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-   The morning before Terra Venture's launch, Mike reported that the engine tests would occur at 0800; Stanton was pleased and told him to keep the shuttles running on schedule and to add more flights if necessary.
-   At this point, Terra Venture was eight hours away from departure from Earth orbit.
-   Learning that Kendrix was "only" 20 minutes ahead of schedule, he jokingly remarked that she appeared to be "running a little behind today," indicating that the GSA crew, and perhaps some civilian workers, had already been living on Terra Venture for some time, at least days, but probably weeks or months, prior to final boarding.
-   On Earth, apparently in Angel Grove (see next entry), a large room much like an airline ticketing area was jammed full with people in dress clothes clamoring for clearance aboard Terra Venture; many were holding up and waving gold passports.
-   Two facts indicate the aforementioned ticketing area being in Angel Grove: first, Skull had slept the previous night in a room furnished like his own rather than a hotel room; second, Leo was able to walk around through the city outside the ticketing center with a single bag, suggesting it was his home city, and it would later be stated that he'd been in Angel Grove during the invasion in 643-CTD2.
-   On the wall of the ticketing center was a large Terra Venture logo, and the booths were manned mostly by GSA agents, although Terra Venture guards were present as well, with one verifying passport information at a booth.
-   On the same wall as the Terra Venture logo was a doorway leading to "Gate 4," with a metal detector in the doorway.
-   A disappointed old woman at the front of one line told her GSA agent she was sure there had to be some mistake, apparently having been rejected.
-   The guard at the booth stamped a man's open passport and told him that they needed the copies of his medical exams; the man was a bit argumentative in response.
-   The passports opened up to reveal two silver pages inside, with a photo of the bearer on the left inner page.
-   Also at the front of a line, Professor Phenomenus told the agent looking at his open passport, "Of course it's real! I am one of the most acclaimed astronomers of all time!"; Bulk was not nervous, so it's unlikely Phenomenus was running a scam, or at least not one Bulk knew about.
?   Soon, two more guards shoved Leo through the crowd and shoved him toward exit doorways, though arrows on the wall indicated that those doorways led to various gates and terminals, including A5, Gates A9-21, A7, and Terminal B.
-   One guard shouted loudly with extreme hostility at Leo after they'd shoved him out, barking, "And don't come back until you DO have a passport!"; Leo was calm but insulted in reply.
-   The crowd didn't pay attention to the commotion for particularly long, suggesting that numerous other rejected passengers might have been thrown out in a similar manner.
-   As Leo frustratedly walked through an alley with a factory-type building in disrepair in the background, a well-dressed man carrying a briefcase walked in the direction from which Leo had come, but a lady was also going in the opposite direction with a luggage suitcase.
-   Walking through the alley toward Leo's direction of origin was an old lady, also dressed nicely and carrying a piece of luggage.
-   Three thugs surrounded the lady, wanting her passport, and she nearly sobbed as she was unable to get away from them.
-   Intervening to protect the lady, Leo took the manilla envelope holding the lady's passport and assured her it was okay, despite her sobbing for him not to.
-   Leo took out the gold passport and showed it to the thugs before pretending to slip it back into the envelope, but he actually slipped it into his bag behind him.
-   On the gold cover of the passport was a Terra Venture logo within a gray circle, with the words "Official" and "Passport" respectively above and below the circle in black text.
-   After the thugs had run off with the envelope thinking the passport was inside, the lady was crushed, asking what she would do now, but he showed her the passport, delighting her, and he urged her to hurry, as the last shuttle was about to leave; at this point, there were still at least six hours before Terra Venture's departure.
-   The lady asked whether Leo was going, and he replied that he hadn't been selected; the lady found this to be a shame, saying the New World needed young men like him.
-   After the lady had thanked him and left, Leo began to walk off with his bag but saw a brick wall plastered with many flyers for Terra Venture; they showed a drawing of Terra Venture in orbit around a silhouetted planet and its moon, and a futuristic font read, "Terra Venture / Adventure... for a lifetime."
