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-   Terra Venture's long engine segment consisted of four main cylinders with a large intake vent at the top of each, and three small booster cones below each; in the crevice between each main cylinder was a much thinner secondary engine cylinder possessing a booster cone larger than the main cylinders' triple boosters; finally, in the center of the four main cylinders was an even larger four-booster section, shown in 741-RTit.
-   The morning before launch, engine tests were scheduled for 0800.
-   Some time prior to the engine test, Mike reported to Commander Stanton that the reactors were charged at 98.8% and rising; this was at eight hours prior to departure.
-   On Commander Stanton's orders, Terra Venture's thrusters all ignited with blue flame, and the massive space colony slowly flew away from Earth.

?   When Terra Venture was shown flying through space at this time, only its secondary engine cylinders were lit, but at all other times when the engines were on, all thrusters would be lit at once.

-   After breaking into the Navigations room, a dim, fairly small room filled with controls, the stowaway boy named Matthew attached a device to a control panel, stopping all of the engines.
?   Terra Venture, having been moving at a constant speed, came to a stop with the engines off, yet the law of inertia would have made the colony continue moving at its previous velocity; furthermore, the constant thrust of the engines would provide constant acceleration, not constant velocity.
-   Stanton explained that Terra Venture was on a vital mission in search of a New World; the ship, he said, only had so much fuel.

-   When Chillyfish froze everyone in the colony, the computer systems shut down as well, and the engines stopped.
-   Following Chillyfish's destruction, all of the systems came back on, and the people awoke.

-   Giving a progress report to High Command, Stanton reported that fuel reserves were on schedule, and that they'd traveled 5.6 light-years from Earth, putting them well within their target range.
-   Terra Venture had traveled 5.6 light-years in a few months, indicating that the colony used some form of faster-than-light propulsion.
?   Stanton suggested they maintain course and speed, and High Councilor Renier approved his recommendation, saying they would re-evaluate when they entered the next galaxy; the nearest galaxy, however, (the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy) is 80,000 light-years away. (Source: Distance obtained from NASA website)

-   Under an evil spell, Commander Stanton had Kai shut down engines 3 and 4 as the colony approached a red giant star.
-   As Kai did so, there was a dying whine, and two of the slender exterior boosters shut down.
-   Later, Terra Venture was dangerously close to drifting into the sun.
-   Entering, Stanton had Kai and Mike, at the center controls, change course to 388, all four engines at maximum thrust, diverting every bit of energy to reserve thrust; strong blue jets quickly propelled Terra Venture out of danger, and the star receded into the distance, dropping temperatures on the colony below critical.
-   Stanton then had Kai resume cruising speed.
-   Later having been put in charge of the colony, Kai had a complete systems check run on the engines, then called for, "projected course and speed report, environmental generators, fuel levels, main thrusters. Full speed ahead."

-   As a massive energy disturbance approached Terra Venture from nearby planet Rashon, Stanton had engines set to full reverse thrust, and the colony slowed and retreated (perpendicular to the direction of the engines) in a rather short amount of time.
-   The colony's retreat was too slow to escape the energy cloud, but the disturbance was soon dissipated, saving the colony.

-   When an energy surge was accidentally released from the Galaxy Book in the Science Division, powerful blue energy bolts ripped through the area, shorting out much of the colony's power, as well as the engines, as lightning bolts crackled down from the control tower and into the city dome.
-   The energy pulse had burned out all of the transformers (see "Power"), which could perhaps be replaced within 48 hours.

-   Late at night after the resurrected monster invasion and Hexuba's destruction, Stanton privately met with Renier, having brought Mike and Kai.
-   Asked by Renier for any news, Stanton said they had just discovered their fuel reserves had been tainted, with only one or two days left; ; how the fuel had been tainted is unknown, although one monster had apparently gone unchecked in the Industrial Dome during the resurrected monster invasion.
-   Once they lost engine power, they would lose their systems one by one until there was nothing left; when the environmental controls shut down, the colony would freeze, and nothing would survive.

