- Megaship area designated for repair work, eating, and quick departure from ship (601-FON1 through 643-CTD2); redesigned into launch bay for Jet Jammers (705-Hmsk through 744-End2)
First Appearance: 601-FON1
Last Appearance: 744-End2
Subcategories: Jump tubes, Synthetron
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-   Presumably on the Megaship's top deck, traveling down a corridor on the Megaship after making a left turn, one would soon find a door into the bridge on the right; after that would be the rear of the Megalift, which normally opened into the bridge on this deck, then a second door into the other side of the bridge, then finally, straight ahead would be a doorway leading into the workbay.
-   On one long wall of the workbay, on a slightly higher platform than the rest of the room, was a series of five jump tubes.
-   Just beside the doorway was a console known as the Synthetron, with which a user could replicate any kind of food desired.
-   If the jump tube wall were designated as north, the entrance was on the east wall, with the Synthetron just north of the entrance; on the west wall were two control panels, and along the southeast was a wall of five lockers, each bearing a Ranger-colored stripe, in the order blue, yellow, red, pink, and black, an order in which blue and black were switched from the order of Ranger-colored squares on the Space Rangers' chests; immediately to the right of the lockers was a closed door never shown being used.
-   On the west wall, the two control panels were as follows: the left panel was divided into two sections, one being "Operating Mode" and the other "Ship Systems," and the right panel was "Jump Tube Status," featuring five pink bars and a globe diagram.
-   Above the jump tubes were windows looking out into space near the relatively high ceiling.
-   Between the lockers and jump tubes was a small table, where Andros had been eating or preparing to eat from a silver plate of what looked like spaghetti just before going to spy on Dark Specter's assembly of villains on the Cimmerian Planet; the food was still warm.
?   Upon returning to the Megaship, morphed Andros entered the bridge from the direction of the workbay, as was normal for returning Rangers, but he was then startled when Cassie and Carlos casually walked up from the workbay as well, neither Andros nor the two teens having seen each other.

-   After retrieving equipment needed to prepare the Megaship for long-distance travel, Carlos and Ashley checked the ship's "velocity junctions," apparently in the workbay, with Carlos having an AmScanner.

-   Andros showed the teens the red Galaxy Glider on a stand in the workbay, explaining how it worked, then after using a device on the rear portion of it, prepared to load it into the "launch bay," apparently something located in the workbay's west wall.

-   After finishing up work on the underside of the red Galaxy Glider, Carlos rolled it on its cart over to the workbay's west wall.
-   Later that night, Andros took an AmScanner from his locker, which was filled with various devices, to search KO-35 for Karone.
-   The next morning, Carlos noticed the red Galaxy Glider was gone and gathered that Andros had left the ship.
-   Carlos took an AmScanner from his locker as well.

-   After scanning the red Galaxy Glider on its cart in the workbay, Andros and Ashley wheeled it toward the workbay's southwest corner.

?   Inside T.J.'s locker was a blue shirt and baseball cap hanging on the door; why these would have been in his workbay locker rather than his personal quarters on Megadeck 5 is unknown.

-   Beneath the planet Onyx on the star chart display was "Onyx" and "661 32."

-   After their victory against Body Switcher, the Rangers were in the workbay, where they took off their helmets and went to their lockers.
?   T.J.'s locker appeared empty.

-   Andros told Karone that the workbay was where the teens did most of their maintenance and repair.
-   After using the Mega Vehicles, the Rangers returned to the bridge from the workbay holding their helmets.

-   After the Megazords had changed the asteroid's course, the teens were on the bridge of the Megaship when Zhane entered from the workbay.
-   Andros and Zhane flew up behind the Megaship in two stolen Velocifighters, then walked onto the bridge from the workbay holding their helmets.

-   To look for Zhane, Andros and T.J. went down to Earth, where they were in civilian clothes, but as soon as they'd learned of Zhane's capture, they soon ran back onto the bridge from the workbay, wearing their uniforms again.

-   The star chart display in the workbay had now been replaced with an opaque display of the five Psycho Rangers, with Andros using a black marker to draw lines over the defeated Psycho Pink and Psycho Blue.

-   After the destruction of the remaining Psycho Rangers, Andros crossed their pictures off as well.

-   The star chart display table was now back to normal.
-   Ashley had a spare Astro Blaster in her workbay locker.

