- Ultrazord formed by combination of Megadragonzord and Titanus
First Appearance: 127-WOMf
Last Appearance: 159-MMMu
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-   At some point, Zordon had told Jason to bring all the Zords together to form the Ultrazord.
-   The previously unintroduced Megadragonzord combined with Titanus to form the Ultrazord.
-   The Ultrazord formation was as follows: Titanus's chest and neck moved down, the shoulder cannons came forward, and the Megadragonzord descended into its back; Titanus's chest plate became the Megadragonzord's, the Dragonzord's chest plate became Titanus's, and Titanus's paws became the Megadragonzord's gauntlets.
-   The Ultrazord could fire a barrage of energy from unknown sources.
-   The Ultrazord's blasts destroyed the Wheel of Misfortune.
?   A shot of the Megazord rather than Ultrazord was shown after Scorpina and Goldar had retreated.

-   The Ultrazord's blasts made Lokar scream in pain and then fly away as a fireball.

-   The Ultrazord's blasts destroyed giant Samurai Fan Man.

-   The Ultrazord's blasts made giant Fang explode in a yellow energy cyclone.

-   The Ultrazord's blasts destroyed giant Cyclops.

-   The Ultrazord blasts destroyed giant Hatchasaurus after Cardiatron had been destroyed.

?   The Zords weren't shown switching from the Dragonzord Battle Mode configuration to the Megadragonzord configuration before the Megadragonzord and Titanus merged to form Ultrazord.
-   The Ultrazord blasts destroyed Cyclopsis, but Lokar soon rebuilt the Warzord.

-   The Ultrazord blasts destroyed Cyclopsis again, but this time the Warzord stayed destroyed.

?   Immediately before forming Ultrazord, the Rangers formed the Dragonzord Battle Mode rather than the Megadragonzord.
?   The Ultrazord blasts destroyed giant Dramole, but it was a slice effect, as though from a sword, which preceded the monster's destruction.

-   The Ultrazord had a new formation sequence which also be used in 154-ELiz and 159-MMMu, the only other times the Ultrazord would be formed; the sequence was as follows: the Megazord steps into the transformed Titanus from behind, then the Dragonzord descends onto the Megazord as if it were forming the Megadragonzord.
-   In a new, clear shot of the Ultrazord's finishing move, it was revealed that the Ultrazord blasts were blue energy from the Dragonzord's fingers, orange energy from Titanus's mouth, blue energy from Titanus's shoulder cannons, and orange energy from the center of the Megazord's Titanus chest plate.
-   The Ultrazord blasts destroyed the giant Two-Headed Parrot.

-   The Ultrazord blasts destroyed giant Lizzinator.

-   The Ultrazord blasts simultaneously destroyed Commander Crayfish and the Green, Blue, and Black Mutant Rangers, all four giant.


MMPR Interactive CD-ROM
-   The Ultrazord was referred to on multiple occasions as the "ultimate battle system."

- Phrases used to summon Titanus and Ultrazord
127-WOMf Jason: "I call on Titanus and the power of the Ultrazord!"
Rangers: "Ultrazord, power up!"
129-IOI2 Jason: "We call on the power of Titanus and the Ultrazord!"
136-BOAF Jason: "I call on the power of Titanus and the Ultrazord!"
154-ELiz Jason: "We need Titanus for Ultrazord power, now!"

- Phrases used to initiate Ultrazord assembly
131-CKim Jason: "I call upon the power of the Ultrazord!"
133-TYOY 135-GrC2 140-Ddy2 150-ROF2 152-THBO Rangers: "Ultrazord, power up!"


Zordon: "Power up Ultrazord!"
Jason: "Initiating Ultrazord sequence!"
159-MMMu Jason/Billy: "We need Ultrazord power, now!"

- Phrases used upon completion of the Ultrazord
135-GrC2 154-ELiz Jason: "Ultrazord sequence complete!"
136-BOAF Rangers: "Ultrazord, power up!"
139-Ddy1 Jason: "Ultrazord is powered up and ready for action!"
159-MMMu Jason: "Sequence complete."

- Phrases used by Rangers before firing Ultrazord blasts
127-WOMf 129-IOI2 Jason: "Lock on and fire all weapons!"
131-CKim Jason: "Fire all weapons!"
133-TYOY Jason: "All right Rangers..."
Rangers: "Lock on and fire all weapons!"
135-GrC2 136-BOAF 139-Ddy1 140-Ddy2 150-ROF2 154-ELiz Rangers: "Lock on and fire!"
152-THBO Tommy (from nearby): "Let's finish him, guys!"
Rangers: "Lock on and fire!"
159-MMMu Jason: "Weapons locked on?"
Four Rangers: "Right!"
Jason: "All right, guys..."
Rangers: "Fire!"

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