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-   GSA officers would regularly refer to flat panel display devices which could remotely access Terra Venture's computer monitoring system.

-   Working at the Horicultural Research facility, Maya entered some data into a panel device while Leo sprayed a mist from a bottle onto some shrubs.
-   On a planet in search of the Galactabeasts, Damon had brought a palm-sized scanner which opened like a laptop; inside was a yellow grid coming from the upper right corner.
-   Trying to use the scanner, Damon remarked that the thing needed some instructions, but he soon locked onto something.
-   On the bridge leading away from the "halfpipe building" prior to Stanton's announcement of an alien ship, a small black treaded robot (a recolor of the real life "Emiglio" toy robot by GP Toys) had been slowly proceeding away from the building on a path outside the bridge's railing; during the announcement, the robot began to turn around in one complete revolution.

-   Telling Kai about a new recruit, Stanton handed him a GSA panel device displaying data on the new recruit.
-   On the screen below the GSA logo printed on the device were three columns of printed text, with the header, "Terra Venture GSA Recruit File" ; on the left side of the screen were some black boxes of readouts which included the recruit's entrance test scores.

-   Young Jodie described her new rollerblade wheels, listing their composition as mega-urethane, with anti-static bearings which made her go fast.
-   GSA dorms had flat-screen televisions which could apparently be removed or hidden; the teens used this TV to play a videotape (called a tape, but not actually shown) Kai had recorded earlier using Stanton's handheld camcorder.

-   Near an alley in downtown Terra Venture, Deviot and Stingwingers came up a GSA escalator; Deviot carried a silver cylinder which Damon and Leo recognized to be an energy cell, and which had apparently just been stolen from the GSA.
-   Deviot lured the Rangers to the "Dome Five warehouse" by threatening to plant the energy cell there to blow up the colony.

-   On a table in the Science Division was a dark robot looking like a recolored RAD robot by Toymax, but apparently with a different head.

-   During Grunchor's invasion of the colony, soldiers were using metal detector-like scanners on the ground to try to detect the monster.

-   During an evacuation of an area near the Industrial Dome, soldiers were loading up yellow-striped black cases into a white GSA Humvee, with one soldier telling a higher-ranking soldier that all of the explosives had been removed, and the older soldier told him to get them to sector 7 immediately.
-   Morphed Leo soon opened up an explosive case which he'd stolen and removed a black device with a GSA logo on it, arming it.
-   As Damon ran by Leo, the Scorpion Stinger's pincers crushed right in front of Leo, and he planted the device on the pincer and activated it.
-   The two ran off, and as the pincers approached again, a large explosion erupted from the ship's left pincer, hurling the two Rangers forward, and the Stinger, its smoking broken pincer flickering with orange light, tumbled into space, stunned for a short while.

-   After landing their emergency shuttles on Mirinoi, GSA and civilian people were carrying things around in a new settlement, with numerous yellow dome-shaped tents, and some GSA equipment including a satellite dish.
-   Mike and Kai used a pair of walkie-talkies as the teens searched for Leo.

- invention designed by Damon, implemented by Baxter to stop Decibat on Terra Venture
First Appearance: 734-TVol
Last Appearance: 734-TVol
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-   For an invention as his application for the position of chief mechanic of the GSA, Damon planned an ultrasonic transmitter to block Decibat's signal in case the monster attacked again.
-   That night, Baxter took secret photos of Damon's nearly finished blueprints and duplicated them to submit to Commander Stanton, winning him the position.
-   Days later, in a heavily guarded GSA assembly area, GSA officers were scattered about, supervising construction; the only manual laborer shown was an African-American man in a red Terra Venture uniform who was grinding down a part.
-   Two labcoat officers came down a striped staircase with a "Danger, High Voltage" sign on it, passing an armed guard.
-   Coming out of an area marked "Radiation," "X-Ray," and "Keep Out," Baxter told four labcoat associates that they needed to generate all the power they could for maximum range, then directed them off in two directions.
-   Telling Baxter he'd never finished the plans, Damon explained it could be dangerous, but Baxter blew him off.
-   Going to a garage when Decibat attacked again, Stanton and Baxter got into an open-backed cargo truck with the large apparatus.
-   The apparatus truck stopped near the building on which Decibat was sonic-blasting.
-   When Baxter locked the silver dish on target, Stanton had everyone but Baxter clear off the truck.
-   The dish sent a beam of orange energy rings into Decibat's back, bothering him, but he returned fire with his own sonic blasts.
-   The dish began to overheat, but Decibat fell back and stopped, and the Rangers dropped from the wall.
-   Afterward, the transmitter's control panel began crackling with blue electricity; Damon ran up, calling out for Baxter to get back.
-   As Baxter frustratedly watched a meter rise to 100, Stanton had the others clear the area, and Damon leapt with Baxter away from the truck as the apparatus erupted with an explosion.
-   Afterward, Stanton firmly asked what had happened, and Baxter didn't know, angering Stanton, who reminded Baxter he'd designed it.
-   Baxter began to tell the truth about the designs, but Damon said Baxter needed more time and that maybe he could help; Stanton watched confusedly as Damon helped Baxter, telling him to bypass the burnt-out terminals on the panel.
-   When the blasting began again, Baxter fired the dish, again stopping Decibat's soundwaves as the monster was knocked down, his speakers broken.

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