- vanishing island on Earth controlled by Lord Zedd
First Appearance: 210-WTVI
Last Appearance: 210-WTVI
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-   Zordon explained that Venus Island was an island that existed only when Zedd called it forth; Zedd could make the island rise and sink at any time.
?   The Viewing Globe showed Venus Island to look exactly like the Island of Illusion, then in another shot to look exactly like the Mountain of Hope; both were floating islands (the former floating in interdimensional space, and the latter floating over a mountainous landscape), yet Venus Island was an actual island surrounded by actual ocean; the Island of Illusion shot would be shown again as the teens were teleporting to the island as if falling through interdimensional space.
-   If Venus Island sank before Hallie was rescued, Hallie would be lost to Zedd's evil power forever.
-   No one but Zedd knew the location of Venus Island.
-   At sunset, the trade winds would blow to Venus Island.
-   Venus Island was in the Atlantic Ocean.
-   Venus Island was becoming less stable as sunset approached (for the east coast).
-   Billy's tracking device landed on Venus Island at 32 degrees latitude and 66 degrees longitude; presumably he meant north latitude and west longitude, placing Venus Island in the Atlantic Ocean just west of the island of Bermuda.
?   Since it was daytime on the west coast of the United States and sunset on the east coast, it should have been nighttime on Venus Island, in the Atlantic Ocean.
-   Hallie was sleeping on an elevated table in a cave on Venus Island, surrounded by a grid of orange energy; Zedd was trying to turn her evil; when his red fog, moving up her body from her feet, had taken over her entire body, she would be lost to his evil control.
-   Venus Island was like a normal, large island, with the addition of numerous oversized venus flytraps along the ground.
?   Part of Venus Island looked exactly like Angel Grove Park.
?   In the US footage, the trees had leaves, and the grass was green, but in the sentai footage, the trees were bare, and the grass was brown.
?   From the outside, Hallie's cave was in a mountain area, but from the inside, the cave was by a beach.
-   Morphed Trini freed Hallie from Zedd's evil forcefield with a beam from her Blade Blaster.

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