- monitor used for viewing scenes in Power Chamber
First Appearance: 401-AZB1
Last Appearance: 545-CIS2
See Also: Viewing Globe
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-   The Viewing Screen, located on the east wall of the Power Chamber, was a circular monitor on the wall which functioned as the Viewing Globe had done in the Command Center.
?   Although the Viewing Screen was a monitor, not a globe, the name "Viewing Globe" would continue to be used, until the use of the term "Viewing Screen" in 533-FIYT.

-   The Viewing Screen showed scenes of Mondo, Machina, Sprocket, Klank, and Orbus in the balcony room of the Machine Skybase.

-   Bulk and Skull's call for help into their patrol bike's radio, when Cogs were approaching them, appeared on the Viewing Screen as Billy was connecting some wires beneath the central console.
?   The Viewing Screen showed footage of the Zeozords in action outside, yet the Zords had not yet been tested.

-   The Power Chamber got a visual of the Machine Arena when Billy was able to get an energy reading from the portal which had existed at the lake; the vantage point of the Viewing Screen's image appeared to be through Video Vulture, which Gasket was using as a camera for the fight between Altor and Gold Ranger.

-   One of the many changes to the Power Chamber was that the Viewing Screen was now a square monitor in the northeast wall.
-   As Tommy and Kat prepared to go to Africa to find Lerigot, the Viewing Screen changed from a display of the Americas to a green starburst design; normally, its inactive screen was a solid blue screen.
?   Zordon called the Viewing Screen the "Viewing Globe," even though the flat screen was no longer even circular.

?   The teens incorrectly looked toward the northern monitors when an image appeared on the Viewing Screen; this would happen again in 504-Shad.

-   After showing a display of the detonator moving through the city for some time, the Viewing Screen finally showed a visual of the fire truck the detonator was on.

?   When the Viewing Screen showed a visual of a ring of cars orbiting the Earth, put there by Griller, but the cars were much too large for scale.

-   On the Viewing Screen, T.J. played back the recording of the Phantom Ranger's attack on Divatox's henchmen, captured by Angel Grove Bank's surveillance camera.
-   When Phantom foiled another attack by the henchmen, this time at a gold mine, the Viewing Screen initially showed Phantom Ranger fighting while invisible, but then showed him fighting while invisi-warped.

-   The Viewing Screen was finally called a Viewing Screen (by Carlos) rather than a Viewing Globe.

?   In the Viewing Screen, Terrorzord looked up as if help for Robo Racer had arrived, but the teens had not yet morphed; once they had morphed and brought in the Rescue Megazord, Terrorzord did the same as had been shown in the Viewing Screen, but now it was looking up at the Rescue Megazord.

-   After Piranhatron had scaled the Power Chamber's exterior with grappling hooks, one of them smashed a camera on the roof with its sledgehammer, and the image from the camera in the Viewing Screen went to blue.

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