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-   Ernie was the owner, food preparer, and server for the Youth Center Gym and Juice Bar.
-   If the Juice Bar were designated as "north," then the Youth Center's "southern" portion had a doorway in the "west" wall near the dividing line between the southern portion and the raised Juice Bar area, with another doorway on the west wall of the Juice Bar area.
-   The southern portion's doorway connected the Youth Center with a hallway running north, with lockers lining the west side of the hallway.
-   There was an alcove in the west end of the north wall, with a closed door on the west side of the alcove; a hallway may have run east behind the Juice Bar's north wall from the alcove's east side.
-   Martial arts classes were taught quite frequently in the Youth Center.

-   The Youth Center had a blue punching bag hanging from the ceiling to the left of its locker hall entrance.
-   The Youth Center had a rope hanging from the ceiling for people to climb.
-   Trying to climb the Youth Center's rope, Bulk pulled down the rope and some pieces of ceiling.
-   Dance classes were taught somewhat regularly in the Youth Center.
?   When Trini later climbed the rope the same day, it was back up, with no apparent damage to the ceiling.

-   At the last minute, Ernie had gotten a "Happy Birthday, Mom" cake, the last one "they" had left, according to Ernie, to celebrate Jason's new record; he wheeled it in from the locker hall.

-   Ernie came out of the locker hallway with a cart of towels.
-   Judging from the junk Billy picked up on his wild cart ride down the locker hallway, there is probably a storage room in that direction.
-   From the exterior, the Youth Center building appeared to be two stories tall.
-   Melissa entered the Juice Bar through its west doorway.

-   While the food festival crowd had left the Youth Center through the Juice Bar's west doorway, the teens went to the locker hall to answer Zordon's call and then teleport away.

-   To walk from Billy's house to the Youth Center, the teens and Willy went through Angel Grove Park.
-   Billy and Willy entered the Youth Center through the locker hallway.
-   The Junior Science Fair was held in the Youth Center.
-   The teens searched Angel Grove Park for Willy after he'd run out of the Youth Center.

-   On his route northward from the airport, Kim's uncle Steve flew over a residential area, the park, and then the Youth Center.

-   Ernie took a shower, almost certainly in the Youth Center showers, after being slimed by the Cake-O-Matic.
-   Ernie had an office window somewhere in the building, out of which he had seen Zack heading inside the Youth Center, far enough away from the interior area to give the teens enough time to hide his decorations.

-   The panel on the south wall of the locker hallway was labeled "hot water shut-off," and it contained a valve which shuts off the hot water, at least to the showers.
-   The men's shower room was apparently somewhere down the locker hallway.
-   Ernie's special was an enormous banana split.
-   After the Rangers' battle with the Chunky Chicken, Ernie had a TV set up on the east end of the Juice Bar.
?   The arcade behind Kim and Billy at their table was lit up with no one playing the games in the corner, but in the next shot, the arcade in the background behind the TV Ernie was watching was darkened, with two people playing the two games in the corner.
-   Ernie said his fresh batch of veggie chili was on the house; many people rushed over to get some of it.

-   The Angel Grove Martial Arts Expo was held in the Youth Center.

-   Angel Grove Park was apparently quite close to the Youth Center.

-   The Youth Center had its own bus; it was white with horizontal blue stripes, bearing a license plate reading JPM 682.
-   To the left of the Youth Center was a fairly large, tan building that was approximately two or three stories tall and quite long.
?   As it was teetering on the edge of a cliff, the Youth Center's bus bore a Japanese symbol on the side and a different license plate.

-   Ernie had the TV set up on the Juice Bar again; it would also be set up in 124-SpFl, 132-ASIB, 137-CUCl, 148-POTM, 153-FwlP, 227-PTr1, 322-DSP1, 400-PRZP, 415-Sno1, 425-SSYw, 513-MiMe, 519-PTT2, and 544-CIS1.

-   The Youth Center was empty while Tommy and Kim worked on Kim's model float, with the exception of Bulk and Skull (who came in only briefly), Putties (during the Putty fight), and the other teens (who entered in the middle of the Putty fight).

