- fighter ships piloted by Quantrons
First Appearance: (old design) 601-FON1, (new design) 616-FDrk
Last Appearance: (old design) 618-TBTR, (new design) 642-CTD1
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-   As morphed Andros flew through space soon after crashing Dark Specter's assembly of villains and soon after Astronema had been assigned to go after Red Ranger with the Dark Fortress, two Velocifighters pursued him.
-   Velocifighters were gray fighter ships piloted by Quantrons and were roughly the size of a fairly large jet.
-   The Velocifighters shot red energy blasts from cannons mounted on their wingtips.
-   After turning around, Red Ranger shot blasts from his Astro Blaster in dual mode, destroying both Velocifighters in huge explosions.

-   Astronema sent three Velocifighters to attack the Megaship, but they were destroyed by the Megalasers.

-   Two Velocifighters of a new, streamlined design flew over the villains Old West town on the planet Onyx.
?   Parked near a building on the street, beside two Quantrons and two Tengas, was a speeder vehicle much smaller than a Velocifighter, but after a Quantron would later hop into its cockpit, it was apparently supposed to be a Velocifighter, most likely a close-up Velocifighter cockpit not intended to be shown in the establishment shot of the town.
-   Flying after Andros over the town later, a Velocifighter shot at him with red lasers from cannons under its four wings.
-   With Velocifighters closing in from in front and behind, Andros leapt over the front Velocifighter, his Galaxy Glider going under; once he'd landed on the glider on the other side, the two Velocifighters collided, exploding.

-   To capture Storm Blaster as it flew toward Earth, Astronema had Ecliptor release the Velocifighters; two original Velocifighters, not of the sleek new design, flew after Storm Blaster, shooting at it, before it made it to Earth unharmed.

-   As the Megaship flew down through the clouds of Yotoba where Zordon was being held, DECA announced approaching Velocifighters, and Astronema said they were escorts which they had to follow.
-   The Megaship flew after the group of the sleek new Velocifighters through a fierce thunderstorm until T.J., unrestful, suddenly veered away and lost the Velocifighters, but the ship was soon hit by lightning.

-   As the Rangers set up detonation devices on Dark Specter's enormous asteroid which was headed for Earth, three Velocifighters overhead, now always the sleek model, blasted at them.
-   The lasers of Mega V-2, V-4, and V-5 each destroyed a Velocifighter.

-   Andros and Zhane flew through space on their gliders and caught up with a Velocifighter, then surreptitiously leapt onto its back for it to take them to the Dark Fortress.
-   The Velocifighter's rear fins were perhaps eight feet tall, for some sense of scale.
-   In the Dark Fortress's very large cargo bay, a Quantron waved the pilot Quantron in as it landed its Velocifighter vertically onto landing gear.
-   Fighting off many Quantrons in the warehouse area, Andros and Zhane, climbed into the cockpits of two parked Velocifighters.
-   As the two craft lifted off and flew out of the Dark Fortress, Quantrons behind one Velocifighter were twirled and tumbled in midair as the blue flame thrusters of the Velocifighter ignited while the craft began to hover.
-   Andros and Zhane flew up behind the Megaship in their Velocifighters, then walked onto the bridge from the workbay holding their helmets.

-   As Astronema organized the takeover of the universe for Dark Specter, pair after pair of Velocifighters flew from the Dark Fortress in a long string of ships.
-   As morphed Zhane flew from KO-35 on his silver glider, he was shot at by four Velocifighters, but the Megaship destroyed three of them, with Zhane's Silverizer blowing up the fourth.
-   Over a thousand Velocifighters then flew to Earth and began blasting Angel Grove, if not cities around the planet.
-   A Velocifighter's lasers hit the rear of the red Galaxy Glider, making a huge explosion behind Andros as he and his glider went spiraling through the air independent from each other.
-   Two Velocifighters, tiny in comparison to Mega Winger, shot at the already damaged robot's back, making significant explosions which made the robot fall onto a building.

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