- civilian workers and children aboard Terra Venture
First Appearance: 701-QsQ1
Last Appearance: 745-End3
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-   People taking shuttles to Terra Venture were all dressed in nice clothes and didn't appear to be allowed to take more than one or two suitcases of personal belongings along.
-   As the last shuttle to Terra Venture from what was apparently Angel Grove was parked in preparation for launch, two Terra Venture workers loaded luggage onto luggage trucks as two Terra Venture guards stood nearby.
-   The workers wore uniforms of a solid color, one red and the other blue, with button-down collared shirts bearing Terra Venture badges on the left breast.
-   As people disembarked from the final shuttles (apparently) from Angel Grove, none of the passengers appeared to be traveling in groups or couples, with the exception of a few single parents and their children, although even some children appeared to be traveling alone.
-   Terra Venture children would never be shown to have more than one parent; known siblings among the selected residents include Hannah and her sister (who wed a citizen named Johnny), a little girl and her brother (the girl being Mandy from 723-MMir), and the possible case of Colby and Ginger, although they appeared to be of two separate nationalities. (Source: Colby/Ginger observation submitted by "Miko".)
-   One girl with her father had a teddy bear with a space helmet on it, and another, apparently unattended, girl wore a headband with springy alien antennae on it.

-   Days or weeks later, Leo Corbett and Maya of Mirinoi were in new outfits attending to plants in a garden near a "Horticultural Research" complex; they had apparently been given jobs and identities since stowing away.
-   Leo regularly wore a red shirt and jeans with a black jacket bearing a red-striped oval badge on the left breast.
?   Maya wore a yellow jungle outfit which bore no badges; despite her strange clothing, however, she never seemed to attract any special attention from her fellow passengers.
-   Damon now had a Terra Venture badge on the left breast of his green coveralls and an oval badge on the right breast.
-   All the civilians of Terra Venture now wore uniforms of some sort, including but not limited to red or blue jumpsuits, blue athletic suits, or professional-looking outfits including gray dress jackets.
-   Another common civilian uniform consisted of a bright blue suit made of shiny material like an athletic suit, with red stripes running down the sleeves.
-   Just before Scorpius's first attack on Terra Venture, boxes and metallic cases were stacked on the curb beside the often seen "halfpipe building" and being taken inside by workers in black jumpsuits.
-   A man in a gray jumpsuit had been holding both hands with a woman in a red jumpsuit near a street before Scorpius's attack; this was one of the few instances of romance between fellow passengers, particularly adults.
-   Walking out from the halfpipe building hand-in-hand following Stanton's announcement of the attack, a gray-jacketed mother and blue-uniformed boy, perhaps six to eight years old, were looking around, not really in panic, but more in interest.

-   After the stowaway Matthew, perhaps age 13, had been caught after he'd stopped Terra Venture's engines, Damon drove up to an outdoor transformer panel, with Matthew dressed in a green suit identical to his as Damon planned to teach Matthew a profession other than computer hacking.

-   Movie star Carolyn Pickets (looking identical to GSA scientist Kendrix Morgan) lived aboard Terra Venture, and outside her room one day was a small crowd of citizens (and at least one GSA officer) clamoring for photos and autographs.
-   Carolyn wondered why the fans couldn't find some other star to chase around.
-   Carolyn's manager was a bald man in a gray-jacket Terra Venture suit.

-   Stanton's young daughter Jodie normally wore a red civilian jumpsuit, and she was helping Kendrix in the GSA Science Division when Stanton told Kai to take her skating.
-   At the roller skating rink, everyone was in plain casual clothes, including GSA agent Kai, civilian child Jodie, Terra Venture worker Hannah, and the rink employee giving out skate rentals.
-   Later, while relaxing in the guys' room, Kai and Jodie were again in uniform.
-   In a plaza, Kai asked for a hot dog from a hot dog vendor with a Terra Venture badge.
-   Everyone relaxing or eating at tables in the courtyard below wore a civilian uniform, and Hannah's was the gray-jacket variety.
-   Johnny, Hannah's brother-in-law, wore a black Terra Venture jumpsuit.

