- large, central dome of Terra Venture
First Appearance: 701-QsQ1
Last Appearance: 745-End3
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-   Terra Venture was a vast cylindrical space station connected to the bottom of a main saucer-like dome known as the city dome, inside which was a city with many skyscrapers.
-   The main dome was transparent, with six dividers from the top cutting the dome into six sections.
-   Atop the city dome was the control tower which housed GSA's Command Headquarters and Science Division.

-   In what was presumably the city dome, Leo and Maya tended to a garden of shrubs with a forest and an expansive futuristic building complex in the background; the front side of the building facing a street bore a sign reading "Horicultural Research."
-   When Radster began blasting buildings in the city dome and making them explode apart, one of the explosions could be seen from high above the space colony as a fire cloud in one section of the city off to one side.
-   Radster destroyed at least six buildings downtown.
-   In one part of the city in which Leo fought Radster, the sidewalk was cracked severely, making it appear quite old, though this may have been damage from the recent explosions.
?   After Radster had grown and attacked the tiny Rangers, the five Galactabeasts emerged from a cloud of smoke and shook off rocks and dirt as though they had been underground despite previously being on another planet.
-   Roaring, the Lion sank its paws into the pavement slightly, cracking it.
-   There were numerous sections of trees in the city dome.

-   The Rangers fought Horn outside a power plant facility, then in an expansive industrial complex near an urban river; both were probably located in the city dome, although the Industrial Dome or its smaller industrial neighbor were both possibilities as well.
-   A large collection of pipes several meters above the ground ran away from the power plant.
-   At a square pool of hot liquid slag in an industrial area, Horn had Stingwingers melt down the stolen GSA laser rifles.

-   Gasser began to fill the city with red gas which rendered people unconscious.
?   Aerial shots of the city made the city vastly more expansive than the dome exterior showed.
-   The Rangers confronted Gasser beside a downtown river near a docked cruise ship.
-   The red gas soon infiltrated the control tower atop the city dome.
-   Located throughout the city were numerous plazas and park-like areas.
-   Somewhere near the downtown river was an area of construction materials.

-   A hilly field overlooked the city (presumably in the main dome), with a stream running between the city and field.
?   In the aforementioned field, Chillyfish grew and, after being jump-kicked, would fight Mega Defender in the mountains, yet no mountains were supposed to be in the city dome based on exterior shots.

-   As his forcefield generator formed a large gold forcefield in the city, Destruxo told the Stingwingers to be quick before the forcefield used up all the air in the dome; later, however, the shortage of air would only be inside the forcefield.
-   Underneath part or all of the city dome was an underground facility with many valve machines along the subterranean tunnels.
-   What looked like elevated rail tracks ran through various parts of the futuristic lit city as it was shown from space.

-   Somewhere in the hills surrounding the city (presumably the main city) was a strange structure of metallic beams and shapes; at the top was a rotating instrument of some sort, beeping.
-   Somewhere downtown was an abandoned warehouse filled with cobwebs, cobwebs perhaps generated by Skelekron, who used the warehouse for his creation of the Skelekron Warriors.

-   From a scaffolding arm on a building above the teens, two iron girders fell by Crumummy's doing, barely missing the teens.

-   After leaving the girls' GSA dorm, Maya emerged from a Terra Venture escalator onto the city dome's street level, indicating the dorms were located somewhere below the city dome.

-   In a downtown warehouse area beside an industrial river (probably somewhere near the shuttleport in the city dome), giant Cannonbrawl fought the Orion Galaxy Megazord.
-   The Orion Galaxy Megazord destroyed giant Cannonbrawl as stone, with some of the giant chunks splashing into the nearby industrial river.
-   Later, Damon was working on an outdoor fuse panel near a street with Leo's help.

-   An alley near the center of the city dome was a construction area, with a sign reading, "Sorry for the temporary inconvenience... We are improving our facilities to serve you better," with glass double doors at the end of the alley; on the alley's right wall was a door with a security keypad, leading into a small room, perhaps a storage closet.

-   During a race around "the dome" after a confrontation outside the halfpipe building, Motor Mantis and the Rangers raced through forest roads, yet when the monster would grow the next day after a second race around the dome, he would be downtown.

?   The building on which the Rangers fought Decibat was marked, "Department of Water and Power, City of Los Angeles."

-   After a delivery guy had been delivering flowers which secretly made the teens fall into Hexuba's nightmare world, he told Mike he'd gotten them from a "dinky little shop" at 101 Plaza Circle.
-   In the plaza, Mike came to the shop, with a shop with the numbers 2679 nearby; at the correct location, an adjacent GSA office door was unnumbered, with 99 on the glass storefront beyond it.
-   101 was a completely empty store area, with unpainted walls and missing ceiling tiles.
-   As Mike pulled on the door handle, he vanished with blue and gold energy bolts.

