- individual dome components of Terra Venture, each a specific type of environment
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-   Terra Venture was a vast cylindrical space station connected to the bottom of a main saucer-like dome known as the city dome, inside which was a city with many skyscrapers.
-   The main dome was transparent, with six dividers from the top cutting the dome into six sections; beyond each divider was a subdome, nearly identical in shape to the city dome but smaller: three of the six were 30% of the city dome's diameter, and three slightly smaller domes, spaced between the larger three, were 22%.
-   The six subdomes were connected to each other by mostly transparent transport tunnels, with identical tunnels also connecting each subdome to the city dome.
-   Certain domes were positioned at different relative elevations: one of the three slightly smaller subdomes (the Forest Dome) was positioned on a thin vertical stalk to a junction of the tunnels connected to the city dome and the two adjacent subdomes; furthermore, one of the other two smaller subdomes, located two domes over from the Forest Dome, moving clockwise, was positioned at a lower elevation, its two side tunnels connecting to small junctions below the two adjacent subdomes rather than directly into the sides of the subdomes; its tunnel leading to the city dome (not shown on Terra Venture computer schematics) actually connected to a place within the underside of the city dome.
-   Following is the arrangement of the six subdomes, ascertained from numerous shots within the series, from schematics' point of view above Terra Venture: on the "west" was the smaller, stalked Forest Dome (first shown clearly in 704-Rook); northwest was a larger dome (shown briefly from space in 724-GrCr) containing flat land, a forest, and a cluster of buildings; northeast was the smaller subdome positioned lower than the others (also shown briefly in 724-GrCr), and it appeared to contain a small city structure; east was the larger Industrial Dome (explicitly pointed out on schematics in 730-TenP); southeast was a smaller dome containing silver structures which made it look like a smaller Industrial Dome (shown in 728-RRom); finally, southwest was the Mountain Dome (often depicted incorrectly by other domes but shown correctly in 727-LxLB).
?   Often, shots of Terra Venture would show the six subdomes backwards from their correct orientation; although the incorrect version appeared roughly as often as the correct version, the "correct" one is verified by computer schematics (shown in 715-RDay).
-   Along Terra Venture's cylinder extending from the bottom of the city dome were three thicker portions; the top portion, immediately below the city dome, had a Y-shaped arrangement of three support beams, thicker than the dome-to-dome tunnels and each lit by what appeared to be five light strips in a line; the middle section, a bit shorter than the top section, also had an identical Y junction.
-   A vertical support rod ran up from each lower Y junction leg to the identical leg above, and beyond to one of the larger-sized three subdomes on the upper plane.
-   Connected to each leg node - that is, the intersection of the Y junction's leg and the vertical support rod - were clusters of miniature subdomes connected to the node by tiny support rods; each node appeared to have ten mini-domes (shown in 727-LxLB), five slightly larger and five slightly smaller; ten mini-domes at each node, both upper and lower nodes, would have totalled sixty mini-domes on Terra Venture, in addition to the city dome and the six main subdomes.
?   The hemispherical coverings for all domes were transparent from the outside and yet a day or night sky from within; although a unidirectional sky hologram could have been in effect, stars could be seen straight through domes - that is, a view through one side of the dome, through the interior of the dome, and out the other side, an impossibility if such holograms had been in use.

-   The Rangers fought Horn outside a power plant facility, then in an expansive industrial complex near an urban river; both were probably located in the city dome, although the Industrial Dome or its smaller industrial neighbor were both possibilities as well.
-   The Lion Galactabeast would regularly emerge from a glowing red pit in the rocky ground following an explosion in a rock cliff somewhere; this apparently volcanic pit was probably located in the Forest Dome or the Mountain Dome, and the Galactabeasts would somehow cross into the subdome in which they were needed, as would be implied regularly.

-   Like the Lion, the other four Galactabeasts apparently had hiding places of their own, with the Condor and Gorilla shown in forest areas and the Wolf and Wildcat shown in mountainous valleys.

-   Arriving as a fireball, Torozord impacted into the ground in a forest area, probably in the Forest Dome.
-   After the Galaxy Megazord had been defeated by giant Fishface, the ground began to rumble; in a rocky plain in the mountains, probably in the Forest Dome, alternating slabs of rock turned upright from the ground, forming a giant walkway of sorts, and Torozord then stamped in along the walkway; this would be the standard method of arrival for Torozord.
-   When Mega Defender called for the Defender Torozord the ground rumbled, and a massive podium of rock beneath the Torozord rose up from the ground, probably twice as tall as it was wide; this would happen every time Torozord transformed.

?   In a field outside a city (presumably the main city dome), Chillyfish grew and, after being jump-kicked, would fight Mega Defender in the mountains, yet no mountains were supposed to be in the city dome based on exterior shots.

-   In one dome containing a town and a large forest, perhaps the Forest Dome, there was a small waterfall, as well as what looked like an ocean shore; in 714-ShAt, a treasure map from Treacheron of the Forest Dome would also appear to indicate a shoreline.