-   Some of the people huddled in an alcove during Fishface's attack on a statue near the halfpipe building were dressed in business clothes rather than uniforms; these clothes may have had Terra Venture badges on them.
-   Near another statue in what appeared to be the Forest Dome were more people in business clothes, with Terra Venture badges on their jackets.
-   Some of the people included little girls, all wearing blue smock-like clothing with a Terra Venture badge on the left breast, and a yellow "souwester" hat.

-   Maya worked at a horse stable and was shown brushing and having to exercise the horses.

-   Most of the Comet Cafe patrons were GSA officers, though one woman at a table was in a gray-jacket Terra Venture uniform.

-   At a park, Leo was buried under some laughing kids in the grass; he was now apparently some sort of children's caretaker.

-   In the park, Maya retrieved a lost kitten for a crying little girl ("Mandy" from the credits) who wore a blue jumpsuit.
-   With her kitten back, the little girl joined her brother, apparently the same age, with their gray-jacketed mother (stated to be Mandy's mother).

-   Damon asserted (and was not disputed) that no one knew more about engines than he did, and he was apparently considered the best mechanic aboard Terra Venture.
-   After giant Cannonbrawl had been destroyed in the city dome or Industrial Dome, Damon was working on an outdoor fuse panel near a street with Leo's help.
-   A gray-suited man drove High Councilor Renier to the site in a Terra Venture car, and she was also accompanied by her two guards.

-   In the park where Stanton and daughter Jodie were before Icy Angel's attack, kids (perhaps young teens) were playing frisbee and such in the background.
-   Later, to take the day off, Stanton was wearing casual clothes.

-   When the Space Rangers were visiting for a short while, Maya volunteered to give the Space teens the grand tour of Terra Venture, further serving a tourguide role.

-   After Karone came to live on Terra Venture, Maya had apparently given her a grand tour.

-   In the Forest Dome, Karone was playing with some Terra Venture kids when Leo arrived, and the kids excitedly wrestled him to the ground before he laughingly got up and told them their parents were waiting.
-   Each of the parents, which included gray-suited mothers and a red-jumpsuited father with a basketball, had exactly one child each, and no two parents appeared to be together, reinforcing the apparent custom of only single parents having come aboard Terra Venture.
-   In the background was a blue-jumpsuited guy throwing a tennis ball to someone, and another blue-jacketed woman was nearby with what looked like a notepad.

-   In the Comet Cafe, the patrons were mostly in red and blue GSA uniforms, with a few gray-jacketed citizens, with one male in a gray-jacket uniform.
-   When Karone brought him to a Job Postings board after he'd been working on a panel in a GSA corridor, Damon replied that he already had a job.
-   Outside a lecture hall building where Baxter drove up and where Decibat would attack, two GSA teens conversed in passing, and two gray-jacketed civilians probably in their mid-thirties walked up to the building holding hands, one of the few signs of romance between Terra Venture inhabitants, particularly adults.
-   Days later, in a GSA assembly area guarded by various armed soldiers, GSA officers supervised construction of chief mechanic Baxter's ultrasonic transmitter; the only manual laborer shown was an African-American man in a red Terra Venture uniform who was grinding down a part.
-   When Decibat attacked again, Stanton and Baxter got into an open-backed cargo truck with the large apparatus, with Stanton in front with the blue-jumpsuited driver.
-   Showing Damon his new office for his paperwork as chief mechanic, Stanton presented his new white uniform to finally get rid of those "old coveralls," but Damon backed out, convincing Stanton to give Baxter back the position.