-   After the four teens had closed the hatches to prepare for liftoff, Andros, Zhane, and Karone somehow boarded at the last minute, entering from the workbay.

-   The Megaship had been turned into a museum, but the workbay wasn't shown.
?   Later fleeing from Furio, the Rangers entered the parked Megaship via its left hatch (facing the ship), but they then entered the bridge from what had been the workbay.

?   To go from the Megaship to a planet below, unmorphed Leo, Damon, and Maya headed for the workbay, but its status was unknown, and the Jet Jammers had not yet been invented.

-   As Furio and Stingwingers were stuck in the elevator leading up to Command Headquarters, Alpha called the Rangers to tell them of Furio's attack but told them he had something to help them against Furio.
-   The workbay had been redesigned into a Jet Jammer bay; it was now darkened and lacked the tables in the center, with the five Jet Jammers now residing there.
-   Where the jump tubes had been, there was now a massive double door like the cargo bay doors; on the sides were indicator lights like traffic lights, with two red lights, a yellow, and a green.
-   Alpha said DECA and he had just completed building the Jet Jammers for the Rangers.
-   On the left side of the bay doors was a monitor showing a green diagram of a Jet Jammer, and on the right was another monitor with multiple display boxes.
-   In addition to the two red lights, the yellow light lit on Leo's command to open, and the bay doors slid open, revealing space while the Megaship was still in Terra Venture's docking bay; the lights then switched to green when the Rangers were able to fly out.

-   The Synthetron and Space teens' lockers were still on the wall in the Jet Jammer bay.

?   It took the Rangers nearly half a minute to run from the bridge to the immediately adjacent Jet Jammer bay.
-   In the bay, the Rangers found enormous piles of rubble against the Jammer bay doors from the Scorpion Stinger's attack.
-   Once the Rangers had cleared the rubble, Kai had them blast their way out, and Karone and Damon had their respective Transdagger weapons.
-   The combined blasts of Damon's Transblaster and Karone's Beta Bow blasted open the Megaship's Jet Jammer bay doors, although there was no rushing of escaping air.
-   The locker doors in the background were in disarray.
-   Flying out from the Jet Jammer bay, the Rangers flew from a very specific point in shadow under a blue corner right over the rearmost portion of the Megaship's left silver curved piece, beside the left Megalaser turret.

- Phrases used to open Jet Jammer bay doors
705-Hmsk Leo: "Open docking bay!"

- tubes used by Space Rangers to quickly morph onto Galaxy Gliders into space
First Appearance: 601-FON1
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-   On one long wall of the Megaship's workbay, on a slightly higher platform than the rest of the room, was a series of five jump tubes, down which a Ranger could each slide; from left to right, the jump tubes were in the order blue, yellow, red, pink, and black, an order in which blue and black were switched from the order of Ranger-colored squares on the Space Rangers' chests.
-   One of the two control panels on the western wall of the workbay was "Jump Tube Status," featuring five pink bars and a globe diagram.
-   Upon destroying two Velocifighters pursuing him through space, Andros streaked away on his Galaxy Glider as red energy; as a red streak, he then flew into what would be the standard teleportation port in the front of the Megaship, an area located in the left silver curved portion in the front of the Megaship, closer to the side than the front.

-   Before leaping feet-first down their jump tubes, the teens would hold their right hands forward with their backs facing the tubes, then turn and leap; Andros did the jump gesture with his back to the tube, then held out his right hand like the beginning of their morphs, then turned and leapt in using the handrails above the tubes to swing in.
-   After they'd leapt down the jump tubes, the five teens were then morphed on their Galaxy Gliders as they flew from the standard teleportation port as glowing streaks.
?   Flying to Earth on this occasion, the Rangers were shown flying in a strange warp tunnel which looked digital in appearance, perhaps best described with the term cyber-tunnel.
-   According to Ashley, the jump tubes were used to morph onto the Galaxy Gliders or into the shuttle.
-   With the Megaship taken over by Astronema, Quantrons, and the evil Ninja Turtles, the teens went down the jump tubes and were then morphed in the shuttle.
-   Later, Michelangelo said there was something he wanted to just once before he left, and the Turtles then flew from the Megaship as green streaks; they were riding the Rangers' Galaxy Gliders, with Mike on Red.