-   There was a masquerade party held in the Youth Center.
-   In an exterior shot of the Youth Center, a fluorescent ceiling light could be seen through a dark second story window.
-   Tommy went down the locker hallway to change into his costume for the masquerade party; after heading north down the locker hallway, he took a left and walked down a hallway which led west; this west-oriented hallway was a hallway into which the north-oriented locker hallway and south-oriented west Juice Bar hallway merged.

-   The Team Ninja Finals were held in the Youth Center on a Saturday.

-   The teens' class play was held at the Youth Center with the Juice Bar being used as the stage.
-   Before the play began, Bulk and Skull were watching TV in the northwestern alcove of the Juice Bar; beside them, the door on the west side of the alcove was open.
-   The railing at the southern edge of the Juice Bar was removed for the play, but the two copper poles were still there.

-   A dance contest was held in the Youth Center.

-   A talent show was held in the Youth Center.
-   The west Juice Bar hallway ran south a short distance, down three steps, before merging with the north-oriented locker hall; there was then a single, main hallway which ran west away from the two halls' junction point.
-   Ernie's special as advertised on a whiteboard in the main west hall was "Chunky Chili."

-   There was a recycling drive in the Youth Center.

-   When Ernie heard on the news that they were under a tornado watch, he led everyone into the basement through the door on the west wall of the small northern alcove of the Juice Bar.

-   The Juice Bar was going out of business until the teens had the owner of the lost dog Jason found reward Ernie handsomely.
-   Jason most likely walked to the Youth Center from school after school had let out.

-   Bulk and Skull broke one of the Youth Center's neon lights during their cockroach kung fu demonstration.

-   Angel Grove High celebrated Parent's Day in the Youth Center.
-   Bulk's parents seemed to crash their car into the wall of the Youth Center right behind the Juice Bar; this caused chunks of ceiling to fall down.

-   The Youth Center had a new hallway; its doorway was located on the east wall of the Youth Center, just past the few steps connecting the Juice Bar and Youth Center.

-   Zack put on a magic show for kids in the Youth Center.

-   The south wall of the Youth Center was redecorated with an abstract beach design.
-   When Jason went downtown to pick up supplies for Ernie after the delivery truck had broken down, he took boxes from a building outside of which was a truck bearing the logo of the "Angel Grove Juice Supply Co."

-   There was a reception desk just inside the front doors of the Youth Center.
?   A side view of the front of the Youth Center was shown, and the exterior was ridiculously large compared to the interior.

-   Beyond the east doorway of the Youth Center was a hall which ran south.
-   The side view of the front of the Youth Center was of a more reasonable size than in 155-TOrT.

-   On the wall just inside the door leading to the basement was a red "on/off" knob that controlled the Youth Center's main lights.
-   The Youth Center had a new doorway on the east end of the south wall.

-   A new outer entrance to the Youth Center was shown, with several payphones outside its door and the Youth Center sign to the right of the doors; Primator-Zack used this entrance and emerged in the Youth Center through the west Juice Bar doorway.
-   Above the payphone entrance were green second-story windows.

-   Some of the club sign-ups for club sign-up day were held in the Youth Center.

-   The youth center in Stone Canyon challenged Angel Grove's team to a game of broomball, a game played like street hockey but with brooms in place of hockey sticks and a ball similar to a soccer ball rather than a puck or puck-sized ball; Ernie, the coach for the Angel Grove Youth Center's team, recruited the teens to play for Angel Grove.
-   The Youth Center's broomball team, the "Angel Grove Sweepers," consisted of the six teens, with Billy as the goalie and Trini as an assistant coach who filmed the team's practice with a camcorder.
-   The Sweepers' logo was a broom with angel wings; their team color was red.
-   When Trini invited Richie to join the Sweepers, Ernie recruited him as an assistant coach.
-   In the broomball game, held in the Youth Center, Tommy scored the winning goal for Angel Grove, making the final score 9 to 8.

-   The Youth Center parking lot had a basketball net.
-   Richie told Curtis that he'd gotten a job at the Youth Center with Ernie.
?   At school, Billy referred to the parking lot of the Youth Center as "outside," as though it were supposed to be outside Angel Grove High.

-   Five sodas at the Juice Bar cost $4.50.

