would touch the right sides of their helmets, as if activating earpieces inside the helmets rather than communicators; the time they did so in this episode, their fingers came close to their helmets without touching them, but in most other cases, they would touch the helmets.
-   When the Rangers summoned the Turbozords to use them against giant Amphibitor, the Turbozords activated by themselves and drove out from an underground holding bay.
-   The Turbozords drove out of the holding bay through the city in the order of the numbers on them.

-   To get the Chromite into the shade, Tommy summoned the Turbozords simply to have the Turbo Megazord cast a shadow on the Chromite.

-   The Rangers didn't use the Turbozords this time, since they faced no giant monster.

?   When Porto grew to giant size, the Rangers drove up in the Turbo Carts and ineffectively attacked Porto with their Turbo Weapons and then the Turbo RAM; it's unknown why they didn't summon the Turbozords.

-   When Demon Racer II grew to giant size, Adam got into his Turbo Cart, which he had used earlier to race the original Demon Racer, and fired a missile at him.
-   Shortly afterward, the five Rangers summoned the Turbozords to form the Turbo Megazord, which used previously unseen techniques and attacks.

-   To chase after Justin and his out-of-control bicycle, morphed Tommy summoned the car-sized Red Lightning, which dropped from the sky, and Tommy got in through the driver's side door.
-   Once Tommy was inside, Red Lightning's headlights flashed with the same electronic hum heard whenever the future Lightning Cruiser and Storm Blaster would flash their lights.
-   Once he'd caught up with Justin, Tommy climbed out onto the hood of Red Lightning, and as the car continued to drive itself, he leapt from the Turbozord and tackled Justin, rescuing him from the bicycle.
-   Red Lightning suddenly veered away from the bicycle before it fell over and exploded; this was the last time a Turbozord would be shown car-sized.

-   When the Rangers summoned the Turbozords this time, they performed simultaneous sideways thumb gestures as though hitchhiking.

-   When the five Rangers called for the Turbozords after Kat had given Numbor a pounding, Kat stood in the center of the group and was the only Ranger to touch the right side of her helmet.

?   When Terrortooth grew a second time after being shrunk once by the Turbo Megazord's chest ray, the Rangers used the Turbo RAM Cannon Mode on the giant monster rather than summoning the Turbozords again; Blue Senturion then finished the fight in Robo Racer, alone.
-   Robo Racer's cockpit resembled the Turbozord cockpits, with what would have been its Ranger-colored lights being blue, and with Blue Senturion's badge symbol (bearing the letter "S") in a blue circle behind his seat.

-   When the Rangers summoned the Turbozords, there were four Ranger-colored smoke explosions in the desert before the Turbozords were shown driving through the desert; this would happen again in 525-WTOF.

-   Whenever Lightning Cruiser and Storm Blaster would flash their headlights in an attempt to communicate with someone, they would make the same humming sound of the Turbozords' headlights.

-   As Ashley summoned the Turbozords, she touched the right side of her helmet as Cassie touched the left side of her own.

-   Morphed T.J., Cassie, and Ashley drove around in their Turbozords to look for energy readings of the freeze key which was lowering the Earth's temperature.

-   When Havoc first brought in Metallasaurus, T.J. had the Rangers try the Turbine Laser, which they'd brought with them on Storm Blaster.
-   When the Turbine Laser did nothing, T.J. touched the left side of his helmet to tell Alpha they needed the "Turbo--", presumably Turbozords, but when Metallasaurus's attack cut him off, he asked the Rangers if they had any suggestions.
-   As the Rangers ran away, T.J. finally summoned the Turbozords.
-   A red alarm was shown blaring with the sound of Robo Racer's siren, and then the Turbozords drove up.

-   Porto had printed out information hidden in the stolen Turbo Megazord's database and gave it to Havoc in a black "Top Secret" binder which contained information on the unintroduced Siren Blaster Rescuezord and Artillatron, but most importantly, the Phantom Ranger and his Power Ruby.
-   The Turbozords' data banks apparently also contained images of Metallasaurus's first form confronting Artillatron. (Source: Submitted by Derik Smith)
-   The Rescuezord cockpits were similar to the Turbozord cockpits, but without the Turbo Carts.

