- one of six main subdomes surrounding Terra Venture city dome
First (Definite) Appearance: (interior) 730-TenP
Last (Definite) Appearance: (interior) 731-PPnk
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-   The Rangers fought Horn outside a power plant facility, then in an expansive industrial complex near an urban river; both were probably located in the city dome, although the as yet unmentioned Industrial Dome, as well as its smaller industrial-type neighrbor, were other possibilities as well.
-   A large collection of pipes several meters above the ground ran away from the power plant.
-   At a square pool of hot liquid slag in an industrial area, Horn had Stingwingers melt down the stolen GSA laser rifles.

-   In a dingy warehouse in the Industrial Dome, Trakeena stood with the Psychos, Villamax, and Deviot as they waited for Leo, the four captured teens surrounded by stone pillars around which was an invisible energy barrier.
-   After a massive explosion blew a large hole into the wall, morphed Leo walked in, but he was then joined by morphed Andros, and later the other Space Rangers, to battle the Psychos outside.

-   In a plaza near some steps and surrounding trees, a teenaged girl in a blue jacket listened to a red Type 2 officer speaking from a monitor in an interface kiosk, telling her she'd been scheduled for underwater navigation classes beginning tomorrow morning.
-   After Psycho Pink had emerged from her computer and vanished again, Kendrix tracked her on a Terra Venture display, following the reading to what should have been the Industrial Dome - more precisely, the "northern" end of the subdome, closest to the adjacent lower-elevated smaller subdome.
-   Psycho Pink then materialized from the same kiosk into which she'd first traveled to enter the network.
?   On the steps nearby was what appeared to be a stand of solar panels, though what purpose solar panels would have served under artificial dome lighting is unknown; another panel setup was seen near some park tables elsewhere.

-   Having sought to lead Magnetox out of the city dome to a place where couldn't hurt innocent people, the teens fled to an industrial area, perhaps the Industrial Dome or its smaller sister subdome, where huge gas containment spheres were in the background.
-   As the four had almost reached their destination, a massive explosion erupted from an area of large piping beside them, flinging them aside.

?   Late at night after the resurrected monster invasion and Hexuba's destruction, Terra Venture's fuel reserves were discovered to be tainted, giving them only one or two more days to survive; how the fuel had been tainted is unknown, although one monster had apparently gone unchecked in the Industrial Dome during the invasion.

-   Two days later, in the normal universe, the Scorpion Stinger approached the Industrial Dome and fired its tail beam, making an explosion, and then a larger one erupted inside the dome as one of the metal dome structures within the Industrial Dome exploded; the city dome rumbled from the blast.
-   The Scorpion Stinger moved, blasting more, as more explosions erupted in the Industrial Dome.
-   Apparently at the edge of the city dome nearest the Industrial Dome, soldiers helped screaming citizens evacuate from a plaza; other soldiers had just finished removing cases of explosives from somewhere.
-   Soon, Command Headquarters rumbled and sparked violently, perhaps with the unseen destruction of the Industrial Dome.
-   By this point, the Industrial Dome was completely gone, leaving behind partial connector tunnels; the junction below the dome's former location was blown off as well, with some clustered mini-domes still remaining.

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