- one of six main subdomes surrounding Terra Venture city dome
First (Definite) Appearance: (interior) 715-RDay
Last (Definite) Appearance: (interior) 737-GOTL
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-   Leo drove Maya on a road in the Mountain Dome, and she smiled that the dome always reminded her of Mirinoi, and she was glad they'd come.
?   At one end of the Mountain Dome was a mountainous hillside with a tunnel in it, and beyond it in place of sky were towering futuristic buildings of what was apparently the smaller industrial-type dome adjacent to the Mountain Dome, though the domed city (or the main city in the city dome, for that matter) would have been too far away to appear as large as it did on the horizon.
-   The Scorpion Stinger fired its tail blast at the tunnel, triggering an atmosphere loss in the Mountain Dome, and Stanton had the airlocks closed; at the other end of the tunnel, a massive, thick door lowered and sealed the tunnel shut.
?   The Scorpion Stinger approached the underside of the Mountain Dome, which was incorrectly depicted by shots of both the Forest Dome and another dome adjacent to the low-elevation dome which was actually opposite the Mountain Dome.
-   A white beam from the Scorpion Stinger rose up and connected to the underside of the dome, draining energy from throughout the colony's power system.
?   A monitor in Command Headquarters showed red arrows from the three slightly larger subdomes flowing into the Mountain Dome, yet the diagram actually indicated the Forest Dome instead, as the Mountain Dome was supposed to be the adjacent larger variety.
-   Planning to destroy the Mountain Dome to destroy Scorpius in the process, Magna Defender formed Defender Torozord, and at a massive flaming lava pit of indeterminate origins, the Torozord glowed with green energy, then charged this energy into its lance with green energy bolts.
-   Torozord shot a steady green energy bolt from its lance into the lava pit in an attempt to cause a meltdown which would blow up the Mountain Dome and destroy the colony, but the Galaxy Megazord grappled him before he could blast a second time.
-   Spanning a long gorge somewhere in the Mountain Dome was a wooden rope bridge.
-   When the Orion Galaxy Megazord Saber destroyed giant Freaky Tiki, his spear flew into the lava pit, making its flames flare up.
-   The Rangers ran toward the pit; at the top of the hill leading up to the pit was a stand-sized structure of some sort and a stick which may have been Freaky Tiki's spear.
-   A dual blue energy shockwave over the ground flew out from the top, perhaps the stick as the center, and blasted the Rangers with an explosion as the pit was reaching critical temperature.
-   The Rangers kept running forward, but a fire wave knocked them down, and the flames were too intense for them to keep approaching.
-   As the teens continued struggling against the flames and explosions, Magna Defender told them only he could stop the process; his hatred for Scorpius had created this evil energy, he told them, and now he had to render the energy harmless.
-   After staggering up the hill despite being blasted by energy shockwaves, Magna Defender stood at the edge of the pit, smoking intensely.
-   As a blue ball of light, Magna Defender flew down into the flaming pit, apparently absorbing the blue specters as it went.
-   The pit exploded, but then the flames and explosion retracted into the pit, and gold energy wisps flew up from the pit; gold specks of light then slowly drifted down from the sky as the temperature began to stabilize.

-   The mountain dome, as shown from space, had taller and darker mountains than those shown in the Forest Dome.

-   Grunchor tunneled from one dome into the Mountain Dome.
-   In a new exterior shot of the Mountain Dome, it could be seen to have several points of light down within a mountainous valley.

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