- GSA command station atop Terra Venture's city dome
First Appearance: 701-QsQ1
Last Appearance: 745-End3
Subcategories: Command Headquarters, Science Division
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-   Atop Terra Venture's city dome was a tiny saucer-shaped station on a slender support; contained within this small exterior module, called the "control tower" or "command tower," were GSA's Command Headquarters and Science Division.
-   Throughout the control tower were futuristic white hallways with blue strip lights and futuristic sliding doors; windows in the hallways looked out into space.

-   The rod supporting the control tower atop the city dome ran down through the center of the city dome's interior, turning into a round skyscraper (the administration building) lower down, in the center of the city.

-   Gasser began to fill the city dome with red gas which rendered people unconscious; it would soon infiltrate the control tower as well.
?   Matthew rode a glass exterior elevator up the side of the administration building, but when it arrived at Command Headquarters in the control tower, it was the larger, futuristic, windowless elevator which opened up directly into Command Headquarters; when Furio had the elevator called back down to the dome floor, the futuristic elevator closed and went down and was then shown as the glass elevator on the side of the administration building.
?   Introducing the Jet Jammers, Alpha said they were the only other way for the Rangers to get to the command tower, since Furio was stuck in the elevator, but why teleportation had been ruled out is unknown.

-   Based on zoom-ins during exterior establishment shots, most command facilities within the control tower, including Command Headquarters, the Science Division, and High Command (see next entry) were located within the lower ring of the control tower.
-   In High Command, within Terra Venture's control tower, the five members of the government council presiding over Terra Venture would sit at a round table near a wall of monitors; in this room, Stanton would give the council progress reports on the colony's journey.
-   Each councilor had a paper in front of him or her, and in the center of the table was a spherical display showing what looked like constellations; the monitors in the monitor wall were showing a fly-by view of Terra Venture.
-   Mike Corbett, newly-returned second officer under Commander Stanton, was allowed free entrance past two black-suited guards into High Command where Stanton was giving them a progress report; none of the leaders had been expecting Mike.

-   One night, Maya came into the Science Division as Kendrix was studying the Galaxy Book alone.

-   A hallway in the control tower was patrolled at night by guards with GSA ID cards; one guard investigated when an elevator dinged and opened, and he was jumped by Rykon.
-   As Shondra rode down the side of the administration building in the elevator from a GSA hallway in the control tower, the back side of the elevator was now transparent, making it look like a glass elevator.
-   Meanwhile, Maya quickly rappelled down the side of the building with a rope.

-   On a wall strip near a door in a corridor of the control tower was "Sky Deck."

-   Stanton had to take an elevator to go from High Command to Command Headquarters.

-   In a GSA hallway late one night, the hall was empty except for a few hardhat workers at a panel.
-   To access the GSA elevator leading to Command Headquarters, Stanton waved his hand in front of a semicircular scanner beside the doors.

?   Following Trakeena's slimy footprints, Leo used a lift to enter a GSA hall in the control tower near Command Headquarters, though how Trakeena had used the lift before repowering the city dome from Command is unknown.

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