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First Appearance: 432-DIKY
Last Appearance: 433-RvOG
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-   After Gold Ranger had climbed down a ladder and walked down a passageway inside Pyramidas, a Varox bounty hunter by the name Borax appeared in the passageway with a blue energy ripple.
-   The Varox appeared to be either covered in machinery or entirely composed of machinery.
-   Borax reported, "Command, this is Borax. The target has been located. As soon as he leaves the protective field of Pyramidas, I will eliminate him!"
-   Once Gold Ranger had gone outside and had run off to help the Rangers, Borax appeared with a blue shimmer from where Gold Ranger had been standing.
-   Mondo wasn't familiar with the sight of Borax.
-   Although Klank thought the workmanship on Borax was disgusting, Mondo liked him and wanted to know where he'd come from; Sprocket guessed he was from some second-rate evil empire.
-   Borax didn't know who King Mondo and Prince Sprocket were when the two came to Earth to meet him.
-   Borax told Mondo and Sprocket that he was Varox (presumably meaning, "one of the Varox"), the supreme bounty hunter for the Xedron Quadrant.
-   When Borax told Mondo that he was a Varox bounty hunter, Mondo assumed that he had come to Earth searching for the Gold Ranger; Borax was unfamiliar with the term "Ranger" and only referred to the Gold Ranger as the pilot of the pyramid.
-   Borax had come to take the power of the pyramid pilot and wouldn't rest until it was his.
-   Borax said that once outside of his pyramid, Gold Ranger was completely powerless against him.
-   Mondo made a deal with Borax that if Borax defeated the Rangers, their powers belonged to Borax.
-   Borax could shoot red energy spheres from his hands.
-   Realizing that Borax was attacking him, Gold Ranger told the Varox that this was a battle between the two of them and that he should leave the Zeo Rangers out of it.
-   Preparing to fight Gold Ranger one-on-one, Borax said he'd waited a long time for this.
-   A direct hit from Borax's energy spheres caused Gold Ranger's black areas to glow with flaming red energy, and Gold Ranger clutched his head in great pain; he was immensely weakened for several minutes.
-   Gold energy flowed from Borax's head down the cables on him into his chest, which then fired more red energy spheres, but this time from his chest.
-   The Zeo Cannon temporarily defeated Borax.
-   Klank and Orbus enlarged Borax.
-   Giant Borax leapt into the ground, then grabbed the Zeo Megazord's leg and tripped the Megazord before leaping out.
-   The Zeo Megazord Saber destroyed giant Borax.

-   Seven Varox fighter ships flew after Pyramidas over Earth, then pursued him to near Aquitar, seemingly in a matter of moments.
-   The Varox fighters were firing at Pyramidas with blue lasers.
-   In one ship, a Varox pilot, looking exactly like Borax, was known as the silver team commander; he ordered the starboard winger to apply full force.
-   The starboard winger pilot, with larger, rounder eyes and a white neckerchief, as well as a top blue panel in his cockpit as opposed to the commander's red panel, replied, "Right away, commander. If we can't have the Gold Ranger's powers, no one will!"
-   When Klank reported that the Gold Ranger was on an erratic course through the galaxy, Mondo found it fortunate, saying they could seize the Golden powers, but when Klank added that he was too far away and being pursued by Varox bounty hunters, Mondo wondered who the Varox were, saying they weren't on his payroll this month.
-   After being told that Gold Ranger was deep in the oceans of Aquitar, the Varox commander declared that that was the end of the Gold Ranger and that their mission had been completed successfully.
-   When she learned that the Varox "warships" were retreating, Tanya said she'd thought they'd taken care of the Varox bounty hunters a long time ago; Zordon explained that the Varox were a race of bounty hunters programmed to destroy a single target; they ceased only when they'd reached their goal.

-   Electrotramp, one of Astronema's monsters, had the black body of a Varox and the head of a robotic police officer monster.

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