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-   Learning that Kendrix was "only" 20 minutes ahead of schedule, he jokingly remarked that she appeared to be "running a little behind today," indicating that the GSA crew, and perhaps some civilian workers, had already been living on Terra Venture for some time, at least days, but probably weeks or months, prior to final boarding.
-   Terra Venture children would never be shown to have more than one parent; known siblings among the selected residents include Hannah and her sister (who wed a citizen named Johnny), a little girl and her brother (the girl being Mandy from 723-MMir), and the possible case of Colby and Ginger, although they appeared to be of two separate nationalities. (Source: Colby/Ginger observation submitted by "Miko".)

-   A man in a gray uniform had been holding both hands with a woman in a red uniform near a street before Scorpius's attack; this was one of the few instances of romance between fellow passengers, particularly adults.
-   When the Scorpion Stinger approached Terra Venture, a man's voice spoke over loudspeakers, "Attention citizens: Alien ship approaching. This is not a drill. (alarm begins wailing) Please enter the nearest secured area immediately. I repeat - this is not a drill!"
-   People began fleeing inside buildings immediately after the word of an alien ship approaching, as though they were quite familiar with the possibility of an alien threat on their voyage.

-   When Stanton asked the young saboteur Matthew where his ID card was, Matthew guessed defensively that he'd lost it; Stanton found the idea ridiculous.
-   Damon gently pointed out that Matthew didn't even have a uniform, and he doubted whether Matthew ever had an ID card; Matthew admitted he was a stowaway.
-   When Matthew's mother called Terra Venture from a GSA outpost on Earth, the frequency could only stay open for a few seconds.
-   Terra Venture was home to thousands of people.

-   Stanton presented Matthew with a medal for his courage and bravery which had saved Terra Venture; the medal, on its blue ribbon, had a torch in the center, with olive branches on either side.

-   When Kai only knew the first name of his new crush Hannah, Kendrix pointed out that he didn't know her phone number, or where she lived or worked, and that it was a big colony and he probably wouldn't see her again.
-   Before Kai had found her in the plaza, Hannah had been reading what she called a "silly romance" novel.

-   One night, Chillyfish froze the colony, chilling everyone aboard but the Rangers and animals into unconsciousness; the next day, systems would be restored and the people awakened following the destruction of Chillyfish.

-   In return for their bravery in rescuing her, High Councilor Renier presented Damon and Leo with medals identical to the one given to Matthew in 705-Hmsk.

-   In a parking lot near the halfpipe building was a handicapped parking place.

-   Leo and Ginger, neither of whom were shown wearing uniforms, went on a few informal dates in the park.

-   Outside a lecture hall building where Baxter drove up and where Decibat would attack, two GSA teens conversed in passing, and two gray-jacketed civilians probably in their mid-thirties walked up to the building holding hands, one of the few signs of romance between Terra Venture inhabitants, particularly adults.
-   After being selected as the GSA's chief mechanic, Baxter was wearing a generic silver Terra Venture medal around his neck.
-   Days later, in a GSA assembly area guarded by various armed soldiers, GSA officers supervised construction of chief mechanic Baxter's ultrasonic transmitter; the only manual laborer shown was an African-American man in a red Terra Venture uniform who was grinding down a part.

-   Shortly after Kai had secretly stolen the Galaxy Book and the Rangers had destroyed Deviot after he'd mutated himself by reading the Keonta spell, the book reactivated, thrusting Terra Venture into the Lost Galaxy.

-   Shortly after Terra Venture had been cast into the Lost Galaxy, Kai reported that all systems were scrambled, even the clocks; nearby, an analog clock was going backwards rapidly, and in the Science Division, scientists were alarmed to see plants in a pot of sand regressing into nothingness.
-   In Dome 07 as Captain Mutiny was preparing to board, confused people (mostly Terra Venture civilians, but a few scattered GSA teens as well) were being cleared out and held behind surrounding barricades by armed soldiers for their own safety.
-   There were far more girls than guys in the crowd.
-   An announcer on a loudspeaker informed the people: "Citizens of Terra Venture stationed in Dome 07, we are preparing for boarding by an alien and his staff. Please stay clear of the plaza area. I repeat, stay clear of the plaza area. This is not a drill. Stay clear of the plaza area. Authorized personnel only. We are unclear of the alien's intentions. All unauthorized personnel please, please stay clear."
-   When the GSA had retrieved a crate Mutiny had said contained a machine to send them home, they actually released the hideous monster Grunchor, which would cause havoc tunneling through the colony.

