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-   Trick or Treat is the most popular game show in America, according to Tommy.

-   Miss Appleby's class was chosen as teen exchange speakers to represent the United States in Australia; this trip coincided with Zedd's once-a-century recharge.

-   White House sources reported that international spy Johann Gauss was last seen on the southern coast of the United States; he was approximately five feet eleven inches with gray hair and blue eyes, and he spoke with a thick accent; he was to be considered extremely dangerous.
-   Bulk and Skull had the following conversation:

Bulk: "Five-eleven, heavy accent, gray hair... anyone interesting fit that description?"
Skull (in an apparent Bill Clinton impression): "The president of the United States?"
Bulk: "Besides him."

-   A map on the Megaship bridge showed all of the states' borders in their normal shapes.

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