-   After a surge from the Galaxy Book had burned out every single power transformer in the city one night, workers in blue jumpsuits with yellow hardhats were on the scene, replacing the various transformers (as had been shown clearly in 705-Hmsk when Damon had been teaching Matthew a trade).
-   The workers' uniforms, or at least the one replicated by the Guardian, had a Terra Venture badge on the right breast and an oval badge on the left breast, a combination which had previously been exclusive to Damon's uniform.
-   In the GSA hallways of the control tower, more blue workers were working on wall panels.

-   In Dome 07 as Captain Mutiny was preparing to board, confused people (mostly Terra Venture civilians, but a few scattered GSA teens as well) were being cleared out and held behind surrounding barricades by armed soldiers for their own safety.
-   Gray-jacket citizens mostly held papers or clipboards; at least one lady in a blue sports jacket uniform was there as well.
-   There were many more girls than guys in the crowd.

-   During or after an electrical disturbance on Terra Venture, a teen in a suit with a red Terra Venture-badged dress coat carried a bouquet of sleep-inducing flowers from "the girls" to the guys' room and Damon, alone, answered.
-   Later, another bouquet was left outside Karone and Maya's room, with the note, "To the girls from the guys."
-   Outside Mike's room, the brothers, propping each other up, learned from the delivery guy that the flowers had come from a shop in the plaza, and Mike would leave alone after Leo had fallen asleep in the hallway.
-   In a GSA hallway, the delivery guy asked a red Type 2 GSA officer where Michael Corbett's room was; politely pointed to the door, the delivery guy was then approached by Leo and Mike, who were propping each other up.
-   Mike asked where he'd gotten the flowers, and the delivery guy replied a "dinky little shop" at 101 Plaza Circle; Mike urgently had him throw them out, and he defensively left to do so.

-   In a GSA hallway late one night, the hall was empty except for a few hardhat workers at a panel; in Command Headquarters, Stanton privately discussed with Renier, Kai, and Mike their tainted fuel reserves which gave them only a few days to survive.

-   The morning after the fuel reserved were found to be tainted, one cluster of engines, as well as two adjacent thin-cylinder engines, shut off.
-   Command Headquarters showed exhaust pressure climbing into the red.
-   Deep in the bowels of the colony, a large warehouse room with two side-by-side giant cone structures connected to the floor, the cones perhaps forty or fifty feet apart, rumbled as blue hardhat workers scrambled around as an alarm buzzed.
-   Most workers had a yellow hardhat, but one with a white hardhat appeared to have badges like Damon's uniform; as the workers rushed around amidst spark explosions, Damon told the white-hat one to shut the fuel valves now, then told a yellow-hat to tighten the manifold and hurry and cool off the converters.
-   Damon was now apparently in charge of engine maintenance despite his not having been hired as the GSA's chief mechanic.
-   In Command, Kai observed that pressure was reaching critical.
-   As Damon looked up at the massive cone tower extending high above with jets of steam spewing out of points on its sides, someone yelled that it wouldn't last much longer, and Damon hurriedly had them evacuate, deciding they'd lost it.
-   As Damon helped a fallen guy away and the last workers fled, one giant cylinder, having initially been orange, glowed yellow, and a large explosion erupted from the side of an engine cluster in the base segment of Terra Venture, shutting off that entire side of engines, known as Engine 4.
-   Shortly, Damon trudged defeatedly down a GSA hallway toward Command Headquarters in the control tower.
-   Later that morning, Engine 3 began to malfunction, with temperature at 600 Kelvin and rising fast.
-   In the engine room, Damon frantically worked valves, giving orders, saying they weren't losing another one.
-   Damon yelled to someone below to transfer the load; meanwhile there were some small explosions.
-   The center engine cluster shorted out and exploded.
-   Damon hurried the workers to shut the valves down, telling two others to check the ports.
-   Damon turned a red lever, and things shut down and immediately calmed.
-   Damon went to a group of workers at a large display box and watched a meter sink from red, through white, toward green, at which point a white-hat blue-suited worker told a yellow-hat red-suited Asian worker that it was okay; they'd succeeded, and the engine was cooling off, and everyone cheered.