-   Following Grunchor's release, the Rangers told Stanton of Mutiny's plan to enslave the colony; as the Rangers left to figure out where the monster had gone, Stanton had Mike put all available personnel on search teams, also wanting an alert to clear the streets.
-   Soldiers proceeded to evacuate people from the buildings and underground areas in a certain dome.
-   In the plaza some time after the Rangers had destroyed giant Grunchor, Kai ran up to the other teens, saying it was gone; he'd had the coordinates, but Captain Mutiny's planet had just fallen off the scanner.

-   On Mutiny's planet, morphed Damon and Leo were running from a band of pursuing Swabbies before being surrounded and confronted by Deviot and Barbarax at the edge of a sloped cliff, where they were blasted off by Deviot.
-   Barbarax had the Swabbies get them and bring them back to the camp.
-   Later, unmorphed Leo and Damon, dirty with their undershirts sliced, had their hands chained up to a wooden structure in the desert with a Mutiny flag on it.
-   Deviot prepared to shoot them, but Barbarax made them wait until sunset for Captain Mutiny, who wanted to destroy them himself, and they vanished.
-   At sunset, Mutiny walked up with Deviot, Swabbies, Barbarax, and Rojomon; behind a ridge in the background, Titanisaur lay in the desert, with Mutiny's castle on its back.
-   As Mutiny prepared to strike, he was blasted as the other Rangers flew in on their Jet Jammers, and Pink Ranger sliced Leo and Damon free in passing, allowing them to morph.
-   Mutiny and crew swirled away in blue energy, leaving Rojomon to fight the five Rangers.

-   Likely another day, in a subdome, a procession of soldiers, workers, GSA officers, and Terra Venture guards were evacuating a dome sector due to electrical instability as the colony was in a thundering pink cloud.

-   Late at night after the resurrected monster invasion and Hexuba's destruction, the colony's fuel reserves were discovered to be tainted, giving them only a few days to survive.

-   The morning after the fuel reserved were found to be tainted, one cluster of engines shut off, and an explosion from the side of the engine section of the colony was heard throughout Terra Venture as Engine 4 was lost.
-   At the beach (later shown to be the Ocean Dome), where it appeared to be dawn, a "Beach Closed" caution stand was in the white sand between a cliff and an ocean; there, the massive Titanisaur would emerge from the ocean and engage in two vicious battles with the Rangers, the second in the city and causing large amounts of damage before being destroyed.
-   Later that morning, Engine 3 nearly blew, but Damon and the workers in the engine room averted a second disaster, although the center engine cluster did blow out during the crisis.

-   Later the same day as Titanisaur's attack and the loss of Engine 4, Barbarax proceeded to abduct group after group of Terra Venture citizens to become Mutiny's slaves; among them was Mike.
-   Later, a portal in space was suddenly torn open, apparently identical to the (unseen) one which had brought the colony to the Lost Galaxy.
-   At least a half-hour after beginning its approach, Terra Venture continued toward the vortex tunnel, but the portal was slowly closing.
-   As the Megaship approached Terra Venture in preparation to dock, Defender Torozord passed it in space and braced itself inside the edge of the portal and supported the portal's collapsing edges with its arms, shoving them outward, and the Zord then exploded into metallic shrapnel as the portal was reopened.
-   The Megaship docked with Terra Venture, and the colony passed safely through the portal back into the normal universe; Mutiny's castle followed but was immediately destroyed by the Scorpion Stinger.
-   At some point, Barbarax's former slaves would presumably be integrated into the populace of Terra Venture after being freed by the Rangers.

