- central GSA operating center for Terra Venture
First Appearance: 701-QsQ1
Last Appearance: 745-End3
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-   Command Headquarters, the main control room of Terra Venture, was hemispherical in shape; if the flat side were designated as "south," then the south wall had three sets of double doors, the easternmost leading into the adjacent Science Division, the center being a futuristic elevator, and the westernmost leading into a GSA-style hallway outside.
-   In the northeast was a line of panel windows looking into space, and in the center of the room were two groups of control stations with two seats each; behind them, near the elevator doors, was a white podium with an angular dome of controls on it as well.
-   In the northwest was a wall of computer controls and monitors which could be manned by more officers, and in the very north was an alcove in which two officers sat in command chairs facing forward, surrounded by numerous controls.
-   Although blue-suited officers could participate in the predominantly red-suited Science Division, Command Headquarters was never operated by red-suited officers, although reds would occasionally step in to witness special events.
-   Glancing at the work of two officers manning a control station eight hours before Terra Venture's departure, Commander Stanton remarked, "Excellent," and then asked if all system checks were up-to-date.

-   After breaking into the Navigations room, a dim, fairly small room filled with controls, the stowaway boy named Matthew attached a device to a control panel, stopping all of the engines, and monitors in Command Headquarters showed four sets of 00, with the emergency message "<<Engine Stop>>" as an alarm buzzed.
?   Matthew rode a glass exterior elevator up the side of the administration building, but when it arrived at Command Headquarters in the control tower, it was the larger, futuristic, windowless elevator which opened up directly into Command Headquarters; when Furio had the elevator called back down to the dome floor, the futuristic elevator closed and went down and was then shown as the glass elevator on the side of the administration building.
-   Blue lights above the doors in Command Headquarters showed the floor the elevator was on, with a larger red light to the left of floor 1 being "Dome Floor."
-   Passing out after hacking into the elevator controls to stop it, Matthew pressed a button on the white stand in Command Headquarters, making an alarm blare, and he groaned, "Somebody... help."
?   What the Rangers did in the control tower to stop the already stuck Furio is unknown, but he would not appear again until 706-LOrn.

-   In Command Headquarters when the Scorpion Stinger attacked, alarms blared, and the computer announced they were under attack as the monitors flashed, "Emergency."

-   Mike was walking into Command Headquarters when everyone was watching a static-filled emergency transmission from an alien (referred to in this guide as an alien crewmember) begging for help; unable to contact the aliens to reply, Stanton had Kai pinpoint the source and told Mike to compile a report and meet him at High Command; Mike agreed and left into the hall.
-   During a rescue mission into the alien ship, GSA soldiers went inside led by Mike, whose helmet had a blinking red microcamera attachment on the right side, delivering a feed straight to Command Headquarters.

?   The evening after Kai and Damon had been abducted by Deviot, Kendrix was worried about Kai having missed his shift at Command Headquarters, saying he'd never missed a shift, but his abduction had occurred when his car had broken down on his way home that afternoon.

-   Somewhat late one evening, Kai excused himself from dinner with the teens, saying he had a long shift the next morning.

-   Having been put in charge of the colony, Kai had a complete systems check run on the engines, then called for, "projected course and speed report, environmental generators, fuel levels, main thrusters. Full speed ahead."

-   When an energy surge was accidentally released from the Galaxy Book in the Science Division, powerful blue energy bolts ripped through the area, shorting out much of the colony's power as lightning bolts crackled down from the control tower and into the city dome, striking at least one building in the city.
-   Forcing his way into Command Headquarters through the jammed sliding doors, Stanton asked for a damage report, and Mike said the energy pulse had burned out all of the transformers, which could perhaps be replaced within 48 hours.

-   Stanton had to take an elevator to go from High Command to Command Headquarters.

-   As Mike manned a seat in the front of Command Headquarters, an orange streak flew by the window, and Mike secretly called the Rangers to tell them of the object having fallen to the main city dome; meanwhile, the Rangers were fighting Teksa in a plaza after having destroyed the resurrected Freaky Tiki.

-   The morning after the fuel reserved were found to be tainted, one cluster of engines, as well as two adjacent thin-cylinder engines, shut off.
-   In Command Headquarters, the alarm was blaring as Stanton entered from the lift; Kai was at a console, with Mike at the control podium.
-   Kai showed a bar indicating exhaust pressure climbing into the red, and it was soon reaching critical.
-   Once Engine 4 had exploded, the Command computer announced that Engine 4 functions were terminated as a monitor showed schematics of the green engines, with one large cluster blinking yellow.
-   From the guys' room later, Damon used the computer there to check up on the status of the engines with Mike, who stood at the wall console in Command Headquarters.
-   With an alarm buzzing in Command Headquarters shortly after the Rangers' destruction of Titanisaur later that morning, Kai and Mike rushed in and got into empty console seats, and Mike reported trouble in Engine 3; Kai said temperature was 600 Kelvin and rising fast.
-   Although the center engine cluster shorted out and exploded, Damon and the workers in the engine room managed to avert a second disaster, restoring normal temperatures.
-   On the monitor before Kai, a red bar dropped, and the yellow engine cluster returned to green.
-   As Terra Venture later appeared to be flying through a vortex leading out of the Lost Galaxy, Stanton had the stabilizers recalibrated.

-   As the teens stood looking at the beautiful sunrise from behind Mirinoi, Kai suddenly realized he was going to be late for his shift, saying if they wanted to get to the planet, he had to help land the colony.
-   Later that morning, Kai and Mike manned the northeast consoles to begin landing procedure.
-   After the detached city dome's devastating crash-landing on Mirinoi's moon, Command Headquarters was completely trashed, in massive ruins, with fires in various places, as people groaned and helped each other up from the wreckage.
-   Kai used a fire extinguisher on a small fire.
-   Later, a green radar-like monitor in Command Headquarters, where a few lights and monitors were on, showed a squadron of eight triangle shapes approaching, and Kai told Stanton and Mike that they had incoming fliers, a swarm of Stingwingers.

-   Green Trakeena walked through Command Headquarters in Terra Venture's abandoned control tower.
-   Trakeena plunged her staff into the floor; rings of green electricity flew out from it, repowering the dead city dome and causing it to lift off.
-   In Command Headquarters, Leo found Trakeena's staff standing in the center, bathing the room in green light as the insect gem glowed and green energy pulses entered the floor.

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