- noble evil warrior, trainer of Trakeena
First Appearance: 721-Heir
Last Appearance: 744-End2
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-   One specific category of monsters wore varying amounts of black leather, were almost always based on insects, and almost always wore Villamax's wing pin somewhere on their bodies.
-   Radster, one such monster, based on a scorpion and bearing Villamax's wing pin, confronted the Rangers before they'd freed the Galactabeasts on a red planet before Furio used the monster to attack Terra Venture.

-   To obtain the Quasar Sabers, Furio sought the services of a weapons collector known as Horn who fit the profile of Villamax monsters; Horn had obtained the Transdaggers from an unknown source but would ultimately lose them to the Rangers.

-   To knock out everyone on Terra Venture to allow him to gain control, Furio used Gasser, a beetle monster fitting the profile of Villamax monsters.

-   Furio used Quakemaker, a wasp monster with a Villamax pin on his arm, to cause earthquakes in hopes of shaking out the Lights of Orion.

-   One of the three monsters used by Treacheron on Scorpius's orders in an attempt to obtain the Lights of Orion before the Magna Defender was Ruptor, a pill bug monster with a Villamax pin.

-   Among Scorpius's monsters during the ravaging and looting of Magna Defender's planet 3,000 years ago, under the leadership of Scorpius and apparently Captain Mutiny as well, were Villamax monsters Motor Mantis, Radster, and a blue beetle monster.

-   Villamax was playing a card game at a table in the Onyx Tavern when Trakeena, having run away from Scorpius, stumbled in, making everyone watch her as she approached the bar; Villamax was especially curious as he watched her.
-   Villamax was covered in a black leather-like suit with zipper motifs on him; on his left breast was a larger, more prominent version of the wing pin which had been found on numerous monsters.
-   Kegler, Villamax's squat friend, annoyedly asked Villamax to concentrate on the game as he was watching Trakeena intently.
-   When the obnoxious and snotty Trakeena was shoved around and thrown onto the ground by three human-like tough guys, her feet slamming onto Villamax's table, he told her it looked like she could use a little help, but she told him to butt out.
-   Trakeena was soon thrown right out of the saloon by the three guys, and when they approached her outside, Villamax, with whom the guys were unfamiliar, said it was no way to treat a lady.
-   Villamax took off his belt, which held a swortsword identical to Darkonda's, planning to teach the thugs a lesson in manners.
-   The guys attacked, but Villamax beat them up, making them run away.
-   Villamax extended his hand, but Trakeena knocked his hand away and got up, saying she was Trakeena, daughter of Scorpius, and she didn't need his help; she apparently didn't know him, but he probably knew her, based on his great interest in her, and his implied past association with Scorpius.
-   Villamax retorted that a real daughter of Scorpius's would be able to fight better than her, and she insisted she was his daughter, explaining why she'd run away.
-   Villamax asked what she would do with her life if she had a choice; she wanted to learn to fight to conquer and destroy, take her rightful place beside her father so that no one would ever stand in her way again.
-   Villamax offered to train Trakeena so the universe would shudder at her name, and she thought for a moment, then agreed.
-   In the Onyx desert, Trakeena endured a long training session of indeterminate time under Villamax, probably lasting weeks or months (see "Missing time"), with Kegler rooting her on.
-   Initially, Trakeena and Villamax swordfought, with Trakeena appalled to break two nails, but Villamax kept reminding her how many she had left.
-   Villamax's sword had a longsword mode, just like Darkonda's.
-   At one point, Villamax rode a black motorcycle, and at another point, he had her try to pull a pile of chained-together boulders on what looked like a long cargo sled with his zipper design and colors on it.
-   After some time, Trakeena was slowly pulling the large sled, with Villamax driving around her on his bike, saying she was almost done, with only 100 more miles.
-   When Trakeena collapsed weakly, Villamax kicked her over and was talking down to her, so she whipped a chain around his leg and yanked his feet out from under him, pleasing him.
-   Some time later, Trakeena was much better in her training, running faster, fighting much better, and so forth.
-   Fighting Villamax later, Trakeena did very well, slashing him onto the ground and then stabbing her sword into the ground inches from his head; she then helped him up, exclaiming that she felt strong, fast, and powerful.
-   Kneeling and kissing her hand, Villamax told Trakeena no one would dare oppose her now, calling her his "dear Trakeena."
-   As Trakeena joined Villamax outside the Onyx Tavern after showing off her new strength, Kegler worriedly hobbled up, telling Trakeena that her father had been in an awful battle and was in bad shape.
-   Trakeena had to go back, and Villamax offered to escort her back; Kegler worriedly didn't want to stay after escorting her, but Villamax calmly assured him everything would be all right.
-   On the Scorpion Stinger, Villamax and Kegler arrived with the sobbing Trakeena just before the dying Scorpius would have passed on his powers to Deviot, but Trakeena was then given the powers.

