- demonic warrior/sorceress; formerly allied with Queen Bansheera (until 837-WrQn)
First Appearance: 801-OpLs
Last Appearance: 933-TFLs
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-   Materializing with the other demons in the skull castle lair soon after their release from the Tomb of Forever, Vypra formed from a white demonic wisp.
-   Loki declared they were free to reclaim the palace of Queen Bansheera, but Diabolico noted she wasn't there; he then told the perturbed Vypra that they must care for her son Impus.
-   Vypra was an Asian human-looking female in somewhat skimpy silver armor with some black leather; she had silver demon wings, with a headpiece shaped like a snake head.

-   When Loki told Diabolico they couldn't reach the Rangers' underwater base, Vypra slyly said the queen wouldn't be pleased.

-   As the demons conversed in the skull castle, Vypra was already enacting a plan: she appeared to them in a parking garage basement holding a quake stake and told them if they wanted to destroy a city, they had to do it from the ground up.
-   Below a parking garage, Batlings were hammering the quake stakes into the soil, causing a quake with each pound, and Vypra emerged from a doorway with her sword to watch, planning to destroy Mariner Bay with an earthquake.
-   When the Rangers leapt in, Vypra recognized them on sight as the Power Rangers, told them her name, and had the Batlings attack.
-   During the fight, Vypra clashed with Carter, losing her sword but regaining it and fleeing upstairs into the parking garage, where she told the frightened people to get out of her way.
-   Vypra held her sword butt to her mouth and blew blue energy into it, charging it up to fire V-shaped blue energy blasts from the blade.
-   Fighting Carter again, Vypra fired a V blast, but he spin-kicked it back toward her, striking the wall and making rubble fall.
-   Carter and Vypra faced off gun-to-sword, and he told her to put down her weapon nice and easy, shouting again to put it down, but she then saw the explosive bins under the rubble, smiling, and shot V's into the ground, making a wall of flames between them before vanishing with blue demonic energy.
-   Later, the four Rangers fought Vypra's Batlings in an underground tunnel running through a mountain separating the city from the surrounding forest mountains.
-   Vypra blew into her hand and threw a blue fireball at the Rangers.
-   Vypra went to pound another quake stake, but Carter blasted the hammer from her hand, making her attack him.
-   As Carter drew his blaster, Vypra had him come on, but rather than fight, Carter tossed a stake into the air and blasted it into embers, telling the others they had to destroy the spikes.
-   After the Rangers had collected the quake stakes into a large pile, their Rescue Blaster lasers blew up the stakes, making Vypra furious, and Loki would observe from afar that the Rangers had destroyed all of Vypra's quake stakes, suggesting there was a limited supply.
-   Vypra fled into the mountains, where Loki and Jinxer attacked the Rangers with giant Quakemon.

-   Diabolico again spoke of reclaiming Mariner Bay; Loki asked to let him handle it, but Vypra said they needed a monster the Rangers couldn't get close to, and Diabolico agreed.

-   As Diabolico and planned to stop the teens from obtaining the powerful fuel cell, Vypra observed that they would easily destroy Mariner Bay with it.
-   While Impus's monster Fireor attacked Dr. Hanson as the Rangers attempted to protect him and the fuel cell, Vypra secretly watched from behind a corner.
-   When Fireor was shocked to find the fuel cell absent from its box, Vypra laughed to herself; Fireor then left to find the Pink Ranger, realizing she must have it, and Vypra smiled evilly as the Rangers rushed off.
-   As Fireor's fireballs from a skyscraper above happened to make Dana and Earl crash, Vypra soon attacked the two, shooting her V-blasts around them, which broke Earl's tackle box containing the fuel cell and injured Earl's arm.
-   Vypra approached laughing, but Dana helped Earl away after he'd collected the fuel cell and some ice in his jacket.
-   Dana rushed Earl to a waterfront dock, where they were confronted by Vypra.
-   As Vypra prepared to fire, Dana grabbed a stray pipe and deflected the V-blast back at Vypra, and during her momentary distraction shielding her face, the two vanished into the water below.

