- former student, dancer
- former Black Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger (101-DOTD through 228-PTr2)
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Full Name: Zachary Taylor (101-DOTD, 227-PTr1)
First Appearance: 101-DOTD
Last Appearance: 228-PTr2
Pictures: Zack, circa MMPR season 1 (shown at right), Zack, circa MMPR season 2
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  • Zack's secondary clothing color after black was purple.
  • Zack wore an earring.
  • Zack learned a flip recovery from Jason in the Youth Center.
  • Zack was missing the middle finger of his left hand.
  • Bulk referred to Zack as "the dancer."
  • Zack was suddenly behind Trini and Kim after they'd flipped Bulk and Skull, yet he hadn't been there in the previous shot.
  • Zack and Kim didn't believe Zordon in the Command Center when he told them they had been brought there to save the world.
  • Zordon initially called Zack "Zachary."
  • Zordon described Zack as "clever and brave."
  • Zack found the concept of Rangers and Zords too weird; he was the first of the five teens to walk out on Zordon.
  • Zack was the third to be knocked down by Putties in the desert.
  • Zack became the Black Ranger.
  • Zack thought that their victory over Goldar had been due to luck.


  • Zack used a skeleton mask to scare Trini in the Youth Center.


  • Jason, Billy, and Zack signed Kim and Trini's petition, but each of them seemed glad to have an excuse not to go with them to the site that afternoon; either Zack was exaggerating the urgency of Alpha's request, or Alpha had told Zack that he wanted to talk with him about something extremely important while all Alpha wanted was dance lessons.
  • Zack could do a backflip.
  • Zack's fighting style was the hip-hop kido.


  • Zack skateboarded through the Youth Center.
  • Zack's causing Kim's chewing gum bubble to pop all over his and Kim's faces distracted Jason right as he was trying to benchpress a weight for the 1,010th time, on either his first or second attempt at the record; Zack later apologized to both Jason and Kim for the incident.
  • Morphed Zack punched Squatt when he and Baboo wouldn't tell where Kim had gone.
  • When Bulk vowed to get his benchpressing record back from Jason, Zack peaceably offered Bulk some cake.


  • No one was particularly concerned when Billy's out-of-control cart hit the platform area of the Youth Center, sending him flying off it and rolling into the wall; Zack merely cringed.
  • When Zack overheard Bulk and Skull making fun of Kim's dance students and Skull saying that their dancing was easy, Zack told Skull he'd like to see him try it.
  • Zack held Jason back from retaliating after Bulk had kicked Jason's Juice Bar chair out from under him.
  • Zack danced in front of a crowd at the Juice Bar to show Bulk up, even doing a handstand on the counter.


  • Zack served food with another African-American teenager at the African-American table of the food festival.


  • Zack put a basketball into his locker at school.
  • Zack had pictures of white girls in bikinis inside his locker door.
  • Zack was about to rush Terror Toad after the monster had eaten Trini, but Jason had them regroup.
  • On Saturday, Jason and Zack helped Billy with his volleyball skills in the Youth Center.


  • Zack helped set up the Youth Center for the upcoming dance.
  • Zack wanted to teach Billy a few dance moves for the dance that night to impress the girls, but Billy declined.
  • At the dance, Zack and Jason couldn't win the affections of any girls, despite their efforts to impress the girls with their dancing.
  • Zack was briefly shown dancing with Kim.


  • Zack said that Angela was the girl of his dreams.
  • Joking to each other, Zack and Jason pretended that they were Kim reacting to Matt, a guy who was hitting on her in the Youth Center.
  • Zack accidentally bumped drinks out of Angela's hands, dumping them on Bulk and Skull.


  • Zack gave a surfing demonstration with a surfboard on Miss Appleby's desk for Hobby Week.


  • On Zack's birthday, the four other teens prepared a surprise party for him, in the meantime making him think they'd forgotten his birthday.
  • Zack sang as he walked down the Juice Bar's west hallway.
  • Zack stopped by the Youth Center when it normally would have been closed because he was looking for the teens; Trini's mom had told Zack the teens might have been there.
  • Zack was frustrated that the teens didn't seem to have remembered his birthday.
  • Jason told the others that Zack, sad about the teens seeming to have forgotten his birthday, would be okay until the surprise party.
  • Zack walked through the mountains after school, depressed.
  • After school, the teens appeared to have been in the mountains after Zack had gone there to be depressed about their forgetting his birthday.
  • Zack was quite pleased after the teens had sprung the surprise party on him at the Youth Center.


  • At Rita's fake carnival, Zack tried to walk on stilts.


  • In the Youth Center before discovering that Trini's uncle Howard had been kidnapped, Kim and Zack were looking at a collection of papers, one of which had what looked like large Japanese symbols on it.


  • Zack and Jason sparred in the Youth Center, with Zack shirtless.
  • