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-   Terra Venture children would never be shown to have more than one parent; known siblings among the selected residents include Hannah and her sister (who wed a citizen named Johnny), a little girl and her brother (the girl being Mandy from 723-MMir), and the possible case of Colby and Ginger, although they appeared to be of two separate nationalities. (Source: Colby/Ginger observation submitted by "Miko".)

-   Teaching new GSA recruit Leo, Kai showed him a thick handbook with a light blue cover, bearing a GSA logo and the black title, "Rules and Regulations"; perhaps the first tenth of the book's pages were light blue.
-   Kai expected Leo to start learning all of the rules from the handbook.
-   As Leo began to eat a sandwich in Command Headquarters, Kai took the sandwich from him in a panic, shouting about what one crumb could do to the sensitive equipment; just then, Stanton entered and was apalled to see Kai with food in Command Headquarters.
-   Stanton took the sandwich and, treating it like a serious contaminant, placed it into a clear bag which had been dutifully brought to him by another officer; he then told Kai that he wasn't setting a good example for the new recruits.
-   After Leo had generated an unscheduled storm, Kai angrily told him the colony wasn't a playground and that they had rules for a reason; Leo argued that all rules didn't work all the time, but Kai insisted they did in the GSA, and he couldn't just pick and choose which rules he wanted to follow.

-   When two guards grappled Damon in a GSA hallway when he was trying to return a dropped paper to High Councilor Renier, she told them it wasn't against the law to be polite, thanking Damon.

-   As Terra Venture came within 6.4 gigameters of a red giant star, GSA procedures called for a course change within 6 hours and 24 minutes, but Stanton agreed with Kai's instincts to change course early.
?   6.4 gigameters, or 6.4 million kilometers, is only one ninth of the distance from Mercury to our Sun, a ridiculously close distance to any star, let alone a red giant.
-   On Kai's station was the black GSA rules binder.

-   After Stanton had put the Galaxy Book under round-the-clock security following its accidental energy surge, the mysterious Guardian, disguised as a worker, knocked out two guards and approached the Galaxy Book's case before being apprehended by Kai and more guards.
-   When the man wouldn't speak a word when questioned in High Command, Stanton had him taken away to a detention cell.

-   When Brody asked if Stanton was suggesting they abandon the crippled ship, everyone in Command Headquarters was stunned.

-   According to Kai as the last shuttles flew away, the regulation book said nothing about abandoning ship, and Leo guessed they'd never thought it could happen; there had been, however, numerous references to evacuation procedures, which probably existed only for small regions.

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