-   In a large rectangular window at the top of a large black skyscraper-like monolith in the city, Commander Stanton appeared for an announcement with blue GSA officers, Councilor Brody, and High Councilor Renier lined up beside him.
-   Stanton spoke, "Fellow citizens of Terra Venture, this is Commander Stanton. Two hundred and twelve days ago, we set out from Earth with a dream: to find a New World. We didn't know exactly what lay in store for us, but we forged on bravely through thick and thin. We came together as a team, and we became a family, hoping that one day that our determination would pay off. And now, we stand at the doorstep of our destiny. Look up, and see our new home!"
-   Suddenly the sky of the city dome began to vanish, revealing the massive green planet near the horizon, with its moon in the background.
-   As the sky receded, Stanton continued, "...the New World. Tomorrow morning, we'll be there."
-   People were overjoyed, and they tearfully cheered and congratulated each other.
-   Later the next morning, Terra Venture began landing procedure to approach the planet, and all domes were sealed, with all passengers presumably in the city dome.
-   In the city dome as Terra Venture prepared its final descent for the planet, people began to notice a dull rumbling.
-   Suddenly, the sky flickered out, and in space directly overhead, the Scorpion Stinger flew by, terrorizing the people below.
-   Leo (and presumably everyone else on the colony) had thought they'd lost Trakeena.
-   The Scorpion Stinger blasted and eventually decimated the Industrial Dome as screaming people at the nearby edge of the city dome were evacuated by soldiers from the area.
-   Then below the colony, the Stinger destroyed Terra Venture's one remaining engine.
-   Soon, the Stinger began chomping into an exterior tunnel after the fleeing Green Ranger, and after Red Ranger had planted a stolen GSA explosive on the craft's pincer, a large explosion erupted from the ship's left pincer, stunning the Stinger and blowing out a portion from the middle of the tunnel.
-   Its deactivated engines soon skidding along the surface of the moon, Terra Venture slammed into a mountainous cliff which ended just below the city dome, and the entire dome was wripped from the rest of Terra Venture.
-   The city dome slid to a violent stop on the moon's surface, leaving a long trail and violently flinging people and cars about in the city, making massive devastation.
-   After the crash-landing, injured people and flaming rubble were strewn all over the plaza in the city.
-   An echoing cracking sound began as cracks formed in the sky dome, and a few flakes of sky began to drift down; the colony was now losing atmospheric pressure.
-   In Command Headquarters, Stanton told Councilor Brody and High Councilor Renier that the ship was dying and that he didn't want them all to die with it; his decision to evacuate the ship stunned the room full of GSA officers.
-   Following Stanton's decision to evacuate the colony, soldiers in a camouflaged open GSA Humvee drove down a rubble-filled street as a loudspeaker man called out for people to evacuate the dome immediately.
-   Soldiers escorted a group of citizens and several GSA people out of a white building (looking quite like Angel Grove's old Youth Center) as they all carried bags and suitcases; this was the only hint of GSA/civilian cohabitation aside from the Ranger teens' GSA dormitory rooms.
-   Men, women, and children were helped into the parked GSA Humvee.
-   At an emergency loading bay, people were loaded into numerous passenger shuttles which began to lift off.
-   Meanwhile, a huge swarm of Stingwingers flew toward the city dome; at the same time, the Scorpion Stinger approached.

-   Soldiers led groups of civilian and GSA people through city rubble, one stationary soldier waving everyone through to the shuttleport.
-   Two GSA women had a civilian son each, the only example aside from Commander Stanton of government personnel having children.
-   On a moon hill near the city dome, Stratoforce and Centaurus stood with their weapons as the Stingwinger swarm approached.
-   In the city, Stingwingers latched onto the sides of buildings, covering portions of them before exploding and demolishing them.
-   Buildings all over the city exploded and collapsed.
-   On the ground, the Rangers fought the exploding Stingwingers.
-   Large fleets of shuttles (at least fifteen) flew from the city dome.
-   After the Rangers had finished destroying the Stingwingers, the five unmorphed teens were the only non-soldiers shown evacuating people to the shuttles.
-   No luggage was allowed on the shuttles, as there was no room, but Kai would bend the rules to allow a blue-jacket teen to bring a picture of her parents.
-   Looking out at the ravaged, evacuated cityscape below the command tower, Stanton spoke, "This city was going to be the shining capital of the New World. Instead, it's a shipwreck."
-   At least fourteen shuttles, probably more, flew through space together.
-   In the interior of one shuttle, GSA and civilian people rode in the passenger section; two soldiers stood in back, and young Cindy joined her mom from the rear.
-   In the same shuttle, a gray-jacket Terra Venture woman was bandaging the head of blue GSA woman.
-   Passengers watched apprehensively as the Scorpion Stinger approached.
-   After the Stinger had remained poised for a short while, its tail suddenly aimed to fire, but the Astro Megaship flew in blasting at it with the Megalasers.
-   The Megaship passed by the tiny shuttle in space, and the passengers cheered looking out the window.
-   As the Megaship turned back toward the Stinger, the insect craft violently rammed the Megaship and began to crush its front with its pincers.
-   After just under two minutes of crushing, the Rangers flew from the Megaship in their Jet Jammers (Alpha Six riding with Red Ranger) as the Megaship erupted in a huge explosion, hurling the Rangers away in the enormous fireball.
-   The badly damaged Scorpion Stinger spiraled in a smoking trail down to the moon below, and the Megaship had a final explosion.
-   Sixteen shuttles flew down to the New World, where they soon landed vertically; their settlement for some reason happened to be near Maya's old Mirinoite village.
-   With some supplies out, people joyously reunited in the forest clearing; groups of guards, workers, and GSA officers intermingled and hugged like close friends.