?   At one end of the Mountain Dome was a mountainous hillside with a tunnel in it, and beyond it in place of sky were towering futuristic buildings of what was apparently the smaller industrial-type dome adjacent to the Mountain Dome, though the domed city (or the main city in the city dome, for that matter) would have been too far away to appear as large as it did on the horizon.
-   Leo drove a Terra Venture car down the long dome-to-dome tunnel parallel to the edge of the main city dome; inside the enclosed tunnel, mostly transparent, there was a slight breeze.
-   The Scorpion Stinger fired its tail blast at the tunnel, triggering an atmosphere loss in the Mountain Dome, and Stanton had the airlocks closed; at the other end of the tunnel, a massive, thick door lowered and sealed the tunnel shut.
?   The Scorpion Stinger approached the underside of the Mountain Dome, which was incorrectly depicted by shots of both the Forest Dome and another dome adjacent to the low-elevation dome which was actually opposite the Mountain Dome.
-   A white beam from the Scorpion Stinger rose up and connected to the underside of the dome, draining energy from throughout the colony's power system.
?   A monitor in Command Headquarters showed red arrows from the three slightly larger subdomes flowing into the Mountain Dome, yet the diagram actually indicated the Forest Dome instead, as the Mountain Dome was supposed to be the adjacent larger variety.
?   The smaller dome positioned at a low elevation, its subdome-to-city tunnel connecting to an area in the underside of the city dome as shown in 727-LxLB, was shown without such a tunnel on the computer schematics.
-   Stanton had all exterior portals secured.

-   Somewhere in the hills surrounding the city (presumably the main city) was a strange structure of metallic beams and shapes; at the top was a rotating instrument of some sort, beeping.
-   Somewhere downtown was an abandoned warehouse filled with cobwebs, cobwebs perhaps generated by Skelekron, who used the warehouse for his creation of the Skelekron Warriors.

-   Somewhere in the covered outdoor area of a building by a small rectangular artificial lake, Trakeena arrived and disguised herself as a human.

-   Deviot fought the Rangers at an ocean shore in one subdome, perhaps the Ocean Dome, before his evil Zords would fight in a nearby mountainous region with less forestation than the mountainous forest of the Forest Dome.

-   In a dark, cobweb-filled warehouse room appearing to be in Terra Venture, Deviot schemed on multiple occasions.

-   The Rangers went to the "Dome Five warehouse," wherever that was, where they were confronted by Scorpius and would soon kill him.

-   When summoned, the massive Zenith Carrierzord emerged from a large waterfall somewhere and flew through the sky to launch Centaurus and Stratoforce.

-   As the GSA heliship flew from Terra Venture, it passed a larger subdome (located northwest on computer schematics) which contained a large outer area as a flat plain, a forest ring inside this, and a cluster of tall gray buildings in the center; this dome may have been the location of battles involving both city and forest environments.
-   Shown behind the mixed-environment dome was a smaller subdome, appearing to contain a small city; this was the one dome positioned at a lower elevation than the others, with its side tunnels going into junctions below the adjacent subdomes and its subdome-to-city tunnel connecting beneath the city dome.
-   Later, in a downtown warehouse area beside an industrial river (probably somewhere near the shuttleport in the city dome), giant Cannonbrawl fought the Orion Galaxy Megazord; elsewhere, Zenith launched the S-Zords, which formed the Stratoforce Megazord over a vast mountainous forest; Stratoforce then landed downtown.

?   Giant Icy Angel fought Defender Torozord and the Galaxy Megazord in the mountains, yet the fight had previously been in the city dome.

-   One of the three smaller subdomes, located between the Mountain Dome and the Industrial Dome, was industrial in appearance, like a smaller version of the Industrial Dome.
-   Maronda attacked people near the same rectangular pond as from 717-StlB.

-   Having sought to lead Magnetox out of the city dome to a place where couldn't hurt innocent people, the teens fled to an industrial area, perhaps the Industrial Dome or its smaller sister subdome, where huge gas containment spheres were in the background.
-   As the four had almost reached their destination, a massive explosion erupted from an area of large piping beside them, flinging them aside.

-   In the Lost Galaxy, Captain Mutiny approached the colony, apparently a subdome, as he prepared to board.
-   Around a plaza in a city area including some skyscrapers in what would be named Dome 07, people (mostly Terra Venture people, but a few scattered GSA teens, just as confused and held back as the others) were being cleared out and held behind surrounding barricades by armed troopers for their own safety.
-   Inside the dome, Mutiny's two hovering dinghies rippled into sight from beyond the sky hologram right behind a multi-story house-like building.
-   Stanton had a heliship bring Captain Mutiny's "gift," supposedly a machine to send Terra Venture home, to an area beside a few Terra Venture warehouses in a vast desert environment, with a single road leading to the warehouses.

