- humanoid beings with psychic crystals embedded in foreheads
- Trip's race
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  • Time Force Officer Trip, a teenaged humanoid Xybrian from the year 3000, had shaggy green hair, semi-Asian facial features, and a triangle-shaped gem in the center of his forehead.
  • When interrogated by Lucas over failing to predict Ransik's escape, as Xybrians were known for their mind-reading abilities, Trip stammered that he could only hear occasional thoughts, not every one.
  • While walking back to Millennium City, Trip paused and stared into space as he was "receiving a signal," as Katie observed.
  • Trip's forehead crystal began to glow green, and he gripped his pant leg while Katie held him steady; apparently from Trip's perspective, a vision of clouds and the city flew by before giving way to current images of Ransik at the Funaro Maximum Security Prison.
  • As his vision ended, Trip's perspective flew back from the city and seemed to re-enter his head, accompanied by a concluding burp-like sound; he was then able to calmly describe Ransik's presence at the prison.

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