-   After the gold-beaked monster had been destroyed, apparently having been sent merely to lure out the Rangers, Vypra drove up in her new Vyprari.
-   Vypra shot her lasers and laughed as the Rangers' return fire bounced off her forcefield.
-   Vypra observed that it was just as she'd thought - in her Vyprari, she was invincible.
-   As the pursuing Rescue Rover rounded a corner, the Rangers didn't see Vypra anywhere, but she swung around behind them and buffeted the Rover with lasers before driving away and vanishing.
-   The teens knew Vypra had been testing them, and she now knew they couldn't beat her with the Rover.
-   In the skull castle, Vypra told Diabolico the Rangers hadn't even come close to touching her, but he demanded to know why she hadn't destroyed them; Vypra bitterly planned to do so after the Vyprari was recharged.
-   Vypra planned to lay waste to Mariner Bay so their Queen Bansheera would rise again, and she smiled at Impus, who cooed, "Mama."
-   Loki teased Vypra and her silly "toy," telling her to grow up; Diabolico asked if he had a better idea, and Loki presented the card for Elestomp.
-   As Loki told Elestomp to crush Mariner Bay and the Rangers, Vypra stormed out.
-   Later, the repaired Rover drove up to an area of injured people and burning wreckage, and as the teens aided the victims, they wondered what could have done this.
-   Nearby, Vypra revved watching them, and she raced off, Carter angrily chasing in the Rover before she vanished again.
-   As the Rangers later destroyed Elestomp, Vypra blasted buildings downtown to personally destroy the city, but the Vyprari was blasted by lasers from the new Lightspeed Cycles.
-   Outmaneuvered and outblasted with her shields failing, Vypra slammed growled they hadn't seen the last of her or her Vyprari, retorting that she learned, but they'd wish they hadn't taught her, racing away.

-   As Jinxer tended to Impus, Vypra confrontationally told Diabolico the day Bansheera returned, Impus would remember how Diabolico had treated him, and she then smiled fondly at the child as he continued to whimper.

-   When Diabolico reminded them of having to destroy Mariner Bay, Vypra presented Jinxer with a card for Smogger to blow up the city; she said the Rangers would be no match for his explosive firepower.
-   Later in a warehouse with Batlings, Vypra was delighted by Smogger's news of disabling two Rangers; she then wanted him to use his explosive gas to blow up all of Mariner Bay.
-   Listening, Brian accidentally made a noise and was captured by Batlings.
-   As Vypra prepared to have the spy destroyed, Brian said he wanted to join her, and as the Batlings released him, Smogger ordered him to bow his head, and he bowed obediently as he said he wanted to be her student, as only she could teach him how to destroy the Blue Ranger.
-   Intrigued, Vypra blew kiss-like purple vapor to Brian's head, giving him zombie-like orange-irised eyes, and he then called her his mistress.
-   Later, a Batling lured Chad away from the others with a challenge from Brian, who now claimed to have the skills to defeat Chad under the guidance of his new master Vypra.
-   Chad followed the messenger Batling to a desolate field near a powerline tower where Brian was training in a demonic black gi (bearing silver scale designs) with Batlings, breaking boards; sitting on her Vyprari, Vypra told him he learned quickly and thought he was ready for battle.
-   The back of Brian's gi bore a silver demon-like face.
-   Being attacked by his rival, Chad eventually knocked Brian down until being grappled by Batlings.
-   Vypra ordered Brian to finish the job, but he was insulted, saying it was his fight and that this wasn't right, but she sword-butted him, telling him to destroy Chad or be destroyed.
-   Brian approached and delivered a strong punch, sending a Batling flying back, and he smiled at Chad, his eyes back to normal.
-   Vypra was alarmed as the two fought Batlings together.
-   Brian said firmly no one would tell him what to do anymore, making Vypra drive away after telling Chad he'd regret this.