-   The morning after the fuel reserved were found to be tainted, one cluster of engines, as well as two adjacent thin-cylinder engines, shut off.
-   Command Headquarters showed exhaust pressure climbing into the red.
-   Deep in the bowels of the colony, a large warehouse room with two side-by-side giant cone structures connected to the floor, the cones perhaps forty or fifty feet apart, rumbled as blue hardhat workers scrambled around as an alarm buzzed.
-   As the workers rushed around amidst spark explosions, Damon told the white-hat worker to shut the fuel valves now, then told a yellow-hat to tighten the manifold and hurry and cool off the converters.
-   In Command, Kai observed that pressure was reaching critical.
-   One area around which Damon and workers were scrambling had a "6" sign on the railing.
-   As Damon looked up at the massive cone tower extending high above with jets of steam spewing out of points on its sides, someone yelled that it wouldn't last much longer, and Damon hurriedly had them evacuate, deciding they'd lost it.
-   As Damon helped a fallen guy away and the last workers fled, one giant cylinder, having initially been orange, glowed yellow, and a large explosion erupted from the side of an engine cluster in the base segment of Terra Venture, shutting off that entire side of engines, known as Engine 4.
-   Devastated, Stanton had the remaining engines brought to half thrust.
-   Speaking with Damon shortly, Stanton knew he'd done his best, saying if anyone could keep the other engines online, it was Damon.
-   After Damon had left, Stanton privately told Mike that if they lost another engine, they were lost.
-   A while later, Damon asked Mike how the engines were holding up, and Mike, at the wall consoles in Command Headquarters, told him the temperatures were down to normal and that he'd let him know if anything happened.
-   In space later, Terra Venture had one engine cluster not working, with a large black damaged spot in that side.
-   With an alarm buzzing in Command Headquarters, Kai and Mike rushed in and got into empty console seats, and Mike reported trouble in Engine 3; Kai said temperature was 600 Kelvin and rising fast.
-   In the engine room, Damon frantically worked valves, giving orders, saying they weren't losing another one.
-   Damon yelled to someone below to transfer the load; meanwhile there were some small explosions.
-   Each engine cluster had three boosters each, with the four cylindrical boosters being larger than the other booster cones; in the center was a final four-booster cluster.
-   The center engine cluster shorted out and exploded.
-   Damon hurried the workers to shut the valves down, telling two others to check the ports.
-   Damon turned a red lever, and things shut down and immediately calmed.
-   Damon went to a group of workers at a large display box and watched a meter sink from red, through white, toward green, at which point a white-hat worker told a yellow-hat red-suited worker that it was okay; they'd succeeded, and the engine was cooling off, and everyone cheered.
-   On the monitor before Kai, a red bar dropped, and the yellow engine cluster returned to green.
-   Kai said the temperature was returning to normal, but Stanton grimly added, "For now," saying they were running out of time.

?   Terra Venture was incorrectly shown with all engines working.
-   Later, Terra Venture took at least a half-hour to approach the portal which had opened in front of it, but after Torozord had forced the closing portal back open, Stanton would call for full thrust, and they passed through safely, although during the journey, Stanton had the stabilizers recalibrated.

-   Soon after escaping the Lost Galaxy, Terra Venture slowly drifted through space with only one engine cluster and its neighboring cylindrical booster on.
-   In High Command, Stanton told the councilors they had only one engine remaining, and their fastest speed was only one-tenth of normal: they were going nowhere, slowly.
-   Councilor Brody said surely they could fix the engines, but Stanton said they were damaged beyond repair and that they'd have to land.
-   The Scorpion Stinger approached the Industrial Dome and fired its tail beam, making an explosion, and then a larger one erupted inside the dome as one of the metal dome structures within the Industrial Dome exploded, likely from the ignition of fuel containers.
-   The Scorpion Stinger moved, blasting more, as more explosions erupted in the Industrial Dome.
-   Soon, the Industrial Dome was completely obliterated.
-   At the engines, the Scorpion Stinger blasted the one remaining engine cluster, making an explosion; in the engine room, explosions erupted around the large cone structures, flinging workers about.
-   The engines were then all deactivated.
-   In Command Headquarters, Mike announced they'd lost all power; Kai said they were headed straight for the moon below.
-   Stanton had all fuel valves closed.
?   One portion of engines was still lit as Terra Venture fell to the moon below.
-   The battered and charred bottom engine section struck ground first, causing explosions to erupt from all throughout the engine section and above.
-   Upon impact with a mountainous cliff, the city dome was wrenched from the colony as the remaining portions were torn by large explosions.

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