-   Barbarax began raiding Terra Venture, capturing groups of civilans to become slaves.
-   For the final group to be captured, Swabbies crashed through the glass ceiling of an office building, frightening people in gray and black business suits.
-   Outside, the frightened citizens, including one guy in a gray jumpsuit uniform, ran from Barbarax but were surrounded by Swabbies and captured in a bucket, released as slaves on Captain Mutiny's planet.

-   As people rejoiced in the city over the discovery of the New World (actually Mirinoi), a gray-suited civilian man held his blue-jumpsuited son high into the air, exclaiming they were home.
-   In the city dome as Terra Venture prepared its final descent for the planet the next morning, people began to notice a dull rumbling.
-   Suddenly, the sky flickered out, and in space directly overhead, the Scorpion Stinger flew by, terrorizing the people below.
-   During the panic, a red-jumpsuited woman clung to a blue dress-jacketed bald man; another red-jumpsuited teen girl was holding a black case bearing a GSA logo.
-   After the destruction of the Industrial Dome, the Scorpion Stinger headed toward Terra Venture's engines underneath.
-   At the engines, the Scorpion Stinger blasted the one remaining engine cluster, making an explosion; in the engine room, explosions erupted around the large cone structures, flinging workers about.
?   Soon skidding across the surface of Mirinoi's moon, Terra Venture slammed into a mountainous cliff, wrenching the city dome apart from the lower section which appeared to be demolished with large explosions; this was the last seen of the lower portions of the colony, yet workers had recently been shown in the lower engine room and were probably killed in the crash, although Mike would in 745-End3 tell Stanton everyone was accounted for after the population had fled to Mirinoi.
-   Following Stanton's decision to evacuate the incapacitated city dome, soldiers in a camouflaged open GSA Humvee drove down a rubble-filled street as a loudspeaker man called out for people to evacuate the dome immediately.
-   Soldiers escorted a group of citizens and several GSA people out of a white building (looking quite like Angel Grove's old Youth Center) as they all carried bags and suitcases; this was the only hint of GSA/civilian cohabitation aside from the Ranger teens' GSA dormitory rooms.

-   Two GSA women had a civilian son each, the only example aside from Commander Stanton of government personnel having children.
-   At least fourteen shuttles, probably more, flew through space together.
-   In the interior of one shuttle, GSA and civilian people rode in the passenger section; a gray-jacket Terra Venture woman was bandaging the head of blue GSA woman.
-   Sixteen shuttles flew down to the New World, where they soon landed vertically.
-   With some supplies out, people joyously reunited in the forest clearing; groups of guards, workers, and GSA officers intermingled and hugged like close friends.

-   GSA and civilian people were carrying things around in a new settlement, with numerous yellow dome-shaped tents.

- civilian daughter of Commander Stanton
Full Name: Jodie Stanton (Source: 708-BlCr)
First Appearance: 708-BlCr
Last Appearance: 725-BTst
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-   Commander Stanton's young daughter Jodie was working in a red civilian jumpsuit with Kendrix in the Science Division when Stanton told Kai (who knew Jodie) to take her skating that afternoon and videotape it for him, as he was unable to take Jodie himself as promised.
-   Jodie knew Hannah at the skating rink.
-   In the guys' room later, the four teens and Jodie (again wearing her red suit) were watching the videotape in the living area, with Kai in the kitchen.
-   After a bit of footage of Jodie, the camera followed Hannah around for the rest of the tape, upsetting Jodie.
-   When Stanton picked up Jodie and his camera, Kendrix interrupted Jodie before she could tell Stanton about the tape.
-   Two days after Kai had believed that Hannah was getting married, Kai was depressed in his room until Jodie brought a special package for Kai, singing that it was from Hannah and she'd said it was really important.

