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-   The regular mode of transportation used by citizens and GSA officers alike were small, two-seater, doorless electric cars the size of golf carts; each was white with a maroon top, and on the hood was a Terra Venture logo.
-   The electric cars were driven down normal streets and roads and could be parked in parking lots or on the sides of streets.
?   An Earthen car, rather than the compact electric version, was beside Radster as he fought Leo, and more were in a large parking lot near where giant Radster would be confronted by the Galactabeasts.

-   After an earthquake caused by Quakemaker, Johnny, the civilian fiance of Hannah's sister, was nearly unconscious in a black Earthen car rather than the standard Terra Venture cars.
-   An electrical tower fell on the car and ignited leaking gasoline (or other liquid fuel) from the car, triggering a large explosion.

?   In the busy city at night, dozens or even hundreds of Earthen cars were shown on the crowded streets during Chillyfish's freezing of the colony.

?   As disguised Trakeena walked into the Comet Cafe from a GSA-style outer hallway, a Terra Venture electric car was moving slowly in the hallway.

-   On a street, Kai was livid over his car being broken down, but under the jacked-up car, Damon fixed it and improved it by replacing the terminals.
-   When the two got in, Damon driving, Damon turned the key from "Off" through R, N, to D, with G next, and the car started with an electric hum, its headlights automatically turning on.

-   A gray-suited man drove High Councilor Renier in a Terra Venture car, and she was also accompanied by her two guards; Stanton and Brody were on-site as well, presumably having been driven in the small electric cars as well.

-   In a parking lot outside a lecture hall building was a "10" speed limit sign, presumably in miles per hour.
-   In a garage after Decibat had begun a second attack, Stanton and Baxter got into an open-backed cargo truck with the large ultrasonic transmitter, with Stanton in front with the blue-jumpsuited driver and Baxter in the back with numerous labcoat officers and armed soldiers.
-   The white truck was a GMC, but with the M removed from the logo, and a Terra Venture logo had been added to the door.

?   As Grunchor burrowed down a road, numerous white Earthen compact cars (not the Terra Venture cars) were parked on the wrong side of the road.
-   Grunchor's burrowing left a massive cracked trail down the road in its wake, causing two Terra Venture cars to crash.
-   Soldiers evacuating buildings marched alongside a black GSA Humvee as a soldier gave instructions over the vehicle's loudspeaker.
-   At the "highway tunnel," an automobile tunnel through a mountain, perhaps connecting two domes, Grunchor dissolved a silver Earthen sedan with acid after its driver had fled.
-   Below an outdoor stage area was a civilian subway area.

-   During an evacuation of a dome sector, Terry was trying to get her car to start; Damon checked the battery cell box in the trunk and quickly found and fixed the problem.

-   As Titanisaur stomped in the city dome, he sent numerous Earthen cars flying from the impact on a highway.

-   During some city evacuations during and after Trakeena's crippling of the colony, soldiers used a white Humvee with a GSA logo on the door to, among other things, transport explosives they'd removed from somewhere.
-   Following Stanton's decision to evacuate the colony, soldiers in a camouflaged open GSA Humvee drove down a rubble-filled street as a loudspeaker man called out for people to evacuate the dome immediately, and soldiers escorted people into the Humvee.

-   As groups of people were being led over a bridge, a white and a camouflage Humvee drove beneath it.
-   In the city, people were led through the city to two white Humvees and one camouflage Humvee by soldiers and the five unmorphed teens to take them to the shuttles.

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