- Red Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger's Dinozord
First Appearance: 101-DOTD
Last Appearance: 203-Mut3, (Tyrannosaurus to Red Dragon transformation) 304-NjQ1
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-   The Tyrannosaurus was Red Ranger's Dinozord.
-   After being summoned, the Tyrannosaurus always emerged from a volcanic pit.
-   The Tyrannosaurus bore a "T"-like symbol on its chest.
-   The Tyrannosaurus served as the center component of the Megazord Tank Mode and the head, torso, and upper legs of the Megazord Battle Mode.
-   The red Power Crystal served as a joystick on Red Ranger's right in the Tyrannosaurus cockpit; when shifted forward, it initiated the Megazord formation.

-   When Jason called out to Zordon that they needed Dinozord power, only the Tyrannosaurus emerged.
-   The Tyrannosaurus cockpit's controls had handgrips with combining symbols just like those in front of Red Ranger's seat in the Megazord cockpit.
-   The cockpit symbols usually combined when Jason powered up the Tyrannosaurus upon getting in.
-   The Tyrannosaurus could hit opponents with its tail.
-   Jason moved a slider on his control panel to the right, activating the ground breath attack.
-   The Tyrannosaurus shot yellow energy from its mouth into the ground, causing a line of smoke to explode upward from the ground toward the Giant, disintegrating him.

-   Once in the Tyrannosaurus, Jason put his hands on his controls' handgrips, lighting up the Tyrannosaurus, Red Ranger helmet, and Tyrannosaurus Dinozord head symbols (all red) on the console.
-   Jason combined his symbols to initiate the Rangers' log-on sequence.

-   Jason combined his symbols to power up his Zord.

-   The Tyrannosaurus fought Dragonzord alone for a while and was for the moment victorious.

-   The Tyrannosaurus fought Shellshock alone.
-   Dragonzord and Tyrannosaurus were frozen by Shellshock's stop-ray until Trini shorted out Shellshock's traffic light with dust from the Deandra flowers.
-   The Tyrannosaurus's ground breath attack disintegrated giant Shellshock.

-   While all five Rangers rode together in the Dragonzord Battle Mode's cockpit, the Tyrannosaurus acted either on its own or via remote control.

-   Jason remained in the Tyrannosaurus cockpit after the Dragonzord Battle Mode had been formed.

-   Before moving from the Tyrannosaurus cockpit to the Dragonzord Battle Mode cockpit, Jason announced that he was switching the Tyrannosaurus to remote.

-   The Tyrannosaurus ground blast destroyed giant Hatchasaurus, but Cardiatron reassembled the monster's pieces.

-   All five Rangers called for the Tyrannosaurus.
-   Pirantishead's blast took control of the Tyrannosaurus with blurry energy.
-   The evil Tyrannosaurus used its ground blast on the Rangers.
-   The evil Tyrannosaurus shot eyebeams at the Rangers; the eyebeams consisted of red energy bolts within translucent blue energy streams.

- Phrases used by Red Ranger to summon Tyrannosaurus
122-TWSh Jason: "We need Dinozord power, now!" (looks over shoulder before leaping up to Zord)
202-Mut2 Jason: "Let's do it!"
Rangers: "Tyrannosaurus Dinozord power, now!"

- Phrases used by Red Ranger to activate Tyrannosaurus once in cockpit
101-DOTD Jason: "All right, guys, let's power it up!" (combines symbols)
102-HiFv Jason: "Morphin'! (combines symbols) Dinozord power on!"
103-Tmwk Jason (combining symbols): "All right, log on!"
104-PrEn Jason: "Activating Dinozord power now."
105-DiDr Jason (combining symbols): "Let's show 'im some Megazord power!"
- Rangers then activate Power Crystals
115-SwPl Jason (after combining symbols): "Log on!"
- Rangers log on
116-BigS Jason (combining symbols): "Let's do it, Rangers!"
- Rangers then activate Power Crystals
122-TWSh Jason (solo): "Morphin'!"
135-GrC2 Jason: "Log on!" - Rangers then teleport into Megazord cockpit
143-RSOE Jason (combining symbols): "Log on! (then, for others to log on) Rangers, let's go!"
- Rangers log on
145-SFsh Jason: "All right, let's power up the Zords! (combines symbols) Rangers, log on!"
- Rangers log on
146-Flea Jason (combining symbols): "Rangers, log on and activate your Dinozords!"
- Rangers log on
152-THBO Jason (combining symbols): "All right, powering up all systems! (combined) Rangers, log on!"
- Rangers log on
157-SeCh Jason: "Rangers, log on!" (combines symbols)
- Rangers log on

- Phrases used by Red Ranger for Tyrannosaurus ground blast
136-BOAF Jason: "Tyrannosaurus, fire!"

- Phrases used by Red Ranger before relocating from Tyrannosaurus cockpit to Dragonzord Battle Mode cockpit
132-ASIB Jason: "Switching to remote! Here I come!"


Pilot Episode
-   Zoltar referred to the Tyrannosaurus as bold and mighty.
-   Based on the alternate names of the Mastodon, Triceratops, and Sabertoothed Tiger, the Tyrannosaurus was presumably known as the "Tyranno-Droid."

- Phrases used by Red Ranger to summon Tyrannosaurus
Pilot Episode Jason (alone, holding up Power Crystal): "I call on the power of the Tyrannosaurus!"

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