-   Some time later, a shuttle was ready for flight as workers nearby loaded luggage onto luggage trucks; the shuttle's boosters were warmed up but not ignited.
?   One guard in the luggage loading area told another, "We can each piece of luggage for contaminants, so everything should be ready to go. So barring any unforseen problems, we're just about finished," but all around were vast numbers of plastic cases and large wooden crates, some with Terra Venture logos on them.
-   Behind some of the aforementioned cases and crates, Leo was hiding until he accidentally knocked off a case, and the two guards spotted him.
-   A guard called out, and the two ran over, one with his baton drawn, but Leo had hidden in the luggage mover which was just being driven away by a red-suited worker.
-   The mover truck and the luggage cart being pulled were both labeled with Terra Venture logos.
-   One guard spoke into his walkie-talkie to announce that they had a stowaway, then described him as a male Caucasian teenager with dark hair and a red shirt, but the shuttle would soon lift off with Leo still aboard.
-   In flight, at least one seat near the rear of the shuttle was empty, allowing Leo to sneak up from a floor panel in the rear of the cabin and take a seat; when he did so, an unattended young African-American girl in the seat beside him looked oddly at him without saying anything.
-   As the shuttle approached the docking bay in the middle section of Terra Venture after making an arc around its top, perhaps to give a tour of the city dome's exterior, the captain spoke over the intercom: "Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. Please return to your seats and fasten your seatbelts. We are about to arrive on Terra Venture. We hope you've enjoyed your flight, and thanks for flying with us, on ILK."
-   Some time after the shuttle had landed in the docking bay, passengers walked down a large walkway with the artificial sky shining in through the skylights above; beyond was a food court area with an incredibly high ceiling, and an escalator led down into an open area filled with columns through which various GSA officers, Terra Venture workers, and plain-clothes civilians passed.
-   Shortly afterward, another group of passengers, those from the last shuttle (apparently) from Angel Grove, entered from the same walkway.
-   Terra Venture children would never be shown to have more than one parent; known siblings among the selected residents include Hannah and her sister (who wed a citizen named Johnny), a little girl and her brother (the girl being Mandy from 723-MMir), and the possible case of Colby and Ginger, although they appeared to be of two separate nationalities. (Source: Colby/Ginger observation submitted by "Miko".)
-   While the newest arrivals were on a shuttleport escalator under an electronic marquis displaying what was presumably, "[Welcome to] Terra Venture... your new [home]," a female announcer spoke over a distant loudspeaker, "Please be prepared by having all documentation ready by the time you arrive at your preprocessing room."
?   Some time later as soldiers flew heliships to the moon for a final training exercise, Mike reported an ETA at 1700, yet previously, before 0800, Terra Venture had been eight hours from departure, meaning departure should have been no later than 1600.
-   Angrily finding Leo in the training exercise, Mike took him aside and told him, "I told you not to come on Terra Venture. This isn't some joyride, Leo. Anything could happen. The colony may never go back to Earth... ever."; one possibility is that Mike influenced Leo's selection purposely to protect him.
-   Some time later, the Megaship returned minutes before Terra Venture's departure; the docking bay doors opened, and the Megaship landed inside, secretly carrying Kendrix, Damon, Kai, stowaway Leo, and Mirinoite Maya.

-   Outside the administration building's elevator on the lobby floor was a Terra Venture "adventure" poster.

-   Ginger and Colby, two siblings (perhaps of different nationalities), were civilians aboard Terra Venture; when the two had left Earth, Colby had promised their parents he would take care of his sister.

-   When parents came to pick up their kids after Karone had been playing with them, each of the parents, which included gray-suited mothers and a red-jumpsuited father with a basketball, had exactly one child each, and no two parents appeared to be together, reinforcing the apparent custom of only single parents having come aboard Terra Venture.

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