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-   The Rangers fought Horn outside a power plant facility, then in an expansive industrial complex near an urban river; both were probably located in the city dome, although the Industrial Dome was another possibility.

-   When stowaway Matthew wanted to go home, Stanton explained that Terra Venture was on a vital mission in search of a New World; the ship, he said, only had so much fuel and food.
-   At a large open facility, looking a bit like a water treatment plant, Damon and Matthew put on protective white suits before going to a transformer panel out in the open.
-   Inside the panel, Damon removed one of four gray cylinders holding an opaque green substance; he then very carefully handed it to Matthew and took a replacement from him with clear blue liquid, to put it where the other had been.
-   Matthew fumbled briefly with the cylinder, and Damon urged him not to drop any of this stuff.
-   Matthew screwed on the lid of a replacement canister with blue liquid and a green core; Damon approved.
-   Off to the right were a series of identical transformer panels out in the open, each with a suited technician working on it.

-   After an earthquake caused by Quakemaker, a giant electrical tower probably in the city dome fell over and caused an explosion.

-   When Chillyfish froze everyone in the colony, the lights soon shut off in a GSA hallway as agents there collapsed; the computer announced that the system was freezing.
-   In Command Headquarters, the monitors went black, and everyone inside collapsed; the colony's engines then shut down.
-   Despite the shutdown, climate control and most city lights still remained active.
-   Following Chillyfish's destruction, all of the systems came back on, and the people awoke.

-   After nearly avoiding catastrophe as the Scorpion Stinger had run out of fuel, Scorpius knew of one place with enough energy to solve all of their problems, and the Stinger would then approach Terra Venture.
-   After the Scorpion Stinger had approached the underside of the Mountain Dome (incorrectly depicted at one point by a shot of the Forest Dome), a white beam from the Stinger rose up and connected to the underside of the dome, draining energy from throughout the colony's power system.
?   A monitor in Command Headquarters showed red arrows from the three slightly larger subdomes flowing into the Mountain Dome, yet the diagram actually indicated the Forest Dome instead, as the Mountain Dome was supposed to be the adjacent larger variety.
-   Damon told the teens that the ship would be dead in two or three hours, startling Kai.
-   Eventually, the Scorpion Stinger retreated, having siphoned a sufficient amount of power.
-   After giant Cannonbrawl had been destroyed in the city dome or Industrial Dome, Damon was working on an outdoor fuse panel near a street with Leo's help.

-   Having entered a computer kiosk in a plaza after hearing that all computers were linked, Psycho Pink flew through a power line running through a "Terra Venture" transformer station, then went through power line towers and into a GSA administration building where Kendrix was at a computer.
-   Psycho Pink flew through a power line running through a transformer station, then went through power line towers and into a GSA administration building where Kendrix was at a computer.
?   Psycho Pink's transportation had apparently utilized Terra Venture's power grid rather than computer network, reinforced by her entry into Kendrix's computer through its power cable.
?   On the steps near the interface kiosk in the Industrial Dome was what appeared to be a stand of solar panels, though what purpose solar panels would have served under artificial dome lighting is unknown; another panel setup was seen near some park tables elsewhere.

-   When an energy surge was accidentally released from the Galaxy Book in the Science Division, powerful blue energy bolts ripped through the area, shorting out much of the colony's power as lightning bolts crackled down from the control tower and into the city dome, striking at least one building in the city.
-   Forcing his way into Command Headquarters through the jammed sliding doors, Stanton asked for a damage report, and Mike said the energy pulse had burned out all of the transformers, which could perhaps be replaced within 48 hours.
-   During the down-time, most primary lighting was out; computer monitors remained on but filled with static.

-   Power appeared restored by the time Terra Venture was thrown into the Lost Galaxy the next morning.

-   Late at night after the resurrected monster invasion and Hexuba's destruction, Stanton privately met with Renier, having brought Mike and Kai; in the otherwise empty GSA corridors were a few hardhat workers working on wall panels.
-   Asked by Renier for any news, Stanton said they had just discovered their fuel reserves had been tainted, with only one or two days left; how the fuel had been tainted is unknown, although one monster had apparently gone unchecked in the Industrial Dome during the resurrected monster invasion.
-   Once they lost engine power, they would lose their systems one by one until there was nothing left; when the environmental controls shut down, the colony would freeze, and nothing would survive.

-   After the detached city dome's devastating crash-landing on Mirinoi's moon two days later, Command Headquarters was completely trashed, in massive ruins, with fires in various places, and most lighting in the command tower was inactive.

-   Green Trakeena plunged her staff into the floor of Command Headquarters; rings of green electricity flew out from it, repowering the dead city dome.
-   As he followed footprints through the city, Leo noticed behind him a shower of sparks as well as a neon light column activated, suggesting the power was on.
-   Suddenly, the city dome lifted off from the moon, nearly knocking Leo down, and he was startled to see the stars and vanishing moonscape through the shattered dome.
?   Following Trakeena's slimy footprints, Leo used a lift to enter a GSA hall in the control tower near Command Headquarters, though how Trakeena had used the lift before repowering the city dome from Command is unknown.
-   In Command Headquarters, Leo found Trakeena's staff standing in the center, bathing the room in green light as the insect gem glowed and green energy pulses entered the floor.

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