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-   For a full battle-ready training exercise on the moon, Kai handed out to his fellow soldiers aboard the heliship the energy rifles which would be standard equipment for on-duty soldiers aboard Terra Venture.
-   The silver energy rifles had room for two vertically-stacked barrels, but only the top position had a barrel; in 718-ReMi, the bottom position would have a flashlight fitted into the weapon.
-   The energy rifles shot green laser bursts.

-   After soldiers had surrounded Furio and Radster, everyone began firing green laser blasts; as the villains were buffeted, they were not hurt at all, and Furio would casually brush himself off afterward.

-   In a metallic dome structure no larger than a modest house, GSA officers (mostly blue) were in a line handing laser rifles to Leo, and he put them on racks.
-   Later, Leo casually walked out of the door and closed the metal doors, perhaps not even all the way, forgetting to lock them.
?   In Command Headquarters some time later, an alarm chimed, and Kai found a security breach in the "weapons dome," and he then asked Leo if he'd locked the weapons room; his distinction between a dome and room seemed to indicate that an entire subdome was used to house weapons and that the metal structure was only a small section of it, but he would later say Scorpius had stolen all of the weapons from the GSA "weapons dome."
-   Leo admitted he must've forgotten to lock it, and Kai rushed to the area, finding Horn stealing several laser rifles; Horn shot a laser beam at him but missed as he escaped with the weapons.
-   At a square pool of hot liquid slag in an industrial area, Horn was having Stingwingers throw the laser rifles into the slag pool to melt them down when Furio's presence interrupted them.

-   Terra Venture guards possessed gray laser blasters shaped a bit like the laser pistol used by Horn.

-   During the heliship flight to an alien ship, Mike had everyone check their weapons one more time.
-   The laser rifles had a small scope on top, and the lower "barrel" now had a flashlight fitted into it.
-   The laser rifles shot rapid yellow energy bursts within the alien ship.

-   An orange laser burst from a guard's weapon struck Rykon on the ankle, making her hobble slightly as she was leaving; soon disguised as Shondra, she would be limping on an injured right leg.

-   Guards shot yellow laser bursts from their energy pistols to protect two councilors from Stingwingers, but the blasts were ineffective, some deflected by the Stingwingers' claw hands.

-   Guards working at Terra Venture's detention facility were armed with the silver energy rifles normally reserved for soldiers.

-   As Captain Mutiny's hovering dinghies prepared to land in the secured plaza of Dome 07, soldiers got up against a railing in preparation, holding compact silver laser rifles which extended their front ends when armed.
-   When Stanton soon had the soldiers lower their weapons, one soldier on the railing called for the others to be at ease, and they were, but their weapon tips didn't retract.
-   Beyond the previous example, soldiers would continue to regularly use their standard laser rifles.

-   Soldiers armed with what looked like extenda-rifles evacuated people toward the shuttleport.

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