-   In a park, Stanton was looking at some papers on a bench as Jodie nearby drew a picture of her father with a picture of Terra Venture behind him.
-   Stanton was pleased upon seeing Jodie's picture.
-   Icy Angel appeared following some rumbling, and people were terrorized by the Stingwingers she summoned.
-   Stanton had Jodie hide behind some bushes with him, but when he saw the monster stunning some people with a breath of snowy wind, he went out to help them escape.
-   As the last people ran away, Icy Angel told Stanton he was just the man she was looking for and that he was hers, readying a glowing blue arrow to fire at him.
-   The blue arrow shot into his left arm, knocking him down, and the arrow then dissolved into him with blue energy as he was unconscious.
-   Jodie ran out and desperately tried to wake her father.
-   As Icy Angel aimed another arrow, the Rangers arrived and chased the monster off.
-   Jodie finally got her father to wake up, and as the Rangers ran over, Blue Ranger asked Commander Stanton if he was all right; Stanton flatly replied that he was fine, and Red Ranger had the Rangers run off.
-   Jodie hugged her father, but he took her hand and tossed her down beside him, then walked off, putting a muddy footprint on her drawing, and she cried as he walked away.
-   In the park probably later that day after Icy Angel had been destroyed and Stanton cured, Jodie were playing with a blue football with Kai, Leo, and Maya when Stanton drove up, delighting Jodie.
-   Stanton gave Jodie a new drawing pack and a set of markers, hoping she'd draw him another picture; she happily agreed and thanked him.
-   Since Kai had done such an exemplary job, Stanton was taking the day off to spend some time with Jodie, and he officially put Mr. Chen in charge of the colony.

- civilian passenger on Terra Venture; love interest of Kai Chen
First Appearance: 708-BlCr
Last Appearance: 708-BlCr
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-   While videotaping Jodie for her father Commander Stanton at the roller skating rink, Kai got distracted by seeing a graceful girl named Hannah for the first time; he heard her name when Jodie greeted her in the rink.
-   Kai skated out to meet Hannah but was quite awkward; he fell after saying hi to her, and she came around smiling and gathered it was his first time, asking if he was okay.
-   As Kai continued to skate, he became distracted and crashed into a short wall, flipping over it.
-   Hannah worriedly checked on Kai, and he told her he was fine, then asked her to watch Jodie until he got back; he would return later.
-   Later in a plaza, Kai saw Hannah in an area of outdoor tables, where she was talking with another girl who had told her something funny in passing.
-   Hannah wore a gray-jacket Terra Venture uniform while reading a novel alone at her table.
-   Watching Hannah, Kai accidentally put mustard on his hand and sleeve; as he went to the water fountain, it sprayed all over him, making him exclaim, and Hannah saw him above and giggled, waving him over excitedly.
-   After wiping himeself off, Kai slid down the railing of the steps leading down, then went to Hannah's table.
-   Both Kai and Hannah were shy with each other.
-   When asked, Hannah told Kai, using his name, that her book was just a silly romance novel.
-   Kai was surprised that Hannah knew his name, and she admitted she'd asked Jodie.
-   When an earthquake struck, Kai saved Hannah from a falling lightpost and then led her through a rubble-filled area where she was horrified to see someone unconscious in a car.
-   Johnny, an Asian guy in a black Terra Venture jumpsuit, was nearly unconscious in a black Earthen car as a giant electrical tower was ready to collapse onto the area.
-   Hannah tried to run to help Johnny, but Kai held her back; she told him the wedding was tomorrow and he'd gone to pick up her dress, and Kai was startled but soon told her to stay there, going in to save Johnny.
-   Kai helped Johnny out of the car and was carrying him and the dress box away when the tower collapsed into the car, and leaking gasoline then hit the flames, knocking the two guys forward with a large explosion.
-   Johnny and Kai were all right, and Hannah gave Johnny a long hug.
-   Kai handed Hannah her dress, then after a lasting look, ran off after she'd thanked him.
-   Two days later, Jodie brought a special package for Kai, singing that it was from Hannah and she'd said it was really important.
-   Interested, Kai soon came and took the giftwrapped box; inside, a note read, "My sister's wedding was great. I was a beautiful bridesmaid. Thanks to you, my hero," and in the box was a piece of the wedding cake; Kai was elated.