-   After Grunchor's escape, the monster burrowed under residential streets and plazas, and soldiers proceeded to evacuate people from the buildings and underground areas in the dome.
-   Soldiers evacuated people from an underground stairway belonging to the building with the square pond from 717-StlB.
-   The "highway tunnel" was a tunnel for automobiles which led through a mountain, perhaps connecting two domes; only one car was shown driving through it before Grunchor arose from the road and soon retreated underground again.
-   To attract Grunchor in an outdoor stage area, Barbarax struck his axe into the ground, shaking the area; below was a civilian subway area, with a sign on the wall leading toward the "Dome Floor."
-   Grunchor then tunneled into the Mountain Dome.

-   In a subdome, a procession of soldiers, workers, GSA officers, and Terra Venture guards were evacuating a dome sector due to electrical instability as the colony was in a thundering pink cloud.

?   As Titanisaur kept walking through the Ocean Dome (a tiny lower mini-dome), Leo observed that he was headed for the city dome, but how the monster would cross domes is unknown.
-   To stop giant Titanisaur from getting to the city dome, Leo summoned the Galactabeasts, and the Orion Galaxy Megazord, joined by Centaurus and Stratoforce on their own initiative, confronted the monster in the mountains, some of which were bare and bluish like those in the Mountain Dome.
-   The overheating Titanisaur would soon fly back into the ocean to cool off.
-   The castle soon detached from Titanisaur's back, and the monster swam off, eventually attacking the city dome somehow after its fairly long swim.

-   To begin landing procedure to approach Mirinoi, Mike announced he was sealing all domes.
-   The Scorpion Stinger approached the Industrial Dome and fired its tail beam repeatedly, eventually obliterating the dome.
-   Soon, the Industrial Dome was completely gone, leaving behind partial connector tunnels; the junction below the dome's former location was blown off as well, with some clustered mini-domes still remaining.
-   Soon, as a decoy, morphed Damon waved his arms in a dome-to-dome tunnel.
?   At one point, Damon was apparently in a tunnel between two subdomes, with perhaps the Mountain Dome on his right, but the setting would in some shots be in a city-to-dome tunnel and in others be at the gaping hole where the Industrial Dome had been; this is not to mention the further problem of the domes having been previously sealed off.
-   Pursuing Damon, the Stinger's pincers crushed the portion of tunnel behind him repeatedly, shattering the glass each time, although there was no rush of escaping air.
-   At various points along a tunnel connecting the colony's subdomes were control kiosks; one panel on a kiosk was "Transit Tunnel Efficiency", and below was "<?> Functions."
-   Down the tunnel were blue triangle arrows near the floor indicating that travelers were to travel on the right.
?   Left in the wake of an explosion which stunned the Scorpion Stinger was a large gap in the tunnel which was now shown as a subdome-to-city tunnel; the other end was still attached to something, yet the Scorpion Stinger had been shown falling from the former position of the destroyed Industrial Dome.
-   As the crippled colony drifted toward Mirinoi's moon, Stanton had all fuel valves closed.
-   Its engines skidding along the surface of the moon, Terra Venture slammed into a mountainous cliff which ended just below the city dome, and the entire dome was wripped from the rest of Terra Venture with explosions, the bottom portion erupting with more explosions.
-   The saucer-like city dome flew from the mountain as a huge explosion came from behind the mountain, with some mini-dome cluster sections still off to the side unfazed by the explosion.
-   The disconnected city dome still had one remaining tunnel portion sticking out of it, perhaps the one blown in half from the explosion which had crippled the Scorpion Stinger.

-   After the city dome had been wrenched from Terra Venture and the rest had apparently been destroyed, Stratoforce, Centaurus, and the Galactabeasts had survived.

- one of many Terra Venture mini-domes
First (Definite) Appearance: 727-LxLB
Last (Definite) Appearance: 741-RTit
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-   Deviot fought the Rangers at an ocean shore in one subdome, perhaps the Ocean Dome, before his evil Zords would fight in a nearby mountainous region with less trees than the mountainous forest of the Forest Dome.

-   The Ocean Dome was a tiny subdome among a lower cluster; it contained an ocean of indeterminate size, a rocky beach with at least one hidden cavern, and apparently a sizeable region of bluish mountains.

-   At the beach (later shown to be the Ocean Dome), where it appeared to be dawn, a "Beach Closed" caution stand was in the white sand between a cliff and an ocean.
-   Barbarax and Swabbies ran up to the beach as Barbarax concluded it was the perfect place, but the Rangers confronted him.
-   Barbarax soon struck the ground, sending an explosive blast through the ground and blasting the Rangers.
-   Suddenly, the ground began to quake with massive footsteps, and the enormous Titanisaur soon emerged from the ocean, stomping near the Rangers.
?   As Titanisaur kept walking through the Ocean Dome (a tiny lower mini-dome), Leo observed that he was headed for the city dome, but how the monster would cross domes is unknown.
-   To stop giant Titanisaur from getting to the city dome, the Zords confronted the monster in the mountains, some of which were bare and bluish like those in the Mountain Dome.
-   The overheating Titanisaur would soon fly back into the ocean to cool off.
-   The castle soon detached from Titanisaur's back, and the monster swam off, eventually attacking the city dome somehow after its fairly long swim.

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