- one of six main subdomes surrounding Terra Venture city dome
First (Definite) Appearance: (interior) 704-Rook
Last (Definite) Appearance: (interior) 733-FPst
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-   Unlike the other subdomes surrounding the city dome, the Forest Dome, of the smaller variety of subdome, was actually elevated above the elevation of the other five, positioned on a thin vertical stalk which connected to a junction of the tunnels connected to the city dome and the two adjacent subdomes.

-   The establishment shot of the Forest Dome showed rather short mountains with gray peaks.
-   Referring to a tree with orange fruit in the horticulture room of the Science Division, Kai said these rare specimens would be planted in the Forest Dome, and the temperature and humidity had to remain constant; there were future conditions depending on natural conditions of the New World once they found it.

-   In the Forest Dome, Furio walked up to a mountain wall with some vines on it; in the wall was a diamond-shaped reddish metallic panel, with red curly designs, and inside was a cavern in which the Lights of Orion had supposedly been sealed for eons.
?   This cave opening was identical to the cave containing Auric's tiki on Mysterio Island. (Source: Submitted by SirSTACK)

-   Somewhere, perhaps the Forest Dome, Quakemaker caused an earthquake to attempt to shake the Lights of Orion out of the soil.
-   Quakemaker grew and fought the Galactabeasts in a mountainous forest which was probably the Forest Dome.

-   In the same cave from 706-LOrn, but without the rock which had immediately surrounded the original metal seal on the cave, Furio seemed to sense the Lights of Orion in a rock which Starcog would later mine and Magna Defender would seek. (Source: Cave similarity submitted by SirSTACK)

-   In one dome containing a town and a large forest, perhaps the Forest Dome, there was a small waterfall, as well as what looked like an ocean shore.

?   Following a map from Treacheron which showed a red X near some trees beside a shore, Trakeena dug in the Forest Dome and discovered a bejeweled silver goblet which dissolved into sand as part of Treacheron's doublecrossing, though the goblet had to have been in place before Treacheron had been imprisoned by Trakeena and learned of her treachery.

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