- giant automated robot which aided Zeo Rangers; can transform into a wheel
First Appearance: 437-SOAW
Last Appearance: 449-HZeo
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-   Warrior Wheel approached the Earth from space, having been sent by Trey.
-   Billy told the teens that the approaching object was twenty-five stories tall and that it weighed about a million tons.
-   Warrior Wheel landed on Earth and was soon shown to be in robot form.
-   Warrior Wheel bore the Zeo insignia on its chest.
-   Feeling that he had left the Gold Ranger at a disadvantage until Pyramidas was returned, Trey of Wisdom had sent Warrior Wheel, the power of which perfectly complemented the strength of the Super Zeozords.
-   Morphed Jason held up his glowing Golden Power Staff to summon the Warrior Wheel, which was then shot from the holding bay cannon in wheel form.
-   After being shot from the holding bay cannon, Warrior Wheel landed and rolled for a bit, then sprang up in robot form.
-   Warrior Wheel fought without a pilot.
-   Warrior Wheel spun around while surrounded by a blue energy whirlwind, blowing giant Stenchy's gas back at him.
-   Warrior Wheel transformed back into wheel mode and landed in the Super Zeo Megazord's hand.
-   To launch Warrior Wheel for a finishing move, the Super Zeo Megazord threw Warrior Wheel like a bowling ball, and Warrior Wheel then sprang up in robot mode and flew toward its opponent with flaming energy streaks, becoming red energy which flew through the opponent, destroying him; Warrior Wheel then appeared after the explosion from flaming energy.
-   Warrior Wheel, thrown by the Super Zeo Megazord, destroyed giant Stenchy.

-   Unless otherwise noted, Tommy would appear to use his communicator to summon Warrior Wheel from the holding bay.
-   Warrior Wheel, thrown by the Super Zeo Megazord, didn't destroy giant Louie Kaboom.

-   Warrior Wheel, thrown by the Super Zeo Megazord, destroyed giant Protectron.

-   Warrior Wheel, thrown by the Super Zeo Megazord, didn't destroy giant Nuklifier.

-   The Zeo Megazord, Red Battlezord, and Super Zeo Megazord, surrounding giant Impursonator-Cog Changer, threw Warrior Wheel amongst each other around the monster faster and faster until it charged with yellow energy, forming a yellow energy whirlwind around the monster; the Super Zeo Megazord then threw Warrior Wheel for the finishing move, which destroyed the combined monster.

- Phrases used to summon Warrior Wheel
437-SOAW Jason (holding up glowing Golden Power Staff): "Warrior Wheel!"

- Phrases used to summon Warrior Wheel, apparently with communicator
440-TJOB 444-BMOT 445-MyMe Tommy: "Warrior Wheel, power up!"
448-RTW2 Tommy: "Warrior Wheel, power up, now!"

- Phrases used for Super Zeo Megazord to throw Warrior Wheel
440-TJOB Five Rangers: "Initiate Warrior Wheel!"
444-BMOT 445-MyMe Five Rangers: "Warrior Wheel, engage!"
448-RTW2 Rocky: "Engage Warrior Wheel, now!"

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