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-   As the teens participated in a scavenger hunt contest, Zedd planned to send them on an endless scavenger hunt through "every dimension in the universe," but all further references to his endless scavenger hunt plan would mention the Lost Dimension/Lost Universe rather than every dimension in the universe.
-   Zordon called the Lost Dimension an "intergalactic dimension" of no return.

-   Zedd said he would send the Rangers to the "abandoned city," where his giant monsters would crush them with ease; whether this city was on Earth or even in this dimension is unknown.

-   Present-day Zordon had Alpha set the Viewing Globe to pick up chronoton particles so that they could see what was happening in the past; Zordon said that chronoton particles existed outside the space-time continuum, allowing them to receive images from the past.
?   After the teens had been watching the past in the Viewing Globe for some time but then were frustrated at being unable to help with the events they were watching, Alpha lamented that he wished they'd been able to find the chronoton particles.

-   Zedd and Rita had Finster activate the dimensional teleporter so they could summon Hydro Hog from Aquitar; its preparation caused a major drain of external heat energy "in the area" (how far from the Command Center or even the Earth is uncertain) as it tapped into the "dimensional galaxy."

- floating mountain home to Deandra flowers
First Appearance: 122-TWSh
Last Appearance: 122-TWSh
See Also: Venus Island
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-   Deandra flowers grew only in one place in the universe, the Mountain of Hope, an incredibly tall floating mountain which extended into the clouds.
-   There was a stream running down the Mountain of Hope.
?   As Trini jogged along the Mountain of Hope to find the Deandra flowers, the ground was far less steeply inclined than it had been in the shot of the complete mountain.

- sea alluded to by Rita and Zedd
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-   Rita demanded that the teens turn Kat over to them, or they'd throw Ninjor into the Sea of Sorrow, where he would remain forever.

-   When told that Ninjor would be thrown into the Sea of Sorrow, Zordon said he would most assuredly succumb to the elements there.
-   Rita referred to the Sea of Sorrow as simply "the sea," perhaps suggesting that it was a sea on Earth.
-   Once Kat had been captured, Rita planned to seal her in the bottle with Ninjor and send them both to the bottom of the Sea of Sorrow once the tide came in at the end of the day to wash them out to sea.

- vortex connecting two points in the universe
See Also: PRLG portals
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-   In the Power Chamber, Alpha monitored a swirling purple wormhole in space with the Viewing Screen; although Alpha was monitoring it, it remains unknown who or what opened the wormhole.
-   Alpha soon told Zordon the wormhole would be completely open soon, but it would only remain open for a matter of moments, so Zordon had Alpha send a message to send for Lerigot right away so they would be prepared.
?   Alpha said the wormhole was nearly ready for interdimensional travel, but the planet Eltar, its destination, was never revealed to be in another dimension.

-   To give Zordon his freedom, Lerigot had the teens form a circle around him; after Tommy had arrived, Lerigot made humming purrs, and gold sparkles drifted out from his Golden Key; Lerigot stopped the process, however, when the Power Chamber's alarm sounded in response to Porto's wormhole closer, which was sending a green beam from Earth into space to close the wormhole.
-   When Porto's wormhole closer was beginning to close the wormhole, Zordon said if they didn't hurry, they might have to stay, and that perhaps they'd be able to return home another time.
-   Once the Rangers had returned after making Elgar's fleet of vehicles retreat, Zordon told the Rangers that due to Divatox's wormhole-closing device, he and Alpha had to leave right away.
-   Once the Rangers had defeated Elgar's fleet and again formed a circle around Lerigot, he again produced gold sparkles from his Golden Key, and the sparkles surrounded and dissolved Zordon's image, then more swept up Alpha, then the two swirls of gold sparkles flew out the main cylinder of the Power Chamber's exterior and into the wormhole.
-   The wormhole closer began to make the wormhole close on Alpha and Zordon after they'd entered it; if it closed on them, they would be gone forever.
?   Tommy sent Justin to deactivate the wormhole closer while the others fought Amphibitor, but Justin was stunned by Amphibitor, after which he joined the others in summoning the Turbozords again, apparently without tending to the device.
-   The wormhole closer shut off after giant Amphibitor had been destroyed, and Zordon and Alpha's gold streaks then finished passing through the wormhole.

-   Some time after its departure from Earth, the Megashuttle drifted through space, no longer possessing the boosters which formed the Astro Megazord Blaster; the four teens, looking through a window, were captivated by the view of a black hole or wormhole, perhaps one through which they'd just traveled.
-   The teens were still anticipating a journey to Eltar when they were captured by the Megaship.

-   To fly from Mirinoi (now in the normal universe) to Earth, Triskull and his Ghouls flew through the purple/white/blue tunnel of light (see "Portals") which may have been a permanent wormhole of sorts connecting Earth and Mirinoi, similar to the wormhole which connected Earth and Eltar, perhaps permanently as well.

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