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- motorcycle with sidecar owned by Bulk and Skull (since 401-AZB1)
First Appearance: 401-AZB1
Last Appearance: 522-TBTS
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-   Skull brought Bulk into a cluttered garage to show him a junky bike with a sidecar that was parked there; Skull had gotten the bike from his cousin Femur, who was going to throw it out; Skull wanted to use it as a patrol bike.

-   Bulk had Rito and Goldar redo the cleaning of the patrol bike; after Rito had accidentally broken the side mirror off, Bulk had himself and Skull take the bike for a test run.
-   On their drive, Bulk had them test out some of the "awesome gadgets" the bike had; Skull activated the rocket booster on the bike, and the bike soon broke down.
-   The bike had an emergency radio that looked like a CB radio, but Skull had trouble getting it to work.
-   Lt. Stone had Bulk and Skull's bike towed. (Source: 403-ShSt outtakes segment.)

-   The patrol bike was now working again.
-   When the bike's accelerator apparently got stuck (or the brakes didn't work), the bike, with Bulk and Skull in it, crashed into the outdoor cafe, wrecking the entire place.

-   The bike now appeared fully operational.

-   Bulk and Skull's bike broke down nearly every day, and Bulk was ready to scrap it before Robocupid made Bulk and Skull fall in love with it.

-   Bulk and Skull still had their patrol bike after quitting the Junior Police.

-   Rito and Goldar stole the patrol bike and left it in a wooded area.

-   Bulk and Skull had their patrol bike back.

-   Detective Stone's waverunner was on a carrying trailer hooked up to the back of the patrol bike as Bulk and Skull were supposed to be washing the waverunner.

-   Bulk and Skull again used their patrol bike for police business.
-   When the accelerator got stuck one night as Bulk and Skull were fleeing from Divatox's subcraft, Skull accidentally crashed the bike into Norman's Bait Shop, from which Bulk and Skull were abducted, leaving their patrol bike behind.

-   Bulk and Skull used their patrol bike to deliver pizza for Mad Mike's Pizza Parlor.

-   Bulk and Skull used their patrol bike as paperboys, with Skull driving the patrol bike, and Bulk inaccurately throwing papers.

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