?   As Titanisaur kept walking through the Ocean Dome (a tiny lower mini-dome), Leo observed that he was headed for the city dome, but how the monster would cross domes is unknown.
-   Later, as Titanisaur swam through water for his second attack, the Rangers prepared their Galactabeasts in the city, and then, in the city dome, Titanisaur stomped, sending Earthen cars flying from the impact on a highway.
-   Titanisaur mouth-blasted a skyscraper, causing a chain-reaction of explosions throughout the city.
-   Titanisaur blasted again, causing more devastation, with rubble landing on citizens below.
-   Areas of the city were on fire as Titanisaur did battle with the four Megazords.
-   Eventually, a super-powered slash from the Galaxy Megazord went through Titanisaur, and the monster exploded in a massive white cloud shown shooting high above the city, and a white energy shockwave flew out across the city, which still had many areas on fire.

-   In a city plaza after images had been obtained of a nearby planet soon after escaping the Lost Galaxy the same day as 741-RTit, people were running about excitedly to the center of the plaza for an announcement.
-   Replacing a GSA logo in a large rectangular window at the top of a large black skyscraper-like monolith, Commander Stanton appeared, speaking into a headset.
-   Directly over the center of the city, a very tall glass skyscraper (the administration building) extended up to the top of the foggy white sky; suddenly the sky began to vanish with a dying whine in an expanding radius, revealing the six support arches of the main city dome, and revealing space outside the dome.
-   One half of the sky had a fuzzy red border at the receding edge of the hologram, and the other half was blue.
-   Shadows fell upon the city below as the sky hologram, which had been providing light, receded.
-   To begin landing procedure to approach Mirinoi the next morning, Mike announced he was sealing all domes, with all passengers presumably in the city dome.
-   In the city dome as Terra Venture prepared its final descent for the planet, people began to notice a dull rumbling; suddenly, the sky flickered out, and in space directly overhead, the Scorpion Stinger flew by.
-   Soon, the sky was back.
-   After the Scorpion Stinger had destroyed the Industrial Dome and their last remaining engine cluster, Terra Venture fell toward Mirinoi's moon below, and Stanton had all fuel valves closed.
-   Its engines skidding along the surface of the moon, Terra Venture slammed into a mountainous cliff which ended just below the city dome, and the entire dome was wripped from the rest of Terra Venture with explosions, the bottom portion erupting with more explosions; in the city, people were flung violently from the impact.
-   The saucer-like city dome flew from the mountain as a huge explosion came from behind the mountain.
-   This was the last seen of the lower portions of the colony, although the lone city dome would continue to be referred to as "Terra Venture."
-   The disconnected city dome still had one remaining tunnel portion sticking out of it, perhaps the one blown in half from the explosion which had crippled the Scorpion Stinger.
-   The city dome slid to a violent stop on the moon's surface, leaving a long trail and violently flinging people and cars about in the city, making massive devastation.
-   After the crash-landing, injured people and flaming rubble were strewn all over the plaza in the city.
-   An echoing cracking sound began, and Damon watched stunned as he realized the dome was cracking; cracks were forming along the sky, and two white sky flakes drifted down, leaving black holes.
-   Mike and Kai reported that they were losing atmospheric pressure, as the main dome was cracking faster than they could fix it.
-   Renier asked how much longer, but Stanton replied not much; if the main dome collapsed, he said, they wouldn't survive.
-   Brody asked Stanton if he was suggesting they abandon Terra Venture, stunning the entire room of GSA officers.
-   After looking around, Stanton replied, "This ship is dying. I don't want us to die with it!" and Renier agreed, "Evacuate the ship, Commander."
-   To evacuate the ship, soldiers escorted a group of citizens and several GSA people out of a white building (looking quite like Angel Grove's old Youth Center) as they all carried bags and suitcases; this was the only hint of GSA/civilian cohabitation aside from the Ranger teens' GSA dormitory rooms.
?   The aforementioned habitation building had street numbers 26030, the same as the Youth Center's address but without a "B" at the end.
-   To evacuate people from the city dome, numerous passenger shuttles began lifting off from an "outdoor" hangar and flew up toward the artificial sky, though how they would fly out is uncertain.

-   After the city dome had been wrenched from Terra Venture and the rest had apparently been destroyed, Stratoforce, Centaurus, and the Galactabeasts had survived.
-   Stingwingers flew into the city through the broken open tunnel.
-   In the city, Stingwingers latched onto the sides of buildings, covering portions of them before exploding and demolishing them.
-   Buildings all over the city exploded and collapsed.
-   A short while later, there was more rumbling and cracking as cracks formed all over the dome sky.
-   Looking out at the ravaged, evacuated cityscape below the command tower, Stanton spoke, "This city was going to be the shining capital of the New World. Instead, it's a shipwreck."
?   Mirinoi's moon apparently had a habitable atmosphere, yet the cracked city dome had been losing atmosphere.