-   Vypra's response to Bansheera's appearance in the sky was not shown, although the recap before the next episode would show Vypra with her fingers to her temple looking up as she exclaimed, "Queen Bansheera!" softly, as though she had sensed the incoming presence before her appearance.

-   As Bansheera had Magmavore resurrect Trifire, Vypra observed in awe that her powers were growing.

-   The morning after Ryan had stolen the Titanium Morpher, Vypra, with Batlings, surveyed the "beautiful" sunrise, calling it the last Mariner Bay would ever see.
-   As blue flame built up in her hand, Vypra threw it, and it struck a distant skyscraper, blasting off pieces with explosion.
-   Vypra laughed going into a garage for a new target, with small fires burning around her, but the Rangers arrived blasting.
-   After a skirmish, Carter shouted he wouldn't tell her again - get out of Mariner Bay; Vypra replied wild horses couldn't drag her away, as this was the moment she'd been waiting for, when they met their match.
-   Just then, Ryan descended from a thundering cloud, morphed as the evil Titanium Ranger.

-   As Diabolico recounted a twisted version of Ryan's origin for the teen, the other demons watched, Vypra sinisterly pleased.
-   When Ryan ran off after fighting and being confused by Dana, Dana and the teens tried to follow, but Vypra and Liztwin appeared blocking their path; Vypra would vanish right after the Rangers morphed to fight the monster.

-   Some time after Ryan had defected, Queen Bansheera threatened to give the Star Power to Impus, vanishing afterward.
-   As the others entered, Vypra admired the "cute one," saying he was probably dreaming of the day he grew up and took over, but Loki and Diabolico refused to take orders from him.

-   When Diabolico was destroyed, Loki and Vypra were highly agitated, Vypra having a panic attack.
-   Just then, the Star Power flew in from the ceiling and went into Impus's forehead, making him giggle as Vypra observed he had the Star Power.

-   Vypra smiled approvingly as Olympius pounded Carter and captured the others in his Star Power star.
-   Welcoming Prince Olympius in the skull castle, Vypra told him his powers were impressive for a demon so young.
-   When Olympius infiltrated the Aquabase and told Vypra to attack the gate, Vypra asked Jinxer for some extra muscle, and, ahead of her, he presented Thunderclaw.
-   At the entry gate, Batlings, Thunderclaw, Jinxer, Loki, and Vypra approached secretively, where they tried but failed to get in when Olympius couldn't keep the door open.
-   After Olympius had washed up on a beach and released the Rangers in his weakness, the other demons arrived; to put the "child back in his crib," as she put it, Vypra sent in Thunderclaw to fight the Rangers, and the demons vanished.
-   After Thunderclaw's destruction, Olympius was angry, but Vypra teased him about his best not being good enough.

-   Vypra planned to leave the Aquabase in the dark by destroying Mariner Bay's two power stations, and Loki had complete faith in Shockatron.
-   Later, as the planets approached alignment, Olympius said the Rangers had to be destroyed by the time they brought his mother back; Vypra assured him Bansheera would return.
-   Loki had a plan - the plan of all plans - and he and Vypra left together.

-   With Loki as the planets neared perfect alignment, Vypra excitedly told Jinxer to get Olympius, as it was time to go to Mariner Bay for the ceremony.
-   Loki wanted to figure out a way so they'd get all the credit instead of Olympius.
-   At the ceremony site, perhaps in the parking garage basement Vypra had attacked with quake stakes in 803-TByF, Spellbinder was having Batlings set up the ceremony site and altar before the alignment.
-   The four demons walked in, and Spellbinder bowed to Vypra that they were almost ready to begin the ceremony.
-   Loki told Spellbinder he'd be in charge, soon ordering Olympius back to the Skull Cavern, and the prince did so grudgingly, lacking to power to face him.
-   As Ryan spied on the ceremony, Vypra attacked Ryan from behind, beating him into submission before Batlings grappled him; she told him it was so nice to see him again.
-   When the Rangers attacked during the ceremony, Loki and Vypra charged to fight them, although Loki quickly tried to flee.
-   Fighting Dana and Joel on a stairway, Vypra started to run as well, but Dana grabbed her hand, so she kicked Pink Ranger back.
-   Vypra and Loki were pleased as Spellbinder grew to fight the Rangers outside.
-   As Bansheera appeared over the city to destroy it with a tidal wave while the Rangers battled giant Spellbinder, Ryan's destruction of the altar stopped the ceremony, and Bansheera, the energy beam, the tidal wave, and the dark clouds all vanished.
-   In the fiery basement, Jinxer and Olympius were dismayed as Loki and Vypra entered; Olympius was furious with them.
-   As Olympius shouted at Vypra's excuse, Loki stood in front of Vypra and threatened to teach him a lesson he'd never forget if he ever spoke to them that way again.
-   Olympius kicked Loki down, saying he was through with them, but Bansheera then appeared in a hovering mass.

