- central skyscraper in Terra Venture city dome, or white GSA building with halfpipe bridge
First Appearance: 703-RTTR
Last Appearance: 745-End3
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-   The rod supporting the control tower atop the city dome ran down through the center of the city dome's interior, turning into a round skyscraper (the later-shown administration building) lower down, in the center of the city.
-   Just before Scorpius's first attack on Terra Venture, boxes and metallic cases were stacked on the curb beside a building often seen in the future, referred to in this guide as the "halfpipe building."
-   This white building had a white halfpipe-shaped walkway bridge coming out of its second floor, much like the one shown at NASADA's mission control center in 545-CIS2, and leading across the street below.

-   In the city, Matthew was running when he found Furio with Stingwingers telling them to quickly find the elevator to the control tower.
-   The villains approached a skyscraper with an "Administration Building" sign and GSA trashcan outside.
-   Matthew ran past unconscious blue GSA officers through the lobby and urgently called the elevator.
-   Outside the elevator on the lobby floor was a Terra Venture "adventure" poster.
?   Matthew rode a glass exterior elevator up the side of the skyscraper, but when it arrived at Command Headquarters in the control tower, it was the larger, futuristic, windowless elevator which opened up directly into Command Headquarters; when Furio had the elevator called back down to the dome floor, the futuristic elevator closed and went down and was then shown as the glass elevator on the side of the administration building.
-   Blue lights above the doors in Command Headquarters showed the floor the elevator was on, with a larger red light to the left of floor 1 being "Dome Floor."
-   Watching the elevator display rise with the villains inside, Matthew used his hacking equipment to stop the elevator at floor 30, still only partially up the side of the building downtown.

-   After finding an egg-shaped stone in a cave, Leo brought it to Kendrix, and she examined it with him in the darkened and deserted Science Division.
-   Unable to crack it open even with a laser, Kendrix later drove past the halfpipe bridge with the rock in a metal case to take it to another lab.

-   Beside the parking lot near the halfpipe building was a gold sunflower statue like others on Terra Venture (before they were all blown up by Fishface); walking by the statue, one blue Type 2 GSA officer had begun to explain something about the statue to a red Type 2 officer.
?   A long-shot of the halfpipe building showed it to be only one- or two-story, despite future implied links to the GSA administration building.
-   The area containing the halfpipe building was referred to by Alpha as "the plaza."

-   In the city dome, Destruxo followed a locator to the underground location of the Lights of Orion, eventually coming to the halfpipe building, where Destruxo stabbed his staff into the grass nearby and would eventually free the Lights of Orion.

-   After sneaking away from their posts in the control tower, Kendrix and Kai ran out of the Administration Building downtown, with the sign now bearing a small Terra Venture logo in the upper right corner, like an afterthought.

-   As Shondra rode down the side of the administration building in the elevator from a GSA hallway in the control tower, the back side of the elevator was now transparent, making it look like a glass elevator.
-   After descending the side of the administration building with a rope to beat Shondra's elevator to the bottom, Maya landed on the white building's halfpipe bridge and leapt down to confront Shondra outside glass double doors with a large Terra Venture sign above them, and a GSA trash can inside.
?   The halfpipe building and the administration skyscraper were apparently the same building, despite the rather sparse surroundings around the halfpipe building, and its only being two stories tall.

-   After dragging Kai out of Command Headquarters, two guards shoved Kai out two glass double doors under a large white GSA hanging banner; these doors were on a higher balcony above the city park below.

-   Motor Mantis's first attack, including the capture of the Pink and Yellow Rangers, occurred beneath the halfpipe building.
-   In a parking lot nearby was a handicapped parking place.
-   During a subsequent race around "the dome," Motor Mantis and the Rangers raced through forest roads, yet when the monster would grow the next day after a second race around the dome, he would be downtown.

?   At a computer, Kendrix was now apparently in a GSA administration building on city level despite having been in the Science Division earlier.
-   As a stream of sparkling pink energy, Psycho Pink flew through a power line running up to a large GSA building, perhaps the one with the balcony from 725-BTst, and entered Kendrix's computer.
-   After Psycho Pink's brief attack, Kendrix ran out of the building, over the white halfpipe bridge, to eventually head for the Industrial Dome.

-   Stanton named his new chief mechanic for the GSA in front of a small crowd outside the white halfpipe building, which now bore a GSA sign on its side.
-   Across the street was a small white building which looked like a house, with trees and small hills in the distance.
-   Off to the right of the building's smaller right sections was a larger parking lot, with trees behind that.

-   The Rangers fought the resurrected Destruxo beneath the halfpipe bridge, which is where Destruxo had found the Lights of Orion.
-   The Rangers later fought Hardtochoke under the halfpipe bridge as well.

-   Directly over the center of the city, a very tall glass skyscraper (the administration building) extended up to the top of the foggy white sky.

-   After being knocked out the windows of Command Headquarters, Leo fell toward the city below from the misty sky above, where the central glass skyscraper met the dome's support beams.

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