- uniforms worn by Terra Venture civilians
First Appearance: 701-QsQ1
Last Appearance: 822-TrR2
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-   Two workers loading luggage for a final shuttle flight to Terra Venture (apparently) from Angel Grove wore uniforms of a solid color, one red and the other blue, with button-down collared shirts bearing Terra Venture badges on the left breast.
-   A stewardness aboard the final shuttle flight wore a white uniform with a Terra Venture badge on the left breast and a white cap on her head.
-   Numerous people walking about the hub facility for the launch bay wore red or blue citizen uniforms which may have been either the button-down variety or what would later be the standard worker uniform described later.
-   A less common, though by no means rare, outfit worn by civilians was a bright blue suit made of athletic-type material, with red stripes running down the side.

-   Damon Henderson, mechanic for the Astro Megaship Museum on Terra Venture, wore a green suit with an open green shirt which buttoned down a bit, with a zipper the rest of the way, with a white shirt underneath, and without any Terra Venture badges.
?   Damon said he knew the Megaship inside and out and insisted that it was a museum and not a spaceship, yet why he didn't yet have any Terra Venture badges on his suit is unknown, as the Megaship had flown into Terra Venture and yet had apparently not flown for years.

-   Days or weeks later, Leo Corbett and Maya of Mirinoi were in new outfits attending to plants in a garden near a "Horticultural Research" complex; they had apparently been given jobs and identities since stowing away.
-   Leo regularly wore a red shirt and jeans with a black jacket bearing a red-striped oval badge on the left breast; Maya wore a yellow jungle outfit which bore no badges.
-   Damon now had a Terra Venture badge on the left breast of his green coveralls and an oval badge on the right breast.
-   All the civilians of Terra Venture now wore uniforms of some sort: most common were jumpsuits of a solid color, generally red or dark blue, but occasionally black, with raised collars and no shirt pockets; on the left breast would be a Terra Venture logo, and down the left side of the chest would be a red stripe.
-   Another common civilian uniform consisted of a bright blue suit made of shiny material like an athletic suit, with red stripes running down the sleeves.
-   A third type of uniform, quite common, was a black suit with a gray dress jacket with wide lapels and a Terra Venture badge on the left breast.

-   When Stanton asked the young saboteur Matthew where his ID card was, Matthew guessed defensively that he'd lost it, which Stanton found ridiculous; Damon gently pointed out that Matthew didn't even have a uniform, and he doubted whether Matthew ever had an ID card, at which point Matthew admitted he was a stowaway.
-   Later, Damon drove up to an outdoor transformer panel, with Matthew dressed in a green suit identical to his as Damon planned to teach Matthew a profession other than computer hacking; this was the only other example shown of a suit identical to Damon's.

-   Carolyn Pickets' manager wore a gray-jacket Terra Venture suit.
-   Everyone on the crew of the on-colony movie Star Crossed Lovers wore either black outfits with Terra Venture badges, or standard red or blue civilian jumpsuits.

-   Stanton's young daughter Jodie normally wore a red civilian jumpsuit.
-   At the roller skating rink, everyone was in plain casual clothes, including GSA agent Kai, civilian child Jodie, Terra Venture worker Hannah, and the rink employee giving out skate rentals.
-   Later, while relaxing in the guys' room, Kai and Jodie were again in uniform.
-   In a plaza, Kai asked for a hot dog from a hot dog vendor with a Terra Venture badge.
-   Everyone relaxing or eating at tables in the courtyard below wore a Terra Venture uniform, and Hannah's was the gray-jacket variety.
-   Johnny, Hannah's brother-in-law, wore a black Terra Venture jumpsuit.

-   Some of the people huddled in an alcove during Fishface's attack on a statue near the halfpipe building were dressed in business clothes rather than uniforms; these clothes may have had Terra Venture badges on them.
-   Near another statue in what appeared to be the Forest Dome were more people in business clothes, with Terra Venture badges on their jackets.
-   Some of the people included little girls, all wearing blue smock-like clothing with a Terra Venture badge on the left breast, and a yellow "souwester" hat.

-   Leo began wearing a new, heavy black leather jacket without an oval badge, and he wore Mike's dogtags around his neck.
?   One person frozen by Chillyfish was wearing a police uniform.