-   After Olympius had successfully deterred the Rangers from blasting his approaching asteroid, Bansheera said if the plan worked, Olympius would be her second in command; Loki was surprised, and Vypra stormed out, but the plan would eventually fail.

-   As Olympius found that Trakeena planned to doublecross them, Vypra obstinately asked Olympius what he was going to do, and he planned to destroy all of them; Loki begged to let him do it, but Olympius planned to have revenge himself.
-   Having a plan, Olympius summoned a dagger and a vial with a cobra's head stopper, the sight of which startled Vypra.
-   As Olympius confronted the Lightspeed and Galaxy Rangers, he was joined by Loki, Vypra, Jinxer, and Batlings.
-   Vypra fought the two Pink Rangers.
-   Soon, a golden beam formed from blasts from eight of the Rangers struck Jinxer, Olympius, and Loki as Vypra stood in the rear.

-   At night, Vypra was dressed as a cat burglar along with two Batlings; they rappelled down to the window of a highly secured lab.
-   Vypra put on goggles which allowed her to see the infrared lasers all over; cutting a circle into the glass, she and her assistants swung in and used suction cups to crawl along the ceiling, putting a device on a security camera to make it show an empty room.
-   Vypra then hung down and used a device with a keypad to crack a security code on a containment device for the yellow Starlight Crystal.
-   After taking the crystal, Vypra and the assistants went to a warehouse where Batlings and Moleman were working on a laser cannon.
-   As Vypra discarded her auburn wig, her demon wings flared out (although she was only shown in shadow), after which she was in normal form.
-   As Vypra presented their fourth Starlight Crystal, yellow, Moleman congratulated her, as they only needed one more to complete his evil creation to destroy all of Mariner Bay and the Rangers as well.
-   As security guards, including Kelsey, transported the fifth crystal in an armored van, Vypra raced up in the Vyprari and fired, causing the van to swerve aside; Batlings opened the back of the stopped van, at which point Kelsey flipped out and fought them.
-   As Moleman secretly possessed Special Agent Myers, Vypra cut Kelsey's case handcuff with her sword and took the crystal from the case as Kelsey was grappled.
-   Vypra placed the crystal among the four others in a black tray containing a layer of purple velvet, but the four Rangers arrived, Carter kicking her and taking the case.
-   Vypra soon vanished contemptuously with the Batlings, but Moleman would steal the crystals back.
-   Vypra watched as Moleman charged his laser with the five crystals, remaining during Kelsey's blitzkrieg, but she would retreat when Grandmother Winslow arrived and drove a forklift toward the laser.

-   As Vypra, Olympius, and Loki sat at a banquet table in the skull castle, Vypra waited to be served; then beginning to meat her meal of what vaguely resembled a hamburger and fries (perhaps the pheasant Jinxer was cooking) with a knife and fork, Vypra looked disgusted as one of Loki's rats crawled near her plate.
-   All three diners had a cup of blue liquid to drink.
-   Olympius called Loki disgusting and useless, and Loki angrily stood, demanding he take it back; an unamused Vypra meanwhile rose as well, and Jinxer fretted.
-   After randomly pounding a few Batlings, Loki's monster Cyclopter turned to the stunned Vypra but then dismissively remarked, "Too easy."

