Frequently Asked Questions

-  What is the Writer's Guide?

The Writer's Guide is a non-profit website dedicated to the Power Rangers TV series.  The aim of the Writer's Guide is to provide detailed information on the complexities of Power Rangers continuity for fanfiction writers and general fans.

The Writer's Guide began as the "Did You Know?" Trivia Guide on June 19, 1997.  It focused on obscure or otherwise interesting bits of trivia on characters, technology, and other elements of the series, all over a disturbing background of intermeshed Zordon faces watching the reader.  By its final update, the Trivia Guide contained 2,344 entries in its 147 subjects.

Then on November 14, 1997, the editor, through some as yet unclassified form of dementia, thought it would be a good idea to document not just trivia, but everything.  A preview of the Writer's Guide, containing only entries from MMPR season 1, was opened on June 22, 1998, and successive seasons were added in the following months.

After years of operation, the Writer's Guide consists of over 65,900 1 text entries, with over 1,800 2 reference images.

1:  65,928 entries as of 7/11/01
2:  1,828 gallery images as of 7/11/01

-  Why don't your episode numbers match the official Fox Kids / Saban episode numbers?

Internal WG epcodes found in the Episode Directory (particularly in MMPR) may or may not be accurate, as early episode ordering was borrowed from an episode guide which was popular in the days of MMPR; it used a list found in Sentai Magazine and seemed perfectly reasonable at the time, although it now appears that this list matches neither airdates, production numbers, international distribution order, nor any other available order.  In short, the editor guiltily admits to taking four years to realize the inadequacy of the traditional list.

In an attempt to rectify the situation, the guide now includes an Episode Chronology which cites multiple ordering methods, such as airdates and production numbers, and lists them alongside continuity notes.  The editor hopes that readers may use this information to form their own opinions on episode order.

-  Why isn't your guide totally objective?

In all honesty, a great deal of research is required to make educated theories on connections in the PR universe.  A purely objective guide would lack the most intriguing potential relationships within Power Rangers, relationships which would require extensive reader research through dry, unrelated data.  Theories within this guide save the common reader that research.  Nonetheless, the editor makes no claims that the theories presented here are by any means the only interpretations of show events.  All theories in the guide should contain an indication of uncertainty (i.e. a word such as "perhaps" or, for timeline entries, a gray explanation field).

-  How can I submit/correct entries?

E-mail the editor at  Please include an episode name or description for reference purposes, as well as a subject heading of "Writer's Guide submission."  You will receive full credit for your submissions.  All submissions are subject to the discretion of the editor.  The editor claims no responsibility for submitted information having been taken from other sources.

-  Why does the guide end with PRLR?

After an extended vacation, Joe Rovang is back on the scene to try to add further seasons, with backup by Jesse Herndon (SirStack).  No time frame is yet available, but future seasons may be expected in the "not-so-distant future."

-  Why do some pages in your website look different from others?

The guide is slowly being reformatted to use stylesheets, which decreases the load time of each page and allows for easier format modifications in the future.  This process will take some time, during which the old and new formats will be intermingled.

Further questions can be directed to the editor at

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