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-   In the northwest section of Command Headquarters was a large wall of computer controls and monitors.

-   In each GSA dormitory was a computer terminal with numerous monitors in the wall; the computer, at least when used by Damon, could access scanners and presumably other internal systems aboard Terra Venture.
-   The black keyboard of the dorms' computer terminals had white keys arranged in an IBM layout, with sections of keys faintly glowing different colors, red, green, and blue.

-   After breaking into the Navigations room, a dim, fairly small room filled with controls, the stowaway boy named Matthew attached a device to a control panel, stopping all of the engines, and monitors in Command Headquarters showed four sets of 00, with the emergency message "<<Engine Stop>>" as an alarm buzzed.
-   Kai found that the system had been jammed and that there was someone in Navigations, so Stanton sent Kai to Navigations with a security team.

-   Leo showed Kendrix a Glitz Movie Magazine featuring an exclusive interview and a photo collection of Carolyn Pickets, a movie star who looked just like Kendrix.
-   An indeterminate amount of time after the filming of Star Crossed Lovers in which Kendrix Morgan had taken the place of Carolyn Pickets, Carolyn was on Terra Venture television accepting what looked identical to an Oscar, which she dedicated to her friend Kendrix, who had taught her the value of keeping a promise and working hard. (Note: This episode, with its apparent Academy Awards reference, was originally aired the day before the 1999 Academy Awards.)

-   The guys' room also had a flat-screen television which could apparently be removed or hidden like the one in the girls' room; the teens used this TV to play a videotape (called a tape, but not actually shown) Kai had recorded earlier using Stanton's handheld camcorder.
-   Later, Kendrix pointed out to Kai, who only knew the first name of his new crush Hannah, that he didn't know her phone number, or where she lived or worked, and that it was a big colony and he probably wouldn't see her again.

-   When Chillyfish froze everyone in the colony, the lights soon shut off in a GSA hallway as agents there collapsed; a female computer voice announced that the system was freezing.
-   In Command Headquarters, the monitors went black, and everyone inside collapsed; the colony's engines then shut down.
-   Despite the shutdown, climate control and some power to the city still remained active.
-   Following Chillyfish's destruction, all of the systems came back on, and the people awoke.

-   In Command Headquarters when the Scorpion Stinger attacked, alarms blared, and the computer announced they were under attack as the monitors flashed, "Emergency."

-   After retreating from Skelekron, Mike soon revealed to Leo that he'd planted one of his dogtags on a Stingwinger while flipping over it; as it was a metallic alloy, they would be able to trace it easily.

-   Somewhere in a city-like plaza was the first of what would be a series of often-seen interface columns, white cylindrical kiosks located across Terra Venture where users could access a variety of computer functions.
-   Some time after pages from the Galaxy Book had been photocopied in color for Science Division researchers, Kendrix and Kai worked alone on a Science Division computer to attempt to translate the symbols on the page of the Galaxy Book showing the Galactabeasts, but Kai said it looked like it was impossible to decode; apparently the pages had been scanned into the computer in addition to the printed reproductions.

-   In the guys' room, Kendrix attempted to translate a copy of the torn page from the Galaxy Book on the computer terminal, but she would soon return to the empty Science Division and work on the decryption on the computer at her desk.
-   A while after displaying "Searching" while on the Galactabeast page, the computer continued searching with images of the three evil Zords slowly replacing the drawings of the three missing Galactabeasts.
-   Suddenly, the computer displayed, "Found," and showed the three Galactabeast drawings beside images of the three evil Zords, then made an equals sign between them to indicate that they were one and the same.

-   When Trakeena sent an ultimatum to Terra Venture, her transmission tuned in to monitors all over the colony, and people everywhere watched in their various monitors, including Damon in the plaza.

-   In the plaza near some steps (later revealed to be in the "northern" end of the Industrial Dome), a teenaged girl in a blue jacket listened to a red Type 2 officer speaking from a monitor in an interface kiosk, telling her she'd been scheduled for underwater navigation classes beginning tomorrow morning.
-   The officer reminded the girl that all computers on Terra Venture were linked, so she could always reach them for assistance; she thanked him and left, and his image was replaced by a GSA logo.
-   On the kiosk control panel, labeled Terminal 1600X, were controls: Colony Channel Downlink, Volume, Closed Circuit, and Dish in one box; Dome Directory, Stereoscope, and Technical Assistance in another; Spectrographic Analyzer On/Off in another; 3-D, Zoom, and Freeze Frame in another; and finally, Holographic Projection On/Off in another.
-   Having been listening from around the corner, Psycho Pink put her hand into the monitor and vanished as a pink streak.
-   As a stream of sparkling pink energy, Psycho Pink flew through a power line running through a transformer station, then going through power line towers and moving into a GSA administration building where Kendrix was at a computer.
?   Psycho Pink's transportation had apparently utilized Terra Venture's power grid rather than computer network, reinforced by her entry into Kendrix's computer through its power cable.

-   While the power system was mostly out after a power surge from the Galaxy Book, computer monitors remained on but filled with static.

-   After Terra Venture had been cast into the Lost Galaxy, the computer couldn't tell one direction from another, as there were no stars to navigate by.
-   In High Command, few of the monitors were anything but static.
-   Renier asked about backtracking their course, but Stanton said they didn't know where they'd come from, as none of their navigation programs appeared to work there.

-   Near the halfpipe bridge, there was now an interface kiosk where one had not existed before, and another was beside a parking lot elsewhere.

-   From the guys' room, Damon used the computer to check up on the status of the engines with Mike, who stood at the wall console in Command Headquarters.

-   At various points along a tunnel connecting the colony's subdomes were control kiosks; one panel on a kiosk was "Transit Tunnel Efficiency", and below was "<?> Functions."

-   As Trakeena flew the repowered city dome toward Mirinoi, a male computer voice in Command Headquarters announced, "Alert, collision course! We are on collision course!"

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