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-   Prior to departure, an area of the GSA Science Division was being used for horticultural research.
-   A girl in a red uniform was apparently scanning a small tree near the entrance, and at a table, Kendrix had been holding a box device close to a small shrub with orange grapefruit-sized fruit on it.
-   Kendrix told Commander Stanton that these were the last of the experimental hybrids and that they were running ahead of schedule by 20 minutes.

-   In what was presumably the city dome, Leo and Maya tended to a garden of shrubs with a forest and an expansive futuristic building complex in the background; the front side of the building facing a street bore a sign reading "Horicultural Research."
-   In the garden/forest behind the building were countless numbers of different shrub and tree species, including pine trees.
-   In response to the distant howling of the Wolf Galactabeast, which only Maya could hear, some egret-like birds flew from the building's roof and the nearby trees.

-   Referring to the larger tree with orange fruit in the horticulture room of the Science Division, Kai said these rare specimens would be planted in the Forest Dome, and the temperature and humidity had to remain constant; there were future conditions depending on natural conditions of the New World once they found it.
-   In a bowl in Kai's kitchen were apples, oranges, and other fruits, indicating that such fruits were commonly available aboard Terra Venture.

-   Walking down a GSA hallway past the Navigations room were two young women in blue Type 2 uniforms, one with a black case and the other with a panel device or book; the one with the case said that her experiment with plant hybrids was going remarkably well and that the seedlings were almost fully mature.

-   Maya worked at a horse stable, brushing and exercising a brown horse and a white horse; she would have Leo help her exercise them, but he would quickly end up falling off the white horse.
-   Animals on Terra Venture remained unaffected by Chillyfish's freezing of Terra Venture's people and systems, perhaps a part of Chillyfish's plan.
-   After watching the white horse at the stable, Leo told the horse he needed its help, and it continued running around the area wildly; Leo did his best to calm the horse, then nearly gave up, but the horse stopped by him and snorted to him.
-   The horse approached, and Leo gently put on the head harness and climbed on bareback; the horse got excited, and Leo tried to control its bucking.
-   Soon, the horse backed up and ran across the pen, leaping over the fence with Leo riding it.
-   Meanwhile in a field outside the city, Chillyfish was riding a brown horse, probably the other horse from the stable, in order to chase the Lights of Orion.
-   The brown horse now had an evil black and red facemask which bore Treacheron's emblem, as well as a dark saddle cloth.
-   Arriving on his white horse, Leo morphed with a blaze of flaming red energy; afterward, he was holding his Quasar Saber, and the horse had a red head covering bearing the yellow head stripes of the Lion Galactabeast, as well as a red saddle cloth and red bands on its legs above the hooves.

-   A dogwalker in the park had a Dalmation as a pet.

-   Shortly after Terra Venture had been cast into the Lost Galaxy, Kai reported that all systems were scrambled, even the clocks; nearby, an analog clock was going backwards rapidly, and in the Science Division, scientists were alarmed to see plants in a pot of sand regressing into nothingness.

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-   In a bowl in Kai's kitchen were apples, oranges, and other fruits, indicating that such fruits were commonly available aboard Terra Venture.

-   Stanton explained that Terra Venture was on a vital mission in search of a New World; the ship, he said, only had so much fuel and food.

-   In a city plaza, Kai asked for a hot dog from a hot dog vendor with a Terra Venture badge, and he was allowed to take it without any method of payment shown.

-   After fighting over a cake Maya had eaten, Kendrix and Maya walked through the city with a brown grocery bag each, to divide their refrigerator in half.

-   At the Comet Cafe, Mike ordered a burger and fries, which for some reason turned out to be the cafe's last burger available.
-   In the park, Tracy (secretly Trakeena) got two cups of orange-colored juice for herself and Mike from a vendor.

-   After Kendrix had left work early to make dinner for Maya's long-lost friend Shondra, Kendrix and Kai soon entered the girls' room with grocery bags, with Kendrix also holding a potted plant, planning to make a special dinner that the girls would have on Mirinoi.

-   Within Damon and Maya's grocery bags were various food items - in particular, an assortment of fruit, including large tomatoes.

-   In their small settlement after the populace of Terra Venture had flown to Mirinoi in emergency shuttles, Stanton asked Mike to collect a report on the food and water supplies.
-   As Stanton walked, a girl presented him with a bowl of fruit.

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