- orb used for viewing scenes in Command Center
First Appearance: 101-DOTD
Last Appearance: 343-HdA2
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-   The face of Zordon's corporeal form was seen briefly in the Viewing Globe before the globe showed the picture of Rita.
?   The Viewing Globe showed Rita, on her flying bicycle, and Goldar, with large black bird wings in his back, flying over a city, yet Rita wasn't shown leaving her moon palace in the episode; the Viewing Globe also showed a group of Putty Patrollers in a park, seemingly before Rita had sent any to Earth.

-   When Zordon contacted the teens outside of Angel Grove, they appeared on the Viewing Globe, and they spoke to him not through their communicators, but as if he were right there in front of them.

-   Zordon told Alpha to adjust the Morphing Grid and locate Jason on the Viewing Globe.

-   Zordon used the Viewing Globe to play back Pudgy Pig's raid on a market, which had happened just a moment ago.

-   On the Viewing Globe, Zordon played back Baboo's administration of the punk potion, then a scene of his quest long ago to get the singing squash.

-   A small control panel section to the west of the Viewing Globe controlled the Viewing Globe.

-   The Viewing Globe showed scenes of Trini's uncle Howard testing his invisibility formula in his lab, Dark Warrior coming out of the Monstermatic, and Howard being held in the cave.

-   Billy adjusted the Viewing Globe's controls to allow it to play back an image of the Morphing Masters casting the Power Eggs out to sea millions of years ago.

-   Without anyone operating it, the Viewing Globe automatically brought up an image of Goldar attacking Angel Grove; it later automatically brought up an image of the Green Ranger, once in this episode and once in 118-GWE2.

-   Billy used the controls on the southern end of the southeastern section of the control ring to activate the Viewing Globe.

-   The Viewing Globe displayed a shot of Finster putting super putty into the Putty Patroller mold.

-   The cocoon created around the Rangers by Scorpina's pet worm blocked teleportation and communication but not visual sighting of the Rangers via the Viewing Globe.

-   Zordon brought up an image of Polluticorn on the Viewing Globe.

?   The Viewing Globe showed a scene of Goo Fish's own venom falling back in his face, an occurrence which hadn't yet happened.

-   Alpha watched the filming of Kim's episode of Trick or Treat on the Viewing Globe.

-   The Viewing Globe showed inside Rita's space dumpster as she sang "99 Bottles of Slime on the Wall."

?   The Viewing Globe showed Robogoat holding the Sword of Power, which wouldn't actually happen until later in the episode.

-   The Viewing Globe was able to show Goldar and Kim in a cave of which the location was unknown; the computer calculated Kim's location, given a bit of time.

-   Zedd had managed to jam the Command Center's scanner frequency, preventing them from locating Terror Blossom, even though the monster had tripped the alarm and was shown in the Viewing Globe.

-   The Viewing Globe showed the captured Adam and Aisha before Alpha had determined their location.

-   By tracking their communicator signals to the storybook dimension the three were trapped in, Billy brought up Tommy, Rocky, and Kim on the Viewing Globe; all Zordon said the sensors revealed about their location was that they were in the middle of a storybook, not the location of the book itself.

?   Zordon located the book at the book fair despite saying earlier that they couldn't locate the book.

-   Present-day Zordon had Alpha set the Viewing Globe to pick up chronoton particles so that they could see what was happening in the past; Zordon said that chronoton particles existed outside the space-time continuum, allowing them to receive images from the past.
?   After the teens had been watching the past in the Viewing Globe for some time but then were frustrated at being unable to help with the events they were watching, Alpha lamented that he wished they'd been able to find the chronoton particles.

-   When Kim called the Command Center on her communicator, Alpha said someone was calling in on the Viewing Globe, and Kim was then shown in the Viewing Globe, talking into communicator.

-   Zordon asked Alpha if he had located the source of the disturbance on the moon (Rito's arrival), but Alpha said the parametric spectrometer was acting up again; without it, Zordon said, they could not monitor Zedd and Rita's activities.
-   Rito, Fighting Flea, Lizzinator, Stag Beetle, and Octophantom tripped the alarm, but while the sensors indicated trouble on the outskirts of Angel Grove, the monsters themselves didn't appear on the Viewing Globe.

-   Alpha used a small gun-like device on an array of wires on the Viewing Globe's rim, activating the globe; presumably the spectrometer was fixed.

-   When Adam had the teens in the Youth Center check the Viewing Globe, they saw Lanterra, but the alarm hadn't gone off.

-   When red energy around Tommy's head knocked him out, the Command Center lost the signal to the cave in which he was trapped, and his image vanished from the Viewing Globe; it would later show Tommy again shortly after he'd awoken.

-   When Zordon told Alpha to locate the monster on the Viewing Globe, it showed Tommy; Zordon had Alpha set the Viewing Globe on X-ray magnification, and it showed a color image of Ravenator inside Tommy's stomach.

-   In the simulated past (see "Orb of Doom"), when Alpha plugged the control panel back in, the alarm went off, and the Viewing Globe showed a picture of the six kids caught in a duststorm in the desert.

-   Before the six kids were evacuated from the Command Center to await the Aquitian Rangers' arrival while Alpha defused the implosion device outside the Command Center, Alpha took a small disc from somewhere on or under the controls and handed it to young Billy, saying it would work like a miniature Viewing Globe to enable the kids to contact the Command Center.

-   In the Command Center basement was an old Viewing Globe which appeared identical to the one that was currently in use.

-   Billy shot the cumulus cloud by shooting the red hyperionization beam through the Viewing Globe.


MMPR: The Movie
-   The Viewing Globe (specifically, its base) was of a different design.
-   When Zordon wanted to contact the teens on Phaedos, Alpha looked for a vertical deflector to try to contact them through the Viewing Globe.
-   Alpha's work on the Viewing Globe made it pick up TV broadcasts.

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