-   As Bansheera planned to put Vypra and Loki in charge, Loki and Vypra approached Olympius in an isolated area outside Mariner Bay to which he'd called them.
-   Olympius offered to put their differences aside, saying they'd only have enough power to defeat the Rangers and build the palace if they used their energy together, and Loki reluctantly accepted.
-   Vypra asked why they should trust him, and he gave them his word; he called for them to put down their weapons and shake on it.
-   Loki was confused but decided to drop his staff and shook, agreeing; when asked if she was with them, Vypra hesitantly approached without putting down her sword, and Olympius grabbed the hand which she slowly extended.
-   As they shook, Vilevine's finger tentacles emerged from the earth and wrapped around Vypra and Loki's legs, slowly pulling them underground as they struggled.
-   As the two were pulled under, Olympius told them no one replaced him, laughing that they'd actually believed he'd share his power with the likes of them.
-   Vypra's sword was left behind as she vanished into the soil.
?   Vypra and Loki eventually surfaced from the sand in the apparently Egyptian desert on the other side of the world.
-   Vypra was furious that they'd trusted Olympius, and they began to walk off scheming over how to get him back.
-   As Vypra and Loki came to the desert ruins, Vypra said she'd been there before; looking around, she led Loki one way and found the small crevice which she then realized led into "the tomb," but Loki remained sarcastic and clueless throughout.
-   Vypra had them go inside to get somebody who could help them go after Olympius, and she shoved the reluctant Loki down the hole and hopped down after him.
-   Brushing off a wall panel, Vypra read from the heiroglyphics and looked at the sarcophagus, having Loki throw in a rope.
-   As the rope dangled down into the fire within, Vypra spoke an incantation: "Rise from the darkness and bring new life for those once fallen 'neath the hero's knife!"
-   Vypra gasped when the rope grew taught, and she cried, "Arise, and live again!!" and Diabolico crawled out from the sarcophagus.
-   Diabolico laughed that he was back and better than ever; Vypra laughed too, and Loki, startled, then realized he was on their side.
-   Outside, Vypra welcomed Diabolico back to the land of the living, and he planned to repay both of them.
-   Vypra explained Olympius's efforts to destroy them and their search for revenge, Loki describing the Star Power's transformation of Impus into Olympius, and Diabolico told them it would be his pleasure to destroy the fool.

-   As Olympius and Freezard fought the Rangers (only Carter now remaining), Loki and Vypra blasted the two from behind, amusedly betting Olympius was surprised to see them again.
-   Vypra held up her hand, and lightning struck; in a contracting reverse-explosion, pieces gathered into Diabolico's body, and he proceeded to fight Olympius before Bansheera ordered them all to the Skull Cavern.
-   As Loki and Vypra entered claiming Olympius had tried to destroy them, bickering broke out among the villains until Bansheera ordered them all quiet, not caring about their petty lies and hatred.

-   Vypra offered to hatch the egg Olympius had summoned, but he replied that Jinxer was the only one he could trust.

-   At nighttime at a rocky shore, Marina the mermaid had her hands shackled to a horned skull on a stick above (also seen in the skull castle in 839-FLs1).
-   Above, Vypra called out, and Marina begged her for help, at which point Vypra cut the chains and freed her.
-   As Marina swam away after thanking Vypra, Loki was surprised she'd actually found her, and Vypra remarked everything was working perfectly.
-   Another day after a rockslide had damaged an Aquabase communications cable, Chad was trapped by another rockslide while repairing the cable, but Marina came to his aid; whether this was in Vypra's plan is unknown.
-   Sitting nearby as Marina surfaced in her sea cave another day, Vypra greeted, "Hello, pretty one," and Marina was pleased to see her again.
-   Vypra listened as Marina described meeting Chad; to help her win Chad's heart, Vypra gave the mermaid an ornate shelled box containing a tiny pewter dolphin.
-   When Chad opened Marina's shell box, the dolphin knocked him back with blue energy, forming chains around him as Vypra, Loki, and Batlings appeared.
-   Vypra raised her sword to strike Chad, having waited a long time for this day, but Marina grabbed her foot and knocked her down.
-   When Chad escaped and dove into the water after Loki had dumped Marina into the water chained to a weight, the villains watched; Vypra eventually noted they'd been down too long, assuming it was the end of both of them.
-   As Chad burst out of the water and scolded Vypra for using someone so innocent for her dirty work, saying it was low even for her, she retorted that he hadn't seen how low she could go.
-   When Vypra and Loki were blasted by the five Rangers' V-Lancers, a huge explosion engulfed the pier with a fiery shockwave.
-   As the smoky and weakened duo prepared to retreat, Vypra noted they now knew Blue Ranger's weakness - love - but Loki thought his supposed weakness had actually made him stronger, prompting her to whack him as they vanished.