- brother and sister pair aboard Terra Venture; Colby: motorcycle racer, Ginger: Leo's love interest (728-RRom)
First Appearance: 728-RRom
Last Appearance: 728-RRom
You are here:   - Who / Humans / Terra Venture humans / Citizens # Ginger and Colby

-   To dodge a dogwalker while biking in the park, an Asian girl named Ginger swerved and hit a bench, but Leo flipped in and caught her.
-   Without warning, Ginger's brother Colby attacked Leo but apologized once Ginger had explained about her bike.
?   Siblings Ginger and Colby appeared to be of two different nationalities, perhaps with Colby being Japanese and Ginger Chinese. (Source: Submitted by "Miko.")
-   In a warehouse, Colby fixed Ginger's mountain bike as Leo examined Colby's pride and joy, a dirtbike racer with the number 106.
-   A small poster on the wall read, "The only marks you get for falling are black and blue."
-   Colby handed Leo the dirtbike's key, letting him take a test drive; outside, Leo raced all over the place, doing all sorts of insane tricks, screeches, and jumps.
-   Afterward, Leo asked Ginger about hanging out at the park tomorrow, and she nervously would see if she had time; after he'd clumsily left, she asked her brother, and he agreed to give her a ride, to which she cheerfully replied she'd help him clean his bike.
-   As Leo and Ginger walked in the park the next day, Ginger apologized about her brother's overprotectiveness, and Leo said his brother Mike could be the same way.
-   Leo spontaneously showed off a series of backward handsprings, but then ended up tripping over a ball on the path.
-   Perhaps another day, the two had fun with a kite in ther park until it got stuck in a tree, but Leo had somehow gotten it down.
-   To part ways, they both said they'd had a really good time.
-   Walking with the kite, Ginger saw people panicking, and she looked around the corner to see Maronda with a serpent wrapped around a female Terra Venture worker, telling the girl she was coming with her.
-   After the girl had been sucked into Maronda's necklace, Ginger dropped her kite in horror and ran when Maronda then spotted her.
-   Ginger ran, losing a shoe, but Maronda wrapped the snake around her; Leo leapt in and kicked the monster back, but she sucked Ginger into her necklace anyway after speaking of adding Ginger to her collection.
-   In the garage, Leo weakly told Colby about the monster attack and Ginger's capture at the plaza.
-   Searching the plaza desperately, Colby found Ginger's shoe and was distraught near the point of crying; as Leo ran up, Colby was upset with Leo, thinking he'd run and left Ginger to be captured.
-   Catching up with Colby elsewhere, Leo apologized; Colby explained that their parents had had dreams for Ginger to become someone, and that when the two had left on Terra Venture, Colby had promised to take care of her.
-   In his racing suit and helmet, Colby drove up on his bike to a warehouse area, shouting for the monster to show herself, asking where his sister was, and Maronda soon materialized laughing.
-   Colby's chest protector bore the painted design of a wolf's head.
-   Maronda blasted Colby back with purple energy from her hand; he attacked her with a pipe, but she fought him and threw him around, planning to capture him as well, until Leo leapt in and tackled her, but Colby threw Leo aside into some boxes, telling him he didn't need his help.
-   Colby attacked Maronda with a chair but was kicked back; the monster launched energy snakes, but Leo took the blast in the chest, making explosions around him.
-   Colby was amazed as Leo groaned and collapsed; as Maronda ran off giggling, Leo got up and told Colby to wait there, despite Colby's protests.
-   As Maronda repeatedly smashed through the Rangers on her motorcycle, Colby jumped through the air on his bike and kicked her, sending her crashing into some boxes.
-   Colby screeched to a stop, and the Rangers, headed by Red Ranger, ran up to him, Red calling Colby by name to ask what he was doing there.
-   As Red Ranger ran up to him, Colby replied, "Leo! Where's Leo?" and as Red had no answer, Blue said Leo had called them to get his sister back.
-   As Maronda drove off, Colby raced after her despite the Rangers' advisement not to, so Red Ranger pursued on the Red Capsular Cycle.
-   Maronda shot purple energy snakes from her hand behind her at Colby, and he raced past her, so she shot orange laser bursts from turrets in the front of her bike, shooting out his rear wheel and making him wreck.
-   As Maronda raced toward Colby, red energy bolts hit her and made her stop, and Colby was surprised to see the Red Capsular Cycle racing up.
-   Red Ranger and Maronda blasted each other in passing, and Red then doubled back and chased her through an alley between large metal storage cases.
-   Out in the open, after they'd struggled and circled around, Red raced through her in fireball mode, ejecting her and blowing up her bike.
-   As the Rangers and Colby arrived, Red Ranger released Maronda's prisoners merely by holding the amulet, and at least a dozen people flew out as gold energy fireballs, landing on the ground and coming to.
-   Ginger was the only released captive wearing no uniform.
-   As they saw Ginger, Colby and Red Ranger bumped into each other rushing forward, and Colby gave Red an extremely odd look; Red then nodded and said there she was.
-   As Ginger and Colby hugged, Maronda grew, and although the Rangers had the screaming crowd leave, Ginger and Colby instead stayed right behind the Rangers as Red called for the Galactabeasts; after a fight in which the two giant combatants had briefly vanished and Centaurus had arrived to help, the Galaxy Megazord had destroyed the monster.
-   Later in the garage, Ginger thanked Leo for trying to save her, as Colby had told her.
-   After Leo had left, Colby was thinking, and Ginger tossed him his helmet, telling him he could still catch him; Leo was walking down a road when Colby rode up to him and apologized, saying he was no coward, and they cheerfully shook hands with no hard feelings.

