- civilian police force of Terra Venture
First Appearance: 701-QsQ1
Last Appearance: 744-End2
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-   At a ticketing center for shuttle flights to Terra Venture, apparently an Angel Grove ticketing center, the booths were manned mostly by GSA agents, although Terra Venture guards were present as well, with one verifying passport information at a booth.
-   The guard at the booth stamped a man's open passport and told him that they needed the copies of his medical exams; the man was a bit argumentative in response.
?   Soon, two more guards shoved Leo through the crowd and shoved him toward exit doorways, though arrows on the wall indicated that those doorways led to various gates and terminals.
-   The guards wore gray suits with black collars, black cuffs, and black shoulder rectangles, with a thin triple stripe (white/blue/white) across their chests and a Terra Venture badge on the left breast.
-   The guards' gear included batons, walkie-talkies, and what looked like black utility belts.
-   One guard shouted loudly with extreme hostility at Leo after they'd shoved him out, barking, "And don't come back until you DO have a passport!"; Leo was calm but insulted in reply.
-   Some time later, as the last shuttle to Terra Venture was parked in preparation for launch, two Terra Venture workers loaded luggage onto luggage trucks as two guards stood nearby, one of them looking like a future Terra Venture soldier named Jasper.
?   The Jasper lookalike said to the other guard, "We can each piece of luggage for contaminants, so everything should be ready to go. So barring any unforseen problems, we're just about finished," but all around were vast numbers of plastic cases and large wooden crates, some with Terra Venture logos on them.
-   Behind some of the aforementioned cases and crates, Leo was hiding until he accidentally knocked off a case, and the two guards spotted him.
-   The Jasper lookalike called out, and the two ran over, "Jasper" with his baton drawn, but Leo had hidden in the luggage mover which was just being driven away.
-   "Jasper" spoke into his walkie-talkie to announce that they had a stowaway, then described him as a male Caucasian teenager with dark hair and a red shirt, but the shuttle would soon lift off with Leo still aboard.
-   As the group of passengers was moving through the large shuttleport facility in Terra Venture shortly after disembarking from their shuttle, two guards spotted the stowaway Leo on the escalator, and he ran upward from the guards, nobody around him attempting to stop him.
-   Nearby, the two guards asked Kendrix and Kai whether they'd seen a guy, describing his height and shirt, but Kendrix told them they hadn't, and the guards thanked her anyway.
-   Leo took another escalator up and saw more guards being radioed that they'd lost the stowaway, but he was soon spotted, so he ducked behind a pillar as a squadron of soldiers marched by.
-   The two guards rushed up but had lost him, and Leo soon emerged from the nearby restroom in a black soldier uniform.

-   When the engines suddenly died out one day, Stanton asked why the ship had stopped, and Kai detected someone in Navigations; Stanton had Kai take a security team down there to find out who had stopped the ship.
-   Kai led three Terra Venture guards to the Navigations door, and after trying a security code and swiping his security card, Kai gestured to a guard who'd had his hand on a gray blaster in his holster, at which point the guard gave him the weapon.
-   As Kai aimed the blaster at the door panel, Damon pulled the blaster away, since he would have to fix it afterward; he then easily tampered with the door panel and opened the door.
-   Kai led the guards in, blasters aimed, but they found the startled Matthew, perhaps 13 years old, in the room.

?   One person frozen by Chillyfish was wearing a police uniform.

-   Mike Corbett, newly-returned second officer under Commander Stanton, was allowed free entrance into High Command in the control tower where Stanton was giving the councilors a progress report; none of the leaders had been expecting Mike.
-   Two black-suited GSA officers stood guard outside High Command rather than standard Terra Venture guards.

-   In a small room (bearing a GSA logo) one night around midnight, two Terra Venture guards played backgammon, with one winning for a third time in a row.
-   The guards, having Terra Venture badges, also had GSA ID cards clipped to their right shoulder.
-   The loser, Bob, put on a black utility belt, including a baton, to make his rounds, and the other set up the board for the next game.
-   As Bob strolled down a GSA hallway, he ran his club absently along the wall and doors.
-   Hearing the elevator ding and open, Bob turned and investigated, but he didn't respond a while later when the other guard called out for him to play another game.
-   Hanging on a rack in the guards' room were more gray guard uniforms and a GSA soldier helmet.
-   The guards had flashlights attached to their right wrists.
-   Looking around, the guard came to a hallway where Bob was lying in the elevator doorway, keeping the doors from closing; waking up and clutching his head, Bob said something had jumped him and gone one way, but he hadn't gotten a good look.
-   Drawing his laser pistol, the guard went into a dark room with his wristlight on, investigating, not realizing that Shondra was hidden above the doorway inside the dark room.
-   In the Science Division, the guard soon found the large monster Rykon opening the Galaxy Book case with an ID card (though Bob still had his).
-   When the guard yelled for the monster to freeze, Rykon shot a burst of blue energy rings from her hand, slamming the guard back.
-   As Rykon reached for the book, an alarm started buzzing, so she quickly left without it.
-   Barely conscious, the guard shot an orange laser burst into Rykon's right ankle, making her hobble slightly as she stepped out.
-   In the Science Division the next morning, Kendrix and Commander Stanton walked up as the guard who had shot Rykon animatedly told officers about the huge gold monster that, probably around midnight, had tried to break into the case and steal the Galaxy Book, but he'd fired and hit it in the leg.
-   Later, in the control tower, Shondra avoided people rushing around as an alarm was blaring, and she called for an elevator while carring a book-sized cloth bag containing the Galaxy Book.
-   Entering the elevator, Shondra bumped into Maya.
-   Guards with laser rifles trotted down the hall as the guard who had shot Rykon the previous night told them to search everywhere; they paid Maya and Shondra in the elevator no attention.
-   Maya stopped the guard and asked what was going on; he replied before leaving that someone had stolen the Galaxy Book.