-   After Villamax had reported that he'd found the Red Ranger, Trakeena told him to bring him to her no matter what it took.
-   As unmorphed Leo and Kai sparred in the forest, orange energy beams blasted near the two, and Villamax confronted them from the other direction, knowing they were Rangers.
-   Villamax introduced himself as "Villamax, noble warrior loyal only to Trakeena."
-   As the two fought Villamax after morphing, Kai weakly called into his wrist for help, but Villamax blasted him with an orange stream of energy flames from his hand, accompanied by a blue energy bolt.
-   Deviot soon grappled Kai, and Stingwingers then brought in the chained-up other three Rangers and Magna Defender, with electronic devices hanging off their chains.
-   Villamax promised to release Leo's friends if Leo surrendered; despite the others' urgings otherwise, Leo frustratedly tossed his saber into the ground and demorphed, then tossed his Transmorpher over to the saber sticking in the ground.
-   After the Stingwingers had taken Leo away, Villamax, as promised, released Kai and told the Rangers they wouldn't be so lucky next time.
-   Deviot couldn't believe they were really going to let them go, but Villamax grabbed him, saying he'd given his word and had to honor his promise; Deviot humbly retracted and had the others released.
-   In the Scorpion Stinger on an alien planet, Leo was chained up; impatiently waiting for Trakeena, Deviot began electrocuting Leo with his hand, but Villamax made him stop.
-   Outside after Leo had escaped, Villamax joined Deviot outside and was led in the wrong direction, and Deviot then led Trakeena in the correct direction.
-   Back on the ship after Deviot had destroyed the assassin Kubak (secretly sent by Deviot), Villamax presented Deviot with a dagger shaped much like his sword, in appreciation for his coming to Trakeena's aid.
-   After Villamax had left, Deviot bent the dagger into a U shape, saying his loyalty was as worthless as the "two-bit dagger," tossing it aside as Kegler secretly watched.

-   During Deviot's plan to force Damon to repair the Scorpion Stinger by abducting High Councilor Renier, Villamax rushed into the main lair to report that Renier had escaped, prompting Deviot to prepare to blast Damon pointblank in the head before the lights flickered, allowing Damon to flee.

-   As Terra Venture was near a red giant star, Kegler attempted to explain gravitational physics to Trakeena, and Villamax explained that if Terra Venture were to lose power while close to the star, the gravity would suck them in.

-   In the throne room, the villains were gathered by Trakeena; as promised, Deviot presented Motor Mantis, who ran in excitedly; Motor Mantis was a mantis monster who fit the profile of Villamax monsters.
-   Deviot said Motor Mantis was the perfect monster: sneaky, underhanded, and devious; Kegler remarked that it sounded a lot like Deviot.

-   In Trakeena's lair, Villamax had apparently introduced the subject of Loyax; Deviot called him a washed-up old warrior, but Villamax regarded him as an honorable legend.
-   Loyax had won battles in every corner of the universe, according to Villamax; for centuries, he said, the name Loyax had inspired fear.

-   Mike was jogging in the Forest Dome when he heard something; investigating, he saw Villamax and Kegler instructing Stingwingers as they were moving massive parts somewhere.
-   The Villamax-type blue beetle monster from 3,000 years ago was featured in a battle with Red Ranger in Trakeena's video archives from modern day.
-   Another video featured Yellow Ranger tackling a red and yellow striped centipede monster in a black trenchcoat, both falling off a building into some woods; when the monster had attacked Terra Venture is unknown.
-   At the laser dish construction site, a Stingwinger buzzed something to Villamax, alerting him to the Rangers' presence nearby.
-   Once Kegler had sent Chameliac to hold off the Rangers, Villamax wished he could be there to watch him wear the Rangers down.
-   After the Rangers had confused and defeated Chameliac, Villamax, watching with binoculars, ordered the warrior to grow, and he got back up and did so.
-   As the Galactabeasts were arriving, Villamax armed the dish to blast the beasts, but Magna Defender arrived, blasting the dish with his rifle; Villamax attempted to leap in front of the dish but was too late, as the entire structure exploded into fragments.

-   Villamax was present when Deviot resurrected the Psycho Rangers from their data cards, and he accompanied the villains to a warehouse where they waited for Leo to attempt to rescue his friends.
-   While the Space and Galaxy Rangers fought the Psychos, Mike fought Deviot and Villamax inside a warehouse shed; during the fight, Mike disarmed and slashed Villamax in the stomach; the villain would later retreat with the others after the Psychos' apparent destruction.