-   The Golden Pipe Karate Tournament was held in the Youth Center.

-   A jazz concert, including a trumpet performance by Curtis, was held in the Youth Center.

-   As Billy discovered, on the back of Bulk and Skull's map was a large coupon for one free protein muffin at "Ernie's Juice Bar," with the fine print reading "with lunch purchased," but Billy neglected to read that part before Bulk and Skull had taken bites from two muffins.
-   Ernie was friends with Madam Swampy, and the maps and coupons to the Youth Center were a promotional gimmick.
-   Also adding to Bulk and Skull's thinking that the muffins were free was Richie's offering of "free muffins" to Bulk and Skull but waiting until the two had taken two muffins and bitten into them before telling them that the muffins were free only with the purchase of lunch.
-   Bulk and Skull had to wash dishes for Ernie to pay off either the lunch or the muffins.

-   There seemed to be a couch and front desk inside the payphone doors of the Youth Center.
-   Two sub sandwiches from the Juice Bar cost four dollars.

-   Bulk and Skull borrowed an enormous can opener several feet long from the Juice Bar to help them attempt to open Rita's space dumpster.

-   Tommy and Jason had been working somewhere down the east hallway, which turned and led south.
-   People were entering and exiting the Youth Center through south wall's east doorway, which led south.

-   On Halloween, the Youth Center held a community outreach program as a school project whereby teenagers chaperoned kids' trick-or-treating.
-   There was a barrel for apple-bobbing in the Youth Center.

-   The Ninja Tournament Finals competition between the Stone Canyon ninjas (Rocky, Adam, and Aisha) and the Hasper City ninjas was held in the Youth Center.
-   The payphone entrance was at the left end of whichever wall of the Youth Center it was on.
?   From another parking lot a considerable distance away (yet still within shouting distance), Billy looked back toward the Youth Center following Aisha's scream and said, "Goldar," yet since the three Ranger teens came running from around a corner of the Youth Center, Billy wouldn't have been able to see Goldar as he was kidnapping the Stone Canyon teens and Mr. Anderson.
-   If the payphone entrance were on the "west" end of the "south" exterior wall of the Youth Center, then the "west" exterior wall was a long wall of windows.

-   The first annual World Teen Summit was held in the Youth Center.

-   The east doorway had a hall which also ran north.
-   The vice-versa dance was held in the Youth Center.

-   The Angel Grove Scavenger Hunt's central setup was located in the Youth Center.
-   Ernie went in the direction of the basement door to retrieve an 8x10" glossy of the Power Rangers he had in the back.

-   The Tri-City Gymnastics Finals, a district gymnastics competition, were held in the Youth Center.

-   The Angel Grove High Student Elections were held in the Youth Center.

-   The Juice Bar had orange "Angel Grove Juice Bar" menus.
-   Ernie's ancestor in the year 1880 was Ernest, the owner of Ernest's Juice Saloon, established in that same year.
-   Ernest had a large wheel in his Juice Saloon which could be spun to try to win a free juice.
-   In the Youth Center's locker hall was an old Fire Safety Week flyer.

-   When Violet had mentioned meeting Billy at the "gym," they apparently both understood that she was referring to the Youth Center rather than Angel Grove High's gymnasium.

-   Behind the Juice Bar was a pink translucent phone which Aisha used to call the sick Kim at home.

-   The Youth Center now had a new outdoor cafe in back.
-   Ernie seemed to work in the outdoor cafe a great deal; someone must have been working the Juice Bar inside.
-   A girl with not quite shoulder-length brown hair and a pink apron worked at the outdoor cafe.
-   On the wall of the outdoor cafe in red flourescent letters was "Ernie's Juice Bar."

-   The Junior Police Patrol held an art benefit in the Youth Center.

-   A door in the back exterior wall of the Youth Center led to the outdoor cafe.

-   The four guys cleaned graffiti off the Youth Center's west exterior wall.

-   The Junior Police Ball, the "Flames of Love" Dance, was held in the Youth Center.

-   Bulk and Skull went from the outdoor cafe to inside the Youth Center through the locker hall.
-   Tommy and Kat went from the Juice Bar to the outdoor cafe through the east doorway.