-   Two guards accompanied High Councilor Renier, Councilor Brody, and Commander Stanton as they walked down a GSA hallway; one of the guards was Jasper, a soldier from 718-ReMi.
-   When Damon approached to return a report Renier had dropped, the two guards grappled him, but she told them it wasn't against the law to be polite, thanking Damon.
-   Outside, the two councilors walked out of a building with their two guards; in passing, one guard (not Jasper) stopped and looked strangely at the guard who was standing outside the walkway in a salute.
-   The non-Jasper guard looked at the saluting guard's shadow and saw a Stingwinger shadow, at which point the impostor turned into a Stingwinger with green energy, making the guard shriek and call out, "Stingwingers!"; nearby, a blue-suited GSA girl and a balding gray-jacketed man turned into Stingwingers as well.
-   Jasper shot at a Stingwinger with a yellow laser burst from his energy pistol, but the Stingwinger deflected it with its claw hand, and Stingwingers grappled the two councilors.
-   Walking out of the nearby building with his toolbox, Damon suddenly caught sight of the struggle, with the second guard shooting as well, ineffectively; out of sight, Damon morphed and leapt in as the Green Ranger.
-   As Green Ranger led the councilors away, he was suddenly shot in the back as the robotic Cannonbrawl walked up with his cannon arm smoking, planning an abduction.
-   Green Ranger fought off the villains as the guards rushed the councilors away, but Stingwingers managed to grapple High Councilor Renier, and an orange energy sphere from Cannonbrawl's cannon struck Renier, turning her into an orange energy sphere which flew away, and her papers dropped to the ground.
-   Green Ranger wanted to know where Renier had gone, but the villains vanished, leaving Green Ranger to collapse on his knees over the dropped papers, crumpling one in despair.
-   Later, after Mike, Damon, and secret recruit Leo had rescued Renier and the Rangers had destroyed Cannonbrawl, Damon was working on an outdoor fuse panel near a street with Leo's help when the councilors' two guards spoke their full names, and one (not Jasper) then nodded to Renier, prompting her to get out of a Terra Venture car driven by a gray-suited man, joining up with Stanton and Brody to give the two teens medals for their bravery.

-   After firing Kai while under a spell, Commander Stanton had two guards drag Kai out of the command tower.

-   Some time after an accidental surge from the Galaxy Book had disabled most of the colony's power, Stanton told High Command he had round-the-clock security on the book.
-   The mysterious Guardian, disguised as one of the workers who was repairing panels in the halls, looked inside Command Headquarters, then continued in the hallway past the Science Division, glancing in at the Galaxy Book in its case as two Terra Venture guards stood outside the doorway.
-   As the Guardian stopped and went back to enter the Science Division, one guard politely told him there was no entry allowed, and he quickly held his hands in front of their faces, knocking them out with blue light from his head and hands.
-   As the Guardian approached the case, Kai, blaster drawn along with four other guards, shouted for him to freeze; the Guardian was eventually taken to High Command in handcuffs.
-   After Stanton had had the Guardian sent to a detention cell, Terra Venture guards armed with laser rifles (normally reserved for soldiers) were beginning to uncuff the Guardian outside the open cell when Kai took their place, unlocking him and taking him into the cell as the guards stood just outside, backs to the door.
-   When the Guardian calmly told Kai he'd known he would come, and that Kai had to help him recover the book, Kai approached, surprised; the Guardian explained the Galaxy Book didn't belong there.
-   Told that he had to help the Guardian, Kai asked why him, and the Guardian turned and replied, somewhat softly, "Because, you are the Blue Ranger"; alarmed, Kai quickly shut door for privacy.
-   The next morning, Kai wheeled a breakfast tray into the Guardian's cell and would soon emerge with the Guardian hidden in the lower section of the cart.
-   As Kai passed a guard outside, he stopped Kai, only to put a dropped napkin back on the tray for him before he left.
-   Soon, in the dark Science Division with guards outside, Kai secretly swiped his security card through the slot on the Galaxy Book's case, then slipped the book into a metal box, stealing it for the Guardian.

-   After the landing on the New World, people joyously reunited in the forest clearing; groups of guards, workers, and GSA officers intermingled and hugged like close friends.

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