-   GSA and civilian people were carrying things around in a new settlement, with numerous yellow dome-shaped tents.
-   Soon, the dead city dome on the moon was repowered, and it lifted off.
-   As Red Ranger fought the mutated green Trakeena on the flying city dome, the other four Rangers flew their Jet Jammers from Mirinoi to rendezvous.
-   People in the settlement soon watched the sky anxiously as the roaring city dome approached.
-   People ran screaming in the direction the city dome was traveling as re-entry flames came off the hull.
-   As people ran screaming through the camp, Stanton, and nearby Brody and Renier, hit the ground as the city dome roared overhead, overturning one or more tents.
-   A flag in the area may have borne the Terra Venture logo.
-   Suddenly, the Galaxy Megazord rose up and nodded right in front of the Rangers in the front tunnel, redirecting and slowing the city dome.
-   The city dome flew over a hillside into a valley and crashed with an earthshaking explosion.
-   As the debris settled, the people in the camp rose and looked anxiously at where the city dome had impacted.
-   Suddenly, a beast roared, and the five Galactabeasts emerged from the smoke with the Rangers on their heads, and everyone cheered joyously.
-   When the Rangers leapt down, everyone rushed forward to congratulate them; Pink Ranger and Bulk hugged, Renier and Green Ranger hugged, and Mike and Red Ranger (with a shattered hole in his helmet over his right eye, perhaps allowing some to recognize him) hugged.
-   It's unknown who, if anyone, knew the Rangers' identities by this point, although the matching up of Renier with morphed Damon and Stanton with morphed Kai appeared more than coincidental.
-   Following the Galactabeasts, the Rangers would venture into the jungle and discover they'd landed on Mirinoi, stumbling upon the stone people of Maya's village.
-   After the Rangers had returned their Quasar Sabers to their stone on Mirinoi, demorphing them and restoring the Mirinoite village, Kendrix appeared from blue light, startling the teens.
-   Nearby, the Galactabeasts stood watching a fireworks display in the sky above them, perhaps of their own creation.

-   Perhaps the year after Terra Venture's voyage, it was pouring and storming one night on Mirinoi as Leo retrieved his Quasar Saber from the jungle.
-   Morphed Leo confronted at least seven Ghouls in a city which may have been the rebuilt city dome or perhaps a pre-existing Mirinoite city.
-   The Ghouls and Triskull would fly away, followed by what would eventually be all five Galaxy Rangers.

- security/identification cards held by Terra Venture humans
First Appearance: 702-QsQ2
Last Appearance: 735-EnLG
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-   Telling Alpha that the Megaship was being recommissioned for a top secret GSA assignment, Kai flashed an ID card bearing a photo on the right side.

-   As new recruit Leo closed up the GSA weapons dome structure, Kai handed him a security card, telling him to lock up when he was done; he then drove off.
-   The card had a photo on the right side, and on the back was the oval badge design, with a thick black stripe, presumably for swiping.

-   To try to get into the Navigations room, Kai typed into a keypad on the door control, then tried swiping his security card through a slot.
-   When Stanton asked the young saboteur Matthew where his ID card was, Matthew guessed defensively that he'd lost it; Stanton found the idea ridiculous.
-   Damon gently pointed out that Matthew didn't even have a uniform, and he doubted whether Matthew ever had an ID card; Matthew admitted he was a stowaway.

-   Two guards in the control tower, having Terra Venture badges, also had GSA ID cards clipped to their right shoulder.

-   In the dark Science Division with guards outside, Kai secretly swiped his security card through the slot on the Galaxy Book's case, then slipped the book into a metal box, stealing it for the Guardian.

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