?   The Turbozords were shown parked in their compartments beside Artillatron in the holding bay, but they were supposed to be in the form of the evil Turbo Megazord, the reason the Rangers had summoned the Rescuezords.

-   When the Rangers summoned the Rescuezords after being shot at by Robo Racer's cannon, there were four Ranger-colored smoke explosions in the desert (as had introduced the Turbozords' arrival several times in the past) before the Rescuezords were shown driving in with multiple non-colored explosions behind them, presumably caused by Robo Racer's cannon.

-   The Rescuezords again drove out by themselves without Artillatron, after the four Ranger-colored smoke explosions appeared in the desert.

-   The components of the Turbo Megazord and Rescue Megazord were interchangeable, allowing the Rangers to combine the Red Lightning and Mountain Blaster Turbozords with the Wind Rescue, Star Racer, and Thunder Loader Rescuezords to form the Rescue Turbo Megazord.

-   In the Rescue Megazord, T.J. touched the left side of his helmet as he called for the Turbozords.
-   The Turbo Megazord was crippled in combat with Goldgoyle.

- Phrases used as four teens prepare for journey in car-sized Turbozords
500-TPRM Adam: "Desert Thunder, ready to rumble."
Kat: "Wind Chaser, ready to howl."
Tanya: "Dune Star's gonna shine."
Tommy: "Red Lightning, ready to bolt!"

- Phrases used for teens to shift car-sized Turbozords into high speed mode
500-TPRM Adam: "All systems go, Tommy!"
Tommy: "All right, let's rip some velocity! Shift into turbo!"

- Phrases used for Turbozords to grow to giant size
500-TPRM Tommy: "Let's see what this baby's got. Ready to bring 'em together!"
Kat: "Wind Chaser, ready!"
Adam: "Ready!"
Tanya: "Ready!"
Justin: "Ready!"
Tommy (shifting gear): "Do it! Turbo Megazord morph sequence, online."
- Turbozords grow

- Phrases used for Turbozords to grow to giant size (flashback to sequence in 500-TPRM, but with different dialogue)
501-SIT1 Tommy: "Red Lightning turbo power!"
Kat: "Wind Chaser turbo power!"
Adam: "Desert Thunder!"
Tanya: "Dune Star!"
Justin: "Mountain Blaster!"
Tommy (shifting gear): "Do it!"
- Turbozords grow

- Phrases used to activate Turbozord armor
500-TPRM Adam: "Powering up the Turbo Shield armor now. Desert Thunder is ready to rock!"
Tanya: "Dune Star's right there with you."
Justin: "This is awesome! Mountain Blaster here, I'm ready too!"

- Phrases used for Rangers to summon Turbozords
503-SIT3 503-SIT3 510-GlHa 513-MiMe 517-Shr2 519-PTT2 520-StWi 525-WTFO Rangers: "We need Turbo Megazord power, now!"
504-Shad 509-WLie 511-Wt&S Rangers: "We need Turbozord power, now!"
507-BFSp Rangers: "Turbo Megazord, now!"
508-BBFB Tommy: "Red Lightning Turbo power, turbo up!"
Justin: "Mountain Blaster Turbo power, turbo up!"
Adam: "Desert Thunder Turbo power, turbo up!"
Tanya: "Dune Star Turbo power, turbo up!"
Kat: "Wind Chaser Turbo power, turbo up!"
524-VAct Ashley: "We need Turbo Megazord power, now!"
526-DrkD T.J.: "We need Turbo Megazord power, now!"
536-Conf 539-CrvB T.J.: "Turbo Megazord power, now!"
542-RivR T.J. (in Rescue Megazord): "Let's lock 'em up!"
544-CIS1 T.J. (in Rescue Megazord): "Turbozords, power up!"

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