-   Green Trakeena plunged her staff into the floor of Command Headquarters; rings of green electricity flew out from it, repowering the dead city dome.
-   As he followed footprints through the city, Leo noticed behind him a shower of sparks as well as a neon light column activated, suggesting the power was on.
-   The transparent dome was shattered all over, having open jagged holes revealing the starscape outside.
-   Suddenly, the city dome lifted off from the moon, nearly knocking Leo down, and he was startled to see the stars and vanishing moonscape through the shattered dome.
-   Trakeena told Leo the only way to stop the ship was to stop her.
-   After being knocked out the windows of Command Headquarters, Leo fell toward the city below from the misty sky above, where the central glass skyscraper met the dome's support beams.
-   Leo landed at an outdoor patio near a waterfall fountain.
?   As the Rangers fought Trakeena, the sky was blue rather than cracked and transparent.
-   Trakeena told Leo that when Terra Venture (i.e. the city dome) crashed, everyone on the entire planet would be destroyed.
-   Re-entry flames coming off it, the city dome flew over a coastline on its descent.
-   After Trakeena's destruction, the Rangers set out to slow or steer the careening city dome, but they then stood at the end of the dome's remaining broken tunnel, which pointed forward; they were horrified that they could do nothing, and Leo said they'd destroy the colony and themselves at this speed.
-   Suddenly, the Galaxy Megazord rose up and nodded right in front of the Rangers in the front tunnel, redirecting and slowing the city dome.
-   Flying while holding onto the end of the tunnel, the Galaxy Megazord was dwarfed by the massive city dome.
?   The city dome's underside appeared smooth and flawless where it had been attached to the base of Terra Venture.
-   The city dome flew over a hillside into a valley and crashed with an earthshaking explosion.
-   As the debris settled, a beast roared, and the five Galactabeasts emerged from the smoke with the Rangers on their heads.

-   Perhaps the year after Terra Venture's voyage, Leo confronted Ghouls and Triskull in a city which may have been the rebuilt city dome or perhaps a pre-existing Mirinoite city.

- passenger facility for arriving and departing shuttle flights
First Appearance: 701-QsQ1
Last Appearance: 744-End2
See Also: Docking bay
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-   Some time after the last shuttles had landed in Terra Venture's docking bay, passengers walked down a large walkway with the artificial sky shining in through the skylights above; beyond was a food court area with an incredibly high ceiling, and an escalator led down into a large open area through which various GSA officers, Terra Venture workers, and plain-clothes civilians passed, with GSA officers and newly-arriving civilians being in the majority.
-   On a higher level above the food court was the "Compass Cafe."
?   A sign above the escalator indicated that the South Lobby, South Hall, and Kentia Hall were all ahead, and an electronic marquis scrolled what was presumably, "[Welcome to] Terra Venture... your new [home.]"; Kentia Hall is in real life a hall in the Los Angeles Convention Center.
-   The building had a very high ceiling, which showed a round shape to the building, blue sky in the skylights, and there was white scaffolding all above as part of the design.
-   A female announcer spoke over a distant loudspeaker, "Please be prepared by having all documentation ready by the time you arrive at your preprocessing room."
-   A Terra Venture "adventure" flyer was at the bottom of the escalator area (see "Selection/Boarding").
-   Beyond the food court was another large open area, with columns all over, and windows leading outside in the distance; one of the columns had waterstains on it, indicating that the building wasn't brand-new.
-   Nearby, soldiers were marching through a part of the hub to go to heliships for a combat drill on the moon.
?   Despite heliships regularly shown departing from Terra Venture's large launch bay in the future, this time soldiers marched toward heliships which lay outside an outdoor hangar, and the heliships then flew upward to get to the moon.

-   After the training exercise, the heliship landed in an outdoor area again.
-   Left in the floor of the heliship after the soldiers had left was a flyer for the Astro Megaship Museum, which was located in a building with "Convention Center" on the front.
-   As the flight hub was in real life a convention center, it may be that the flight hub and the center housing the Megaship Museum were part of the same building; having the museum in or at least connected to the arrival station for incoming residents would make more sense than having a separate museum for new residents to seek out independently before even settling in, and this would better explain how a flyer could have ended up in the heliship, as the soldiers had recently passed through the flight hub, perhaps near the museum itself.

-   Arriving on Terra Venture near a warehouse, Cannonbrawl fired at a heliship flying overhead; he was apparently near the flight hub, and when he soon grew to giant size, he would be near an industrial river in a downtown region, probably in the city dome.

-   At an area of hangars strewn with rubble after the detached city dome's devastating crash-landing on Mirinoi's moon, passenger shuttles (like the ones from 701-QsQ1) lifted off vertically and flew into the sky.
-   GSA and civilian people were running in the area as an announcer told the people to move as quickly as possible to the emergency loading bay.

-   Soldiers led groups of people through city rubble, one stationary soldier waving everyone through to the shuttleport.

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