?   The teens took the jump tubes and flew their Galaxy Gliders morphed toward Kalderon through the cyber-tunnel, but they were unmorphed as they walked across the planet's surface.

-   The Megaship's teleportation port was shown more closely as Carlos and Cassie teleported to the Megaship, and the area appeared to be in the underside of the blue corner just at the rear of the front side silver portion; the two teens then entered the bridge from the Megalift.

-   When Cassie called for the Galaxy Gliders from Earth, five Ranger-colored streaks flew out of the Megaship, and the unmanned Galaxy Gliders flew through a reddish version of the cyber-tunnel before flying down to the Rangers; they would do this again in 611-Ddsc.

?   Often when the Megaship was shown from behind during the Rangers' departure, their streaks would fly from somewhere on the front right side of the ship rather than the standard left area.
?   Later, as the four teens ran toward the jump tubes, T.J. called, "Let's rocket!" and they did their pre-morph gestures, but they then went down the jump tubes without having morphed.

?   Once the five teens stood with their backs to their jump tubes (initiated by Andros), Andros called, and the teens morphed, then were shown running downtown, morphed; at the time, the yellow Galaxy Glider was missing.
-   Later, to go after the missing glider, Ashley, then Andros, both hopped down the red jump tube and were then morphed as the Yellow and Red Rangers, flying together on the red Galaxy Glider.

-   To go down to Brokaya after morphing on the bridge in front of the amnesic T.J., morphed Andros merely teleported from the bridge rather than using the jump tubes.

-   Andros took his jump tube down to the planet Onyx but was unmorphed on the planet.
-   Later, to go down to Earth as Andros took the keycards Darkonda wanted, the five teens took the Megalift from the bridge, rather than using the jump tubes, and their teleportation streaks flew from the left side of the docking station rather than the Megaship, which was docked on top; when the morphed Rangers appeared downtown, the keycards weren't with them.

-   When Andros and then Astronema (disguised as Ashley) went down the red and yellow jump tubes, red and yellow streaks flew down to Earth; morphed Andros landed near a power plant area, and moments afterward, Astronema, having been morphed into the Yellow Space Ranger, flew down flailing her limbs and landed with a thud on the pavement behind Andros.

?   Although there was no silver jump tube, Zhane was with the five teens in the workbay before the six Rangers were shown streaking to Earth from the Megaship as Ranger-colored energy.

-   Zhane went to the workbay before he would drive up to the others' location on his Silver Cycle.

?   To go to Earth with the other teens, Zhane ran with them to the workbay.

-   After somehow following Andros back to the Megaship from the planet Tirna, the small alien Seymour climbed into the workbay through the red jump tube.

-   This time when the Rangers teleported from the Megaship, their energy streaks came from the underside of the center of the normal left curved section.

-   The Megaship had been turned into a museum, but the workbay wasn't shown.

-   Probably weeks later, the workbay had been redesigned into a Jet Jammer bay, and the jump tubes had been replaced with two massive sliding doors.

-   After the return of the Space Rangers, the Space Rangers could still use their Galaxy Gliders despite the lack of jump tubes in the modified Astro Megaship.

- apparatus in workbay wall capable of producing any desired food
First Appearance: 601-FON1
Last Appearance: 740-HGrv
You are here:   - What / Technology/Equipment / Giant fighting machines / Zords / PRiS Zords / Astro Megaship / Megadecks / Work bay # Synthetron

-   By the door of the workbay was a console known as the Synthetron; upon first seeing the console, Ashley pressed two buttons, then opened its panel and found a crustless sandwich and a silver canteen inside.
-   The Synthetron could replicate any kind of food one desired.

-   For breakfast one morning, Ashley made what looked like bacon and eggs in the Synthetron, but she wasn't enthusiastic about tasting it; smothering his breakfast in catsup, T.J. said the breakfast was good.

-   Loving her burger in the Surf Spot after the teens had been away in space for some time, Cassie said the Synthetron had never made a hamburger as good as Adelle's.

-   During the Galaxy Rangers' use of the Megaship, the workbay was eventually shown to have been converted into the Jet Jammer bay, though the Synthetron was still there, as shown in 740-HGrv; its door panel, however, may have been extended a bit outward.

-   In a Megaship corridor crowded with refugees the Rangers were freeing from Captain Mutiny's planet, Maya told the people they'd get together some food as soon as possible.

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