- little girl aboard Terra Venture, rescued by Villamax
First Appearance: 744-End2
Last Appearance: 744-End2
You are here:   - Who / Humans / Terra Venture humans / Citizens # Cindy

-   As group after group of self-destructing Stingwingers covered buildings in the crash-landed city dome, Villamax watched.
-   Someone ran behind Villamax, and he followed her, victoriously pulling some rubble aside to strike, but he was startled to find Cindy, a little blonde-haired, gray-suited Terra Venture girl who shrieked.
-   The building above exploded, and Villamax braced against the wall to shield the girl from the rubble.
-   Afterward, Villamax helped Cindy out, telling her she should be more careful, as this wasn't a place for a little girl.
-   Cindy asked Villamax (calling him "Mister") if he could help her find her mom, surprising Villamax.
-   Cindy's mom, a gray-jacket Terra Venture woman, ran up calling for Cindy, and Cindy thanked Villamax, handing him a small cluster of purple wildflowers, saying she'd known he'd help her.
-   Seeing Cindy with the villain, her mother screamed, "Cindy, no!!" and ran for her.
-   Villamax hesitantly told Cindy she was welcome, and Cindy's mom snatched her away sobbing after looking back at Villamax.
-   As the mother ran carrying her away, Cindy waved, and Villamax looked at the flowers.
-   In the interior of a shuttle, Cindy joined her mom from the rear.
-   Cindy looked with a frown out the window and saw the approaching Scorpion Stinger; her mom realized with despair, "Oh no, Trakeena!" and the rest of the passengers watched apprehensively until the Megaship blasted the insect craft, soon self-destructing and sending the badly damaged Scorpion Stinger crashing to the moon below.

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