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- retrofitted space shuttles, transport Terra Venture passengers
First Appearance: 701-QsQ1
Last Appearance: 744-End2
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-   The last shuttle flight to Terra Venture from Earth (apparently Angel Grove), and presumably all those before it, was a space shuttle looking identical to real NASA/NASADA space shuttles; it was parked on its landing gear as workers nearby loaded luggage onto luggage trucks; the shuttle's boosters were warmed up but not ignited.
-   Soon, the shuttle lifted off like a jet with Leo stowing away in the lower cargo deck after having hidden in a luggage truck.
-   The passenger area of the shuttle was designed to look just like a passenger jet; as the shuttle was in orbit, there was no loss of gravity aboard.
-   In flight, a stewardess in a white Terra Venture uniform brought silver Terra Venture canteens to the passengers.
-   At least one seat near the rear of the shuttle was empty, allowing Leo to sneak up from a floor panel in the rear of the cabin and take a seat.
-   As the shuttle approached the docking bay in the middle section of Terra Venture after making an arc around its top, perhaps to give a tour of the city dome's exterior, the captain spoke over the intercom: "Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. Please return to your seats and fasten your seatbelts. We are about to arrive on Terra Venture. We hope you've enjoyed your flight, and thanks for flying with us, on ILK."

-   At an area of hangars strewn with rubble after the detached city dome's devastating crash-landing on Mirinoi's moon, passenger shuttles (like the ones from 701-QsQ1) lifted off vertically and flew into the sky.
-   GSA and civilian people were running in the area with a white Humvee in the background as an announcer told the people to move as quickly as possible to the emergency loading bay.
-   A shuttle not yet ready for launch had a rectangle on the wing where a USA flag had probably been removed or painted over.

-   Large fleets of shuttles (at least fifteen) flew from the city dome.
-   People being led to shuttles weren't allowed to bring any luggage aboard, as there was no room, and they were told to take their seats once aboard.
-   Sixteen shuttles flew down to the New World, where they soon landed vertically; their settlement for some reason happened to be near Maya's old Mirinoite village.

- helicopter-like flying craft used by GSA
First Appearance: 701-QsQ1
Last Appearance: 736-BMut
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-   In the large shuttleport facility used for arriving passengers on Terra Venture, a squadron of soldiers was marching toward an unknown destination to take heliships to the moon.
?   Despite heliships regularly being shown departing from the launch bay in the future, this time soldiers marched toward heliships (or perhaps only one, though there were multiples on the moon) which lay outside an outdoor hangar, and the heliship(s) then flew upward to get to the moon.
-   A heliship was a gray flight-capable craft with hovering capabilities resembling a large attack helicopter without the blades.
-   The long rear cabin of the heliship, lit only with red light, could house perhaps up to twenty soldiers, with a door up front sealed with an electronic keypad leading into the cockpit, where two black-suited pilots flew the craft, with room for two more crewmembers behind them.

-   After the training exercise, the heliship landed in an outdoor area again.

-   A team of soldiers flew a heliship from Terra Venture's launch bay to an alien ship to dock and investigate the ship.
-   After having the soldiers in the back check their weapons, Mike entered a security code on the door panel to open the door to the cockpit; after he'd gone up front, the door sealed behind him.
-   Later, as Leo and Mike were trapped beside an open doorway leading into the vacuum of space, the heliship flew up with its side near the open doorway, and the side door flipped up, not experiencing a vacuum as the alien ship was.
-   Leo and Mike were able to leap across the void, landing safely inside the heliship.
-   As the heliship flew away, the side still open with Leo and Mike looking out it, it was enveloped by the final massive fiery explosion of the alien ship but managed to escape unharmed; during the flight home, its side door continued to remain open without any vacuum effects.

-   To take Damon to the Scorpion Stinger in response to Trakeena's ultimatum, Mike and Leo flew a heliship from Terra Venture and docked against the side of the Scorpion Stinger.

-   On Stanton's orders, Mike took a heliship with two pilots to pick up a supposed machine from Captain Mutiny's planet; the crate was tied to the heliship to be flown back to Terra Venture.

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