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-   Upwards of a year after 643-CTD2, Terra Venture prepared to leave Earth orbit in search of a New World, although the specifics of its quest are unknown; see "Terra Venture" for notes on the ship's origin.
-   Noticing Mike staring out the window at the Earth below, Commander Stanton joined him and remarked on how beautiful the Earth was; he then told Mike to take a good, long look, as odds were he'd never see her again.
-   Later finding Leo in a training exercise, Mike said he'd told him not to come on Terra Venture, as anything could happen, and the colony might never go back to Earth, ever.

-   In Command Headquarters moments before departure, Stanton was giving a speech to a group of GSA officers about how proud he was of all of them as they began their adventure of a lifetime; he then declared, "All right, what do you say we see the galaxy? Fire thrusters. Let's go find a New World."; Terra Venture then left Earth orbit.

-   Referring to a tree with orange fruit in the Science Division, Kai said these rare specimens would be planted in the Forest Dome, and the temperature and humidity had to remain constant; there were future conditions depending on natural conditions of the New World once they found it.

-   When stowaway Matthew wanted to go home, Stanton explained that Terra Venture was on a vital mission in search of a New World; the ship, he said, only had so much fuel and food.

-   Giving a progress report to High Command, Stanton reported that fuel reserves were on schedule, and that they'd traveled 5.6 light-years from Earth, putting them well within their target range.
?   Stanton suggested they maintain course and speed, and High Councilor Renier approved his recommendation, saying they would re-evaluate when they entered the next galaxy; the nearest galaxy, however, (the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy) is 80,000 light-years away. (Source: Distance obtained from NASA website)

-   At High Command, Stanton showed the course they'd traveled, in a straight line between two lone galaxies, the Milky Way and the destination galaxy - the Eurolean Galaxy (spelling uncertain); a third galaxy was off quite a ways to the left, from the perspective of the Milky Way.
-   As Stanton touched the display where an alien distress signal had been sent, a red blip of radiating circles appeared there; Terra Venture's position along the path was not shown, but it had to have been quite close, and a bit behind, the signal's origin, as Renier would conclude that they would have to divert from their course to reach the aliens.
-   Using measurements of the display, the signal's origin was approximately 32% of the distance along Terra Venture's path (the delta-X), with its distance away from the path (delta-Y) being 24% of the total distance, assuming the display was shown to scale.
-   Councilor Brody reminded them of their goal, saying their mission was to find a New World in the Eurolean Galaxy, and that they weren't equipped for rescue missions; Mike, however, would give them a convincing speech that helping others should be second nature, and they would divert their course to help.

?   When it received an alien distress signal, Terra Venture was somewhere between 5.6 and 14 light-years from Earth (716-DFrG and 720-LGb2, respectively); as the visual of the alien ship in 718-ReMi showed the ship approximately 32% of Terra Venture's total course, with Terra Venture's location implied to be fairly close, then the total distance between the Earth and the Eurolean Galaxy would have been roughly between 20 and 40 light-years, which wouldn't have been nearly enough distance to escape the Milky Way, let alone the 80,000 light-years to our nearest galactic neighbor.

-   Some time after the colony had changed course (apparently substantially; see "Missing time"), Stanton told an assembly of officers they had ventured 14 light-years from Earth and couldn't get back to Earth even if they had to; therefore, they had to focus on their goal, the New World.
-   Stanton continued, "No matter what mysteries lie ahead, no matter how tough it gets, we must continue with our duties, ready to tackle any situation, and one day we will reach the New World."; they had to, he said, as there was no going back: they were now on their own.

-   In High Command, Stanton told the councilors they had only one engine remaining, and their fastest speed was only one-tenth of normal: they were going nowhere, slowly, and they had to land somewhere.
?   When asked if he had any ideas where they could land, Stanton brought up a monitor display of a planet within reach, what would later be revealed to be Mirinoi.
-   Stanton said they'd just received the first aerial images from the probe, showing beautifully tranquil images of lush forest lands with great amounts of water.
-   Stanton said much about the planet looked very familiar: oxygen atmosphere, water, and carbon-based plant life, the essentials for life as they knew it.
-   Brody thought it was beautiful, and Renier congratulated Stanton on leading them to the New World.
-   Making an announcement to the citizens of Terra Venture, Stanton said 212 days ago they had set out from Earth with a dream: to find a New World; they hadn't known what exactly lay in store for them, he said, but they had forged on bravely through thick and thin, hoping that one day their determination would pay off.
-   Stanton then showed the people their new home, deactivating the sky hologram so they could see the nearby planet, which he called the New World.
-   As people cheered, a civilian man held his son high into the air, exclaiming they were home.
-   That night during their approach, Damon remarked, "They called it a dream. Pretty soon it's gonna be a reality."
-   Leo imagined a planet without cars or pollution, and Maya spoke of beaches without a single footprint, like the planet had just been born; no one suspected that the planet was Mirinoi.

-   Looking out at the ravaged, evacuated cityscape below the command tower, Stanton spoke, "This city was going to be the shining capital of the New World. Instead, it's a shipwreck."

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