- lance/laser weapons used by Lightspeed Rangers
First Appearance: 811-FDIS
Last Appearance: 836-Lime
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-   As the Rangers struggled against Titanium Ranger, Mitchell called Miss Fairweather on a console monitor as she and techs worked on the V-Lancers in the lab.
-   The V-Lancers, together on a stand, were five lance weapons with orange blades and Ranger-colored V handles.
-   Mitchell said they were out of time, not letting her test the weapons.
-   In the mic as she typed, Miss Fairweather told Carter to "activate 'V-Lancers,'" and Carter summoned them by name.
-   The Rangers first summoned Ranger-colored V-shaped boomerangs with Ranger-colored energy, and they then caused the V-Lancers themselves to teleport from the lab into their hands downtown in the same energy, where they locked the boomerangs onto the weapons' sides with a gleam.
-   The Rangers' performance against Titanium Ranger improved considerably as they wielded the five V-Lancers in lance mode.
-   Miss Fairweather told the Rangers to go to blaster mode; the blades retracted as the ends were pressed in, and the Rangers then locked on their blaster grips.
-   For their "Spectra Blast," the Rangers shot five Ranger-colored beams toward the sky, where they converged into a glowing gold V; they would then lower the barrels to bring the converged energy onto their target (although the lowering was not shown on this occasion).
-   Gold energy blasted Ryan, followed by the gold V, making a large explosion which the Rangers expected to be fatal, although Ryan would survive, incredibly weakened.
-   As Ryan approached relentlessly, Miss Fairweather, watching, called for energy level ten, and they switched to full power.
-   As the Rangers aimed the V-Lancers on full power, which they surely expected to be fatal following the previous incident, they were ordered not to fire, and they soon powered down the weapons and left.

-   The Rangers were able to summon their whole V-Lancers without the initial boomerangs.
-   Demonite caught Carter's V-Lancer blade and slashed him back.
-   The Rangers' five V-Lancer beams were reflected as a crackling gold energy sphere by the momentary white dome around Demonite, Falkar, and Thunderon.
-   Pointblank simultaneous blasts from the Unilaser and red V-Lancer blew up Demonite and the whole area; Carter would survive the blast with charred patches in his suit.

-   At pointblank range, the Rangers shot pointblank into Thunderon with the V-Lancers, their continuous lasers apparently burning through his body and emerging out the other side.
-   For their Spectra Blast, the Rangers shot into the air, their lasers meeting at a golden gleam with a glimmer of the golden V; they then lowered them, and the golden sphere blasted Thunderon, making an explosion, and the gold V followed, making an even larger explosion.

-   The V-Lancers' Spectra Blast destroyed Thunderclaw.

-   Slashes from the Titanium Laser axe and pink and green V-Lancers, followed by a final slash from Carter, destroyed Shockatron.

-   Following a slash from Ryan's Titanium Laser axe, a beam from Carter's V-Lancer caused Spellbinder to fall, but he got back up and grew.

-   With his V-Lancer, Carter slashed Batlings with a V-shaped double upward red energy strike, in front of a flaming background.

-   Two slashes from Carter's V-Lancer had minimal effect on Loki, although it may have slowed him down a bit.
-   Kelsey threw her yellow boomerang, and it returned to her hand after striking Olympius.
-   Joel and Dana struck Loki with charged V-Lancers: each one's gleaming energy strike was in front of Ranger-colored flames which then shattered away with Ranger-colored fragments.
-   Aiming her V-Lancer at Moleman, Kelsey cocked her blaster grip and blasted a beam through him at pointblank range, then followed with more blasts; the Rangers' Spectra Blast then destroyed him.
-   The explosion from the aforementioned blast sent nearby Loki flying in agony.

-   Holding his V-Lancer behind him braced on his shoulders as the blade faintly glowed blue, Chad blocked once and then swung the weapon around by the end for a long-range slash, then spun around for a final slash with the weapon on his shoulders again, destroying Cyclopter.

-   Infinitor used his shield to reflect the V-Lancers' Spectra Blast back at the Rangers.
-   When the Rangers caught him offguard, the powerful Infinitor dropped to his knees and retreated after being blasted by the Spectra Blast.

-   When Vypra and Loki were blasted by the five V-Lancers, a huge explosion engulfed them with a fiery shockwave, and the two weakened warriors then vanished in retreat.

-   The V-Lancers' Spectra Blast destroyed an entire armada of fourteen monsters into chunks in the Shadow World, but they quickly reassembled.

-   Without Dana, the four Rangers fired their V-Lancer beams into the sky, forming the golden energy sphere, but Treevil caught it and hurled it back at them.
-   Chad observed the V-Lancers weren't powerful enough without Dana.
-   Joined by Dana, the Rangers again fired, and when Treevil attempted to hold the Spectra Blast sphere, its gold V flashed, blowing the monster up.

- Phrases used to summon V-Lancer boomerangs
811-FDIS Carter: "V-Lancers!"
818-FFTP Carter: "V-Lancers, online!"

- Phrases used to summon V-Lancers after boomerang summoning
811-FDIS Rangers: "Defense!"
815-SSun Carter: "V-Lancer, blaster mode!"
816-CStr Carter: "V-Lancers, blaster mode!"

- Phrases used to lock boomerangs onto V-Lancers
815-SSun Carter: "Locked on!"

- Phrases used to summon whole V-Lancer(s)
814-CCob 822-TrR2 823-FiCr Carter: "V-Lancer!"
823-FiCr Kelsey: "V-Lancer!"
824-ChoP Carter: "V-Lancers, ready!"
824-ChoP Chad: "V-Lancer!"

- Phrases used to pose with V-Lancers
811-FDIS Rangers: "Power Rangers, Lightspeed!"

- Phrases used to transform V-Lancers into blaster mode
811-FDIS Carter: "V-Lancers, blaster mode!"
814-CCob Carter: "V-Lancers, lock on!"

- Phrases used to aim V-Lancers at target
811-FDIS Carter: "Lock on! Target locked."
816-CStr Carter: "Lock on and ready!"

- Phrases used to fire standard energy beams
814-CCob Carter: "Fire!"
832-Sorc Carter: "V-Lancers, fire!"

- Phrases used to fire energy beams together in sky for Spectra Blast
811-FDIS 823-FiCr Carter: "V-Lancers, Spectra Blast!"
815-SSun Carter: "Spectra Blast!"
816-CStr Carter: "Spectra Blast, fire!"
817-OlAs Carter: "V-Lancers, Spectra Blast! Fire!"
826-ATRO Carter: "Spectra blast, ready! Aim!"
828-MMBa 830-OBlu 832-Sorc 836-Lime Carter: "V-Lancers, fire!"
828-MMBa Rangers: "V-Lancers!"
836-Lime Dana: "V-Lancers!"

- Phrases used to lower Spectra Blast onto target
816-CStr Carter: "On target!"
826-ATRO Carter: "Fire!"

- Phrases used to switch V-Lancers to energy level ten
811-FDIS Carter: "Full power!"

- Phrases used to lower energy levels to default
811-FDIS Carter: "V-Lancers, power down."

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