-   Deep within the skull castle, Vypra and Diabolico hid behind pillars as Olympius used Jinxer's Golden Key to unlock the doors to the Shadow World.
-   Once Olympius had entered the Shadow World, Vypra wanted to get him and take the key, but Diabolico told her to be patient.
-   Watching from the castle as Olympius and Gatekeeper fled from uncontrolled monsters in the Shadow World, Diabolico, Vypra, and Loki laughed.
-   As Bansheera left after laughing over Olympius's banishment and putting Diabolico in charge of rebuilding her palace, Vypra noted with surprise that she cared more about her palace than her own son, and Diabolico hmmed.

-   As Diabolico planned to steal Neptune's trident, Vypra remarked nothing could get in their way with Olympius gone; they all apparently hadn't known of his defeat against the Rangers after escaping the Shadow World.
-   While the Rangers fought Aquafiend, Vypra approached the weakened Marina in the woods.
-   After Aquafiend's destruction, Vypra arrived with Marina as a hostage, but Marina told Chad not to give her the trident; to help him decide, Vypra called for Aquafiend to rise again.
-   As a card enlarged Aquafiend from chunks, the trident grew along with him, but it would shrink after his destruction.
-   To save Marina, Chad summoned his Mega Battle armor and doused Vypra with a jet of water, causing her and the Batlings to retreat.

-   To stop Carter as he rode his new Trans-Armor Cycle to save the others from Arachnor's web, Vypra took the Vyprari.
-   After a protracted road battle, Carter raced for Vypra and fired an energy beam.
-   The Vyprari crackling, Vypra skidded out of control into an already blown-up car, and a huge explosion sent black chunks bouncing down the street.
-   Charred near the vehicle wreckage, Vypra weakly held out her hand but then seemed to pass out.
-   Vypra was later in the skull castle with Diabolico and Loki as Bansheera scolded them viciously.

-   Finding Jinxer observing Bansheera in a massive pillar of flames after her laughter had echoed through the palace, Diabolico, Vypra, and Loki asked what was going on; Jinxer giddily told them Bansheera was finally transforming.
-   Alarmed, Vypra escorted Jinxer away in secrecy.
-   Hurriedly dragging Jinxer through the woods outside Mariner Bay, Vypra told him now was her chance, ordering him to make her a monster.
-   Once the monster was summoned, Vypra told Treevil it was their turn now, telling him to destroy the Rangers.
-   It seemed to be many days, if not weeks, before Treevil was finally destroyed by the Rangers, having launched numerous successful small attacks on the city unscathed.

-   When Vypra entered the queen's transformation chamber asking why Bansheera had summoned her, Jinxer (having been looking for her) replied he didn't know, but he did tell her that the queen's transformation was nearly complete and that she needed just one more burst of energy.
-   Within her pillar of flames, Queen Bansheera told Vypra she had failed her too many times, and as punishment she was going to take her life energy, considering she should have done so long ago.
-   Trembling, Vypra tried to flee, but a purple energy bolt levitated her screaming and kicking into the flaming wall, her sword clattering to the floor.
-   As she neared Bansheera, Vypra screamed, and she was sucked into Bansheera's body as blue energy.

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