-   Two little girls identical to Maya and Kendrix inside Destruxo's forcefield wore blue and red childrens' jumpsuits, respectively.

-   Damon appeared to sleep in a green t-shirt.
-   Waking up, Leo was dressed in a red t-shirt with a blue unbuttoned shirt over it; he would then put his leather jacket on over the shirts.

-   Bulk and Professor Phenomenus worked behind the counter of the Comet Cafe, both wearing brown outfits which seemed African in design.

-   In the forest, unmorphed Leo and Kai, in civilian workout clothes, sparred with their Quasar Sabers before being attacked by Villamax.

-   Two guards in the control tower, having Terra Venture badges, also had GSA ID cards clipped to their right shoulder.
-   Hanging on a rack in the guards' room were more gray guard uniforms and a GSA soldier helmet.
-   The guards had flashlights attached to their right wrists.

-   To take the day off, Stanton was wearing casual clothes.

-   Leo, Damon, and Kai wore biking gear in the woods to have a mountain bike race.

-   On a date with Ginger, Leo didn't wear his normal denim overshirt.
-   Neither Ginger nor Colby were shown wearing any uniforms, including when Ginger was the only non-uniformed captive released from Maronda's amulet.

-   A woman with what looked like a notepad in the park, where Karone had been babysitting some kids, was wearing a dark blue version of the gray-jacket suits.

-   Prior to earning the position of chief mechanic for the GSA, Baxter wore casual blue clothes with a dark blue jacket bearing an oval badge.
-   Showing Damon his new office for his paperwork as chief mechanic, Stanton presented his new white uniform to finally get rid of those "old coveralls," but Damon backed out, convincing Stanton to give Baxter the position.

-   After a surge from the Galaxy Book had burned out every single power transformer in the city one night, workers in blue jumpsuits with yellow hardhats were on the scene, replacing the various transformers (as had been shown clearly in 705-Hmsk when Damon had been teaching Matthew a trade).
-   The workers' uniforms, or at least the one replicated by the Guardian, had a Terra Venture badge on the right breast and an oval badge on the left breast, a combination which had previously been exclusive to Damon's uniform.

-   In Dome 07 as Captain Mutiny was preparing to board, confused people (mostly Terra Venture civilians, but a few scattered GSA teens as well) were being cleared out and held behind surrounding barricades by armed soldiers for their own safety.
-   Gray-jacket citizens mostly held papers or clipboards; at least one lady in a blue sports jacket uniform was there as well.

-   A teen in a suit with a red Terra Venture-badged dress coat unwittingly delivered magical bouquets for Hexuba's fake shop in town.

-   Among the blue workers in the enormous engine room were mostly workers in yellow hardhats, although one, perhaps a supervisor, wore a white hardhat and appeared to have badges like Damon's outfit.

-   Among people terrorized by Barbarax and rounded up as slaves was a person in a maroon Terra Venture dress jacket with black pants; another had a gray jacket with maroon pants, and a third had the normal gray-jacket-black-pants variety.
-   Other people fleeing from Barbarax included a navy-worksuit guy, a guy and girl in a red button-down shirt with a Terra Venture badge and black pants, several women in black with the blue sports jackets, another gray-jacket-maroon pants woman, and a woman with maroon pants and a white top with a Terra Venture badge; this was a great deal more variety in civilian uniforms than had been shown in the past.
-   More people fleeing included red jumpsuiters, gray-jackets, some blue sportsjackets, and a gray jumpsuit guy.

-   Barbarax began raiding Terra Venture, capturing groups of civilans to become slaves.
-   For the final group to be captured, Swabbies crashed through the glass ceiling of an office building, frightening people in gray and black business suits.
-   Outside, the frightened citizens, including one guy in a gray jumpsuit uniform, ran from Barbarax but were surrounded by Swabbies and captured in a bucket, released as slaves on Captain Mutiny's planet.
-   When Swabbies crashed in through the glass ceiling of an office building downtown, they frightened people in gray and black business suits.
-   Outside, the frightened citizens, including one guy in a gray jumpsuit uniform, were captured.

?   Perhaps the year after Terra Venture's voyage, Leo was wearing the same clothes he'd worn through the latter portion of Terra Venture's voyage, and the other teens would be wearing their same clothes as well, with Kendrix and Kai in their GSA uniforms and Damon in his Terra Venture coveralls.

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