-   A male African-American server worked at the outdoor cafe.

-   Kim brought Coach Schmidt to the Juice Bar to try one of Ernie's special protein shakes.
-   To close up the Youth Center at night, Ernie put the chairs upside-down on the Juice Bar tables.
-   While the outdoor cafe's door inside was locked, Kat got into the Youth Center through a "deliveries only" door, outside of which were several decorated trash or recycle bins; she appeared to rush into the Juice Bar from behind the bar, near the basement door.

?   After Rocky and Tommy came into the Juice Bar from the left side of the west Juice Bar doorway (a normal occurrence), Kat entered from the right side of the same doorway, where a hallway had never been shown to exist.

-   A Christmas Eve party was held in the Youth Center for underprivileged kids on Christmas Eve.

-   Skull ordered an "indigestion inducer," a huge plate of junk food.

-   There was a female server at the outdoor cafe.

-   Master Vile and fellow villains took over the Youth Center, forcing the people inside to dance; the outdoor cafe was decorated and full of dancing people and monsters, with the sign "Master Vile's End of the World Party" above the door.

-   The Angel Grove High school song contest was held in the Youth Center and hosted by Mr. Caplan.

-   Although the Youth Center was shown, it couldn't be seen at this point whether the Youth Center already had the design changes which would appear in 403-ShSt.

-   The Youth Center had been redesigned; it now had some new equipment and new wall items, including a new wall logo on the south wall, below which were some blue bleachers; there were now windows in the south wall, as well as a new entrance in the west end of the south wall, leading into a hall running east-west; on the east wall, to the right of the east entrance, was a special events calendar; on the west side of the room, what had been the locker hall was now a large, open alcove, with white double doors on the right side, facing north; the west wall, starting with the double doors and all south of that point, was redone in brick, and the wall of windows was now flat rather than angled at each window.
-   By the double doors was a sign on the wall which said "Always use safety equipment," and below it were shelves of what may have been safety equipment.
-   To the right of the windows in the west wall was some sort of decoration with the horizontal stripes from bottom, up: white, orange, blue, green, purple (?), brown, and black; these colors are presumably the series of karate belt colors used for karate classes in the Youth Center.

-   On the west wall through the double doors of the Youth Center were towel and trophy racks, with the towels being closest to the doors.

-   There were two male waiters and one female waiter at the outdoor cafe.
-   When Bulk and Skull's patrol bike's accelerator apparently got stuck (or the brakes didn't work), the bike, with Bulk and Skull in it, crashed into the outdoor cafe, wrecking the entire place.

-   The rescue dog Smokey smelled the pizzas which Ernie had left burning in the oven down the basement door.
-   The trophy racks visible through the double doors in 404-Trgt were actually on the wall inside the Juice Bar's western hallway.
-   Later after running to the Youth Center from the forest, Smokey entered through the east hallway, which went north past the doorway.
?   After Tommy and Rocky had gone into the southwest hall, the area they were shown standing in looked like one of Angel Grove High's hallways.

-   In the Youth Center, Captain Pete and his robotic sidekick, Puppetman, were performing for an audience of kids who loved the show.
-   The kids in the audience of the Captain Pete show were turned temporarily into brats by evil Puppetman, and they proceeded to trash the Captain Pete set, the Youth Center, and the Juice Bar.
-   Listed on the schedule grid in the wall were four levels of tai chi, as well as karate, weight training, aerobics, and dancercize.

-   The hall beyond the Youth Center's southwest entrance went west.

-   Skull and Billy seemed to go out the east door of the Youth Center and come out the left side of the doorway in the wall of the outdoor cafe.

-   There was a music recital at night at the Youth Center, featuring Angel Grove High's advanced music students.

?   Kim's letter to Tommy, which arrived at the Youth Center, appeared to be addressed as follows: "Tommy Oliver / 4640 Angel Grove Way / Angel Grove <zip code>."

-   As Kat knew ahead of time, Ernie was closing the Youth Center early (before 5:00 in the afternoon) one Sunday to take inventory; he told Kat he'd be in the back room counting pitas and pineapples all afternoon.

-   There was a Native American arts festival in the Youth Center, with Sam Trueheart as the curator of the exhibit.

