- evil sorcerer; Zordon's old rival from long ago
First Appearance: 244-RGR1
Last Appearance: 246-RGR3
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-   When Zedd wished he could send all the teens back in time, Goldar recalled how the Ghost of Darkness had once summoned a wizard with the ability to send people through time.
-   Upon materializing in a park in Angel Grove, the Wizard of Deception said, "Surprise, Zordon! I'm back!"
-   The wizard wielded a magic wand with a miniature skull on the end.
-   The wizard shot red energy bolts from his eyes which hypnotized Bulk and Skull.
-   The wizard gave Bulk a pair of scissors to bring back a sample of Tommy's hair so that he could clone another of his image and strength.
-   Swirling blue energy from the wizard's wand jolted Bulk and Skull's feet and made them scamper away.
-   When the two failed in their mission, the wizard made them pass out with red energy from his wand.
-   When Zordon described the wizard as his old rival, the Wizard of Deception, Alpha exclaimed that there was no telling what he'd do.
-   The Wizard of Deception had the power to create illusions which then became reality.
-   Two pink energy bolts from the wizard's wand knocked Tommy's feet out from under him so that the two Putties grappling him could pin him to the ground while a third cut off a lock of his hair.
-   A blue energy bolt from the wizard's wand turned the lock of hair into a clone of Tommy.
?   The wizard told Zedd that he would send the Rangers very far away, but with the universe being approximately ten to twenty billion years old, his temporal displacement of merely two hundred years was staggeringly insignificant.
-   The Wizard of Deception's wand warped the space around the teens (Tommy absent) and sent them back in time two hundred years to colonial Angel Grove.

-   After the White and Green Rangers had fought for a while, the wizard used a yellow energy bolt from his wand to make White Ranger collapse and then another to demorph him.
-   The wizard told Green Ranger to use the Dragonzord to begin the destruction of the city.
?   The wizard summoned the green Power Coin from energy up his sleeve even though the clone had possibly used the coin to morph and had definitely been wearing it in the Morpher on his Green Ranger suit.
-   The wizard handed Green Ranger his Power Coin and told him to pay Zordon a visit to ensure that Zordon knew it was him, the Wizard of Deception, behind the destruction of his precious Rangers.
-   After Green Ranger had returned from the Command Center, the wizard traveled into the past to occupy the five teens.
-   Swirling blue energy from the wizard's wand turned three rats in 1790's Angel Grove into monsters.
-   Green and red energy bolts from the wizard's wand blew up something containing water outside a shack the teens ran by.

-   The wizard was soon back in the present day.
-   Zordon explained that when the Wizard of Deception had cloned Tommy, he had drained some of Tommy's energy, affecting Tommy's senses.
-   The wizard shot Dragonzord with an orangish-yellow energy bolt from his wand, telling the Zord to energize itself with evil, after which the Dragonzord had never-before-seen black pupils in its glowing red eyes.
-   After tricking the clone into telling him where the other teens had been sent, White Ranger stole the wizard's wand and used it to travel back in time.
-   Upon returning to the present with the teens, White Ranger used the wizard's own evil magic to destroy him, with sparkling white energy from the wand which left behind only the wizard's black cloak.
-   Following the wizard's destruction, Tommy assumed that the wizard's evil spell had left the clone, but the wizard's destruction had not cured the Dragonzord from the wizard's evil spell.
-   After he and the clone had thrown the rat monsters into a pile together back in 1790's Angel Grove, Tommy used swirling blue energy from the wizard's wand to turn the rats back to normal.
-   After Tommy had left his clone in the past, as per the clone's requests, Zordon destroyed the wizard's wand.

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