-   Later, when sole Psycho survivor Psycho Pink fired an arrow at Trakeena, Villamax instantly deflected it with his sword.
-   Psycho Pink ran out, but Trakeena had Villamax and Deviot stay, planning to get rid of the rest after Psycho Pink destroyed the Pink Rangers.
-   While Kendrix and Cassie chased Psycho Pink to Rashon, Deviot and Stingwingers, and later Villamax, attacked the other eight teens as a distraction.

-   The night after Kendrix's death, the villains watched as the four Rangers flew into space to find the missing Quasar Saber.
-   Knowing news about the saber would travel fast in the underworld, Trakeena sent Villamax to check for rumors, and he knew exactly where it would end up; presumably he thought of Onyx before Deviot relayed the same information from Gwinnet.
-   Spikaka, a cockroach monster with a Villamax pin and black leg coverings, was one of two monsters used by Deviot in the plan to ambush the Rangers as they searched for the pink Quasar Saber.
-   Later, at an auction on Onyx, the pink Quasar Saber was being sold to the highest bidder; sitting at the bar with long black hair, Astronema called out one million, stunning everyone.
-   As Astronema prepared to leave with the saber, Trakeena stood with Villamax on the upper balcony as she shouted down that Astronema had betrayed the darkness and become good; before revealing the secret, she appeared to be the only person present who knew that Astronema was now Karone.
-   When Karone, having lost her wig in the struggle against Villamax, actually swung back at him with the Quasar Saber, Villamax was sent falling into a chair.
-   Karone fled the building as Trakeena ran down the steps after her.
-   Outside, Trakeena was angry with Villamax, but Deviot's monster Ironite ran up and told her of the trap for the Rangers.
-   On Kirassa, Trakeena confronted the Rangers, joined by Villamax and Ironite, then Deviot and Spikaka.
-   During the fight, Trakeena kicked Karone off a cliff after stealing the Quasar Saber, but Karone returned and reclaimed the saber, kicking Trakeena back into Villamax's arms.
-   As the Rangers fought the villains, Villamax reminded Trakeena that no one would be protecting Terra Venture if they kept the Rangers busy on the planet, so she and Villamax vanished, as did Deviot and Ironite, leaving Spikaka alone with the Rangers.

-   On a bluish-atmosphered planet, Trakeena and Villamax arrived to watch Magnetox demonstrate his powers, seeking to prove that he could beat the Rangers.
-   Attacked by Stingwingers, Magnetox quickly drained their energy, reducing them to cockroaches.
-   Villamax had told Trakeena that Magnetox was magnificent.

-   The sonic bat monster Decibat, clad in black leather, demonstrated his painful soundwaves for the villains until Deviot ordered him to stop, and Trakeena sent him to Terra Venture.

-   After Deviot had activated the Galaxy Book's Keonta spell on Terra Venture but had apparently been destroyed, a large area in front of the Scorpion Stinger was normal space intitially, but as lightning flashed through the area, the multicolored nebulae of the Lost Galaxy were lit up inside.
-   Villamax planned to pursue the Rangers, but Trakeena exclaimed, "You fools! Don't you realize they've entered the Lost Galaxy?!" and Kegler added, "It's the most mysterious place in the universe! People go in, but they never come out!"
-   Villamax gladly realized that the Rangers were gone forever, but the ship began to be sucked in; Trakeena used the controls, and the Scorpion Stinger flew away.

-   On the main wall of Captain Mutiny's castle in the Lost Galaxy were five vertical banners, the center black banner bearing Mutiny's emblem, and the other four white banners bearing four generals' symbols, from left to right: Villamax, Treacheron, Hexuba, and Barbarax.

-   Among the monsters resurrected from Hexuba's graveyard in the Lost Galaxy were the Villamax monsters Horn, Gasser, and Quakemaker.

-   Soon after the destruction of Captain Mutiny's castle, a smoking and weakened Deviot entered Trakeena's lair in the Scorpion Stinger, desperately thanking Trakeena for saving him from the clutches of that space pirate, saying Captain Mutiny had kidnapped him and forced him to do labor in his slave camp.
-   Calling Deviot a traitor, Trakeena had Villamax approach; Deviot pleaded that he lived only to serve her, but she told Villamax to destroy him before she got a headache.
-   Villamax struck Deviot across the stomach, making him pulse orange, then kicked him down.
-   Deviot begged please, then got up and ran down the hall from the unyielding Villamax.
-   As Deviot approached the cocoon in the cargo bay, Villamax grabbed him and pummeled him as Trakeena entered laughing with Kegler.
-   Deviot begged Trakeena to call him off, but Villamax punched him hard in the gut, making a spark explosion, and Villamax pinned him to the ground.
-   Deviot begged to explain, but Trakeena told Villamax to finish him off.
-   Villamax spark-elbowed Deviot after picking him up, then delivered a powerful slash across his chest.
-   Deviot suddenly grabbed Trakeena and ran hurtling toward the cocoon, past Villamax.
-   Trakeena soon rolled out of the cocoon alone, and she startled Villamax with a demonic grin, yellowish-green irisis with red borders, and black lines streaking down from her eyes.
-   Villamax manned the controls as Trakeena had the Scorpion Stinger ravage Terra Venture, destroying the Industrial Dome and disabling their last remaining engine cluster, although they would leave the densely populated command tower alone.
-   In a corridor later, Stingwingers marched by Trakeena, each with a silver explosive device attached to its chest.
-   Villamax was alarmed to find Trakeena had attached bombs to every single Stingwinger; she told him they'd destroy everything they got near, like the Rangers and Terra Venture.
-   Villamax urged Trakeena that they could destroy the Rangers without destroying their own soldiers, but Trakeena left for "a date with destiny."

-   As group after group of self-destructing Stingwingers covered buildings overhead, Villamax, in the city, looked and said this was a disgrace; Trakeena had gone too far this time, destroying her whole army.
-   Someone ran behind Villamax, and he followed her, victoriously pulling some rubble aside to strike, but he was startled to find Cindy, a little blonde-haired Terra Venture girl who shrieked.
-   The building above exploded, and Villamax braced against the wall to shield the girl from the rubble.
-   Afterward, Villamax helped Cindy out, telling her she should be more careful, as this wasn't a place for a little girl.
-   Cindy asked Villamax if he could help her find her mom, surprising Villamax.
-   Cindy's mom ran up calling for Cindy, and Cindy thanked Villamax, handing him a small cluster of purple wildflowers, saying she'd known he'd help her.
-   Villamax hesitantly told Cindy she was welcome; as the mother ran carrying her away, Cindy waved, and Villamax looked at the flowers.
-   Soon, the two Megazords outside were nearly covered with Stingwingers; on the head of the Scorpion Stinger, Villamax watched silently from a distance as Trakeena called for a few more, and the Megazords were then blown into oblivion.
-   Entering her lair with Villamax, the elated Trakeena said she was queen of the world, as she'd destroyed two Megazords.
-   Trakeena told Villamax to send in her army to hunt down the Rangers, but he protested that she'd lost every last Stingwinger and had no more army; she stormed out, saying she didn't need anyone.
-   At least fourteen shuttles, probably more, were flying through space together when the Scorpion Stinger flew up beside one.
-   With Kegler and Villamax, Trakeena said they were sitting ducks and that they'd blast them right out of the sky, one by one, just like they'd done to her Stingwingers.
-   Trakeena told Villamax to lock the lasers on target, and he reluctantly manned the controls, looking at his flowers and remembering the little girl.
-   Villamax quietly said he couldn't do this.
-   Trakeena told him to fire, and he reached but then stopped, refusing sternly; as she shouted to fire, he shouted back that the Red Ranger had destroyed her father, but the shuttles were filled with innocent people, and he softly added, "Little children."
-   Trakeena ordered him out of her way to do it herself, but Villamax told her there was no honor in this.
-   Trakeena shoved Villamax aside, but he grabbed her, refusing to let her do this.
-   Trakeena slammed him back with her staff in his gut, then shot him with her wrist blaster's red lasers, sending him flying through a wall and into another room.
-   Trakeena approached with her sword, calling him pathetic.
-   Blasting him, Trakeena told Villamax to fight back if he dared, but he frustratedly refused, looking at his flowers.
-   Trakeena slashed Villamax across the back numerous times until he finally held up his arm to block, but she kicked him back.
-   When Trakeena rushed in, Villamax blocked and crossed her arms, preparing to punch her in the face, but he couldn't; laughing, Trakeena kicked him down violently and repeatedly.
-   Being pummeled, Villamax began to pull his sword but then put it back in the sheath.
-   Trakeena shouted for Villamax to fight or be destroyed, but he refused.
-   Trakeena gave Villamax a finishing blow across the stomach, and he and the flowers dropped to the floor.
-   As Villamax reached for the flowers, Trakeena stomped them into the ground.
-   Trakeena told him it seemed he'd taught her to fight too well, but he retorted that she'd learned nothing; he then collapsed and dissolved into orange energy specks which vanished.
-   Sobbing, Kegler rushed up and felt the floor, asking what she'd done to him.

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