-   David and Tommy left the Youth Center through the west double doors and emerged from the building from the payphone exit.

-   There was an Angel Grove Martial Arts Expo at the Youth Center, with a souvenir booth and a hot dog stand (run by Bulk in disguise) in the parking lot.

-   A "Toy-A-Thon" dance was held in the Youth Center; at the dance, admission was free with the donation of a toy, and the guests were to dress in outfits from their favorite decades.

-   Ernie was going to start opening the Juice Bar on Saturday nights, and the teens and Billy were helping to set up.
-   Billy thought for Tanya to sing at the Youth Center that night.
-   In the Youth Center was a sign which read, "Ernie's After Hours."

-   In the Youth Center around Christmastime, the five teens and Raymond had come together to learn about different holidays; a sign read "International Holidays."

-   After receiving a lifetime supply of Burble Baby Food, Ernie considered making baby food smoothies.

-   Ernie opened his "Ernie's Beach Club" on the beach of the lake; the beach club had steel drum players and Hawaiian dancers.
-   When Ernie said the girl he'd hired to run the beach club had had to take another job and he needed someone who could start right away, Emily took the job.

-   Emily said the beach club had been busy lately due to the hot weather.

-   Kat and Tanya put on a ballet of King Midas in the Youth Center; Bulk and Skull danced in it, along with several little girls.

-   A blonde waitress worked at the Juice Bar.

-   Emily was working on her new shaved ice in the Juice Bar.

-   Emily was working in the Juice Bar, helping Ernie out there since the beach club was closed.
-   That day's special in the Juice Bar was Ernie's seafood platter.

-   Ernie returned from a vacation in Hawaii; to celebrate his return from the best vacation he'd ever had, Ernie held an island luau at the beach club.
-   Bulk and Skull, desperately needing jobs to save their bankrupt detective agency, got Ernie to hire them for security at his luau, but he made them dress in Hawaiian costumes.
-   Cogs attacked the luau, and the teens helped everyone evacuate as the area was trashed.
-   The next day, Ernie said that someone had come the previous night and cleaned the whole place up; Tanya, Rocky, and Jason looked amused.

-   There was a party in the Youth Center after the teens' graduation ceremony.

-   Lt. Stone was now the new owner and manager of the Youth Center, since Ernie had been recalled to the Amazon by his foreign service unit.
-   A sign in the Youth Center said that nutritional counseling was available there.
-   Tommy, Kat, and Justin headed south down the eastern Youth Center hallway and emerged through a door in an outdoor rosebush area which had probably been the outdoor cafe.
-   The hours listed on the door of the presumed outdoor cafe were 10 AM to 7 PM Sunday through Thursday, then 10 AM to 10 PM on Friday, and 10 AM to 11 PM on Saturday.

-   The Angel Grove Derby, for which Lt. Stone was the announcer, was sponsored by "Ernie's Juice Bar."
-   Lt. Stone had brought a smoothie machine to the derby.
-   Lt. Stone had brought the chimps to the derby for some fresh air, but threatened to put them back on banana peeling duty in the Juice Bar if they didn't be quiet.

-   KAGV's "Back to the Fifties Stunt Show" was held in the Youth Center, which had been temporarily redecorated to look like a fifties diner, but later that day, it was back to normal.

-   When the people at the volunteer car wash outside ran into the Youth Center through the payphone entrance, they entered the Youth Center through the western Juice Bar doorway.

-   The staff Adam had inadvertantly taken from Pharaoh turned all the writing in the Youth Center into hieroglyphics; an old man at the Juice Bar was upset that the menu was printed in hieroglyphics.
-   The hieroglyphics everywhere returned to their normal text soon after Pharaoh's destruction.
-   To have the teens see the painting the chimps had made on the wall out back, Emily came in from the western Juice Bar doorway and took the teens through the eastern doorway.

-   The hallway beyond the southeastern doorway went east.

-   The Youth Center served as a recycling center for the Angel Grove Cleanup Week.
-   "26030-B" was written above the Youth Center's payphone door.

-   Kids caught in the Flamite attack were taken to the Youth Center and cared for on cots which had been set up in the exercise area.

?   When Translucitor made the Youth Center and all the people inside but Cassie and Ashley vanish, the two girls found themselves in a field with tall weeds near the mountains.

-   In the Juice Bar, T.J., Cassie, and Ashley wanted the freeze key (which Divatox had used in her attempts to freeze the sun and the Earth) destroyed, but Carlos wasn't worried, as Justin had rewired it into a snowman freeze machine for the Juice Bar that was the fastest freezer Lt. Stone had seen.

-   Bulk and Skull demolished the Juice Bar's pinball machine by inserting the wishing coin they'd found.

-   The gold poles in the Juice Bar had been recently painted, and the paint was still wet.

-   Lt. Stone let Cassie and Vicki hold auditions for their band in the Youth Center.
-   Another day, "Cassie with Crash and the Creeps"' first performance was at the Youth Center, and everyone loved "Confusion."

-   Cassie brought her golden lab Jetson into the Juice Bar on at least two occasions.
-   Jetson bought a newspaper from somewhere in the Youth Center's western hallway for fifty cents.
-   The Juice Bar sold cranberry breeze frozen drinks for seventy-five cents.
-   There was a check-in desk for the Youth Center just inside the payphone entrance; to go inside, Cassie went to the right of the desk.

-   Bulk and Skull were hosts for "Bulk and Skull's Scary Film Festival", dressed up as vampires; they had rented a movie and the Youth Center to show scary movies, apparently in the afternoons.
-   The next day after school was a blood drive in the Youth Center; Lt. Stone was serving drinks for the donors.

-   Plagued by ants in the Juice Bar, Lt. Stone tried using an "Ants Away" monster ant figurine that was supposed to scare the ants away for one week.
-   When Bulk and Skull, working for the "Get the Bugs Out Exterminator Company," came in and began spraying Juice Bar with their special "Ant Be Gone" formula, Lt. Stone made them leave, not wanting them to spray the chemicals all over the place.

-   Ashley taught a dance class of kids in the Youth Center.
-   Lt. Stone sold tickets for the upcoming dance that Saturday, presumably in the Youth Center.
-   On the right wall just inside the double door hallway in the western wall of the Youth Center was a lost and found area.

-   Upon returning to Earth, the teens took Andros to the Surf Spot, which impressed them all; based on the identical layout to the Youth Center and the very similar exterior, it can be inferred that some time shortly after the ex-Turbo Ranger teens' departure from Earth in the Astro Megashuttle, Adelle bought the Youth Center from Lt. Stone and remodeled it into the Surf Spot.

?   In Terra Venture's city dome, a white habitation building with doors resembling one side of the Youth Center had street numbers 26030, the same as the Youth Center's address but without a "B" at the end.


MMPR: The Movie
-   In the place of the Youth Center was now a large structure called "Ernie's"; no gym aspect of the business was shown, only food and drinks.
-   Ernie's was serving a free dessert with lunch the day of the Angel Grove Jump-a-thon.

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-   The cultural food festival was to raise money for playground equipment for the Angel Grove Preschool and Day Care Center.
-   At the food festival, Kim wouldn't let Mr. Caplan taste the cake she was carrying unless he paid for it; Billy said it was $20.
-   Trini, Billy, and another woman were at the Asian foods table, serving foods such as stir-fried vegetables, stir-fried rice, sesame chicken salad, and chow mein.
-   Zack served food with another African-American teenager at the African-American table of the food festival.
-   Jason and Kim served American food such as cheeseburgers, hot dogs, and soda with another girl at the food festival.
-   Skull started a food fight after Bulk had accidentally hit him with a pie.
-   A guy wearing a sombrero who was working at the spicy food table excitedly threw a bowl of chips into the air during the food fight.
-   Billy charged Bulk and Skull's African-American cohort $20 for falling face-first into a bucket of what may have been chili.
?   Although everyone had left the food festival after the food fight was over, people were again there when Pudgy Pig arrived, and the place seemed cleaned up a bit.
-   There was an Italian foods table at the food festival.
-   The food festival was again empty when the teens returned after their battle with Pudgy Pig.
-   Trini charged Mr. Caplan $20 for a spicy sub which Alpha had made.

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