- GSA research lab aboard Terra Venture
First Appearance: 701-QsQ1
Last Appearance: 736-BMut
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-   Most officers in the Science Division wore red uniforms, although some blues were often present there as well.
-   Checking up on ship systems eight hours before Terra Venture's departure, Commander Stanton walked through the GSA Science Division, taking a left into an area being used for horticulture research.
-   A girl in a red uniform was apparently scanning a small tree near the entrance, and at a table, Kendrix, also in a red uniform, had been holding a box device close to a small shrub with orange grapefruit-sized fruit on it.
-   Kendrix told Stanton that these were the last of the experimental hybrids and that they were running ahead of schedule by 20 minutes.

-   Giving new recruit Leo a tour, Kai took him to the room in the Science Division which was still being used as a horticulture room, where Kendrix worked.
-   Referring to the larger tree with orange fruit near the first door, Kai said these rare specimens would be planted in the Forest Dome, and the temperature and humidity had to remain constant; there were future conditions depending on natural conditions of the New World once they found it.
-   Blue and red officers were mixed in the science room; a stairwell near the door leading to the other non-horticulture area went to a higher floor.

-   Walking down a GSA hallway past the Navigations room were two young women in blue Type 2 uniforms, one with a black case and the other with a panel device or book; the one with the case said that her experiment with plant hybrids was going remarkably well and that the seedlings were almost fully mature.

-   After finding an egg-shaped stone in a cave, Leo brought it to Kendrix, and she examined it with him in the darkened and deserted Science Division.
-   Unable to crack it open even with a handheld laser, Kendrix later drove past the halfpipe bridge with the rock in a striped metal GSA case to take it to another lab.

-   Seeing Bulk and Professor Phenomenus working in the Comet Cafe, Mike had thought the two were in the Science Division, and the Professor replied that they had been, but they obviously hadn't been ready for intelligence of their caliber; Bulk, rolling his eyes, said they'd been canned.

-   In the Science Division, scientists, including several older men in white GSA labcoats, were all over working on various displays from the Galaxy Book, an ancient tome recovered from an alien craft by Terra Venture soldiers.
-   A Type 3 blue officer, calling Kendrix by name, gave her a color copy of a page from the book.
-   Commander Stanton entered and asked the senior scientist, Dr. Kovek, a balding man with glasses, if there was any luck with the book, but Dr. Kovek replied that they couldn't even tell him what the title was, as they just weren't getting anywhere.
-   Dr. Kovek said they were completely in the dark, but they would keep working on it, as he was sure they would come up with something.
-   Meanwhile, Kendrix was flipping through pages of the actual book, filled with symbols and diagrams when she stumbled upon a torn page with the remaining left half showing a color drawing of the five Galactabeasts.
-   After hours, alone in the Science Division, Kendrix continued looking through the book's pages, again coming to the torn Galactabeast page, which she looked at after making sure no one was nearby.
-   In one direction was a podium with a clear pyramid display of what looked like a lit flower display.
-   Kendrix took off her glasses, and with sudden inspiration, looked through the loose photocopy pile beside her, finding the other half of the torn page.
-   The other half showed three more Galactabeasts, a red humanoid shape with the body of a rhino, a standing blue phoenix, and a grayish-blue shark above them.
?   When and why the half of the page containing the three lost Galactabeasts had been torn out is unknown, as well as when and where the Science Division had obtained it.
-   Someone entered, making Kendrix hide the loose page elsewhere in the book and flip to a different spot, but it was only Maya.
-   Presumably later the same evening, Kendrix and Kai worked alone on a Science Division computer to attempt to translate the symbols on the page of the Galaxy Book showing the Galactabeasts, but Kai said it looked like it was impossible to decode; apparently the pages had been scanned into the computer in addition to the printed reproductions.
-   The Galaxy Book was now in a glass case in the front of the lab by the windows, turned to the Galactabeast page with the loose half lying next to its other half.

-   In the guys' room, the teens attempted to think of a way to stop the evil Zords; Kendrix attempted to translate a copy of the torn page from the Galaxy Book on the computer terminal, but she would soon return to the Science Division to keep trying.
?   During chaos in Command Headquarters, Kendrix slipped into the empty Science Division to work on her computer decryption; the Galaxy Book, meanwhile, was now turned to a different page inside its glass case, but it would soon return to the previous Galactabeast page.
-   Kendrix typed and studied a transparent copy of a Galaxy Book page.
-   A while after displaying "Searching" while on the Galactabeast page, the computer continued searching with images of the three evil Zords slowly replacing the drawings of the three missing Galactabeasts.
-   Suddenly, the computer displayed, "Found," and showed the three Galactabeast drawings beside images of the three evil Zords, then made an equals sign between them to indicate that they were one and the same.
-   In Command Headquarters that same night, Stanton addressed an assembly of GSA officers; nearby in the empty Science Division, the Galaxy Book was now closed in its case.
-   During Stanton's speech (specifically, right after his remark about mysteries ahead), the square on the Galaxy Book's cover began to glow bluish-white.

-   After Scorpius's destruction, Kendrix was glad she could finally concentrate on the Galaxy Book; she was the first person to speak the book's name, which scientists in the Science Division would later use as well.

-   In the Science Division, with a red Type 3 officer at another table and a labcoat scientist nearby, Kendrix was studying the Galaxy Book.
-   Maya, giving her Mirinoite friend Shondra a grand tour, brought in Shondra.
-   Kendrix decided to leave early to make dinner and gave the Galaxy Book to a labcoat guy, who immediately put the book in its clear case.
-   Late that night, the monster Rykon swiped an ID card through a scanner on the Galaxy Book's case, but when she reached for the book, an alarm started buzzing, making her retreat.
-   In the Science Division the next morning, Kendrix and Commander Stanton walked up as the guard who had shot Rykon animatedly told officers (mostly red) about the huge gold monster that, probably around midnight, had tried to break into the case and steal the Galaxy Book, but he'd fired and hit it in the leg.
-   Soon, in the control tower, Shondra avoided people rushing around as an alarm was blaring, and she called for an elevator while carring a book-sized cloth bag containing the Galaxy Book.
-   Guards with laser rifles trotted down the hall looking for Rykon, whom the guard from the previous night believed had stolen the Galaxy Book.
-   Fighting the revealed Rykon, Yellow Ranger took the Galaxy Book and hid it in some bushes during her fight with the monster.
?   It's unknown how the Shondra incident was explained to the public, as well as how the Galaxy Book was returned to the Science Division.

-   In the near-empty Science Division during the Space Rangers' stay on Terra Venture, Kendrix was flipping through the Galaxy Book when she came to a page bearing a drawing and information of the Savage Sword, the name of which she then exclaimed to herself right after a red Type 3 officer had left another workstation of printouts; Kendrix, too, had printouts of the diagrams on the page.
?   At a computer, Kendrix was now apparently in a GSA administration building on city level despite having been in the Science Division earlier.
-   As a stream of sparkling pink energy, Psycho Pink flew through a power line running up to a large GSA building, perhaps the one with the balcony from 725-BTst, and entered Kendrix's computer.
-   After Psycho Pink's brief attack, Kendrix ran out of the building, over the white halfpipe bridge, to eventually head for the Industrial Dome.
-   How the teens would explain Kendrix's disappearance following her death as the Pink Ranger is unknown.

-   One night in the Science Division, a man probably in his thirties, with black hair, glasses, a red GSA shirt of some sort, and a white labcoat (named Ramsey in the credits), began to speak out words from the Galaxy Book as he made them out from his monitor.
-   When Ramsey spoke, "Keonta, Karova, Melanta," the Galaxy Book began crackling slightly with blue energy in its glass case.
?   The proper third word was apparently "Melanite," as revealed in 742-EsLG.
-   Dr. Kovek, in a red Type 3 uniform with labcoat, approached and asked Ramsey what he was working on; Ramsey replied that that certain phrase appeared to be particularly important.
-   As Kovek read the three words again, he looked back and saw the crackling, back but now a bit stronger.
-   In the corner, Stanton and Kai had been watching, but they now approached as Stanton asked a bit demandingly what that had been.
-   Behind Stanton and Kai on a table had been a dark robot looking like a recolored RAD robot by Toymax, but apparently with a different head.
-   Approaching the book, intrigued, Kovek repeated the three words twice, and the blue energy bolts continued increasing with violent intensity.
-   Consulting the monitor, Ramsey added, "Hakova!" and powerful blue energy bolts ripped through the area, shorting out much of the colony's power as lightning bolts crackled down from the control tower and into the city dome, striking at least one building in the city.
-   After getting a damage report in Command Headquarters, Stanton ordered to Kai that the book was to be locked up, with no further research until they learned what was going on.
-   In the dark Science Division with guards outside, Kai secretly swiped his security card through the slot on the Galaxy Book's case, then slipped the book into a metal box, stealing it for the Guardian.

-   Shortly after Terra Venture had been cast into the Lost Galaxy, Kai reported that all systems were scrambled, even the clocks; nearby, an analog clock was going backwards rapidly, and in the Science Division, scientists were alarmed to see plants in a pot of sand regressing into nothingness.

-   Getting the Galaxy Book from his bunk, Kai said the book had gotten them into this mess and would get them out; he'd apparently been keeping the book ever since stealing it from the Science Division in 735-EnLG.
-   Leo wished Kendrix were there, as she'd know what to do.
-   In Command Headquarters, blue and red GSA teens were looking in awe out the windows as Stanton urgently came in from the lift and saw the widening portal secretly torn open by the Galaxy Book.

-   Soon after Terra Venture had escaped the Lost Galaxy, they found a nearby planet within reach, what would later be revealed to be Mirinoi.
?   Mirinoi was now shown to be a bright green planet with white cloud wisps and a rocky gray (insanely close) moon, though the planet had not previously been shown with clouds or a moon.
-   Stanton said they'd just received the first aerial images from the probe, showing beautifully tranquil images of lush forest lands with great amounts of water.
-   Stanton said much about the planet looked very familiar: oxygen atmosphere, water, and carbon-based plant life, the essentials for life as they knew it.

Other Sources.
-   Dr. Kovek's name comes from episode credits.
-   According to the Fox Kids website, Professor Phenomenus, with Bulk as his assistant, helped the Power Rangers by providing scientific insight to their intergalactic problems and was often found conducting seemingly crazy experiments to find answers to the Rangers' latest dilemma; this may have referred to the period between 702-QsQ2 and 717-StlB, during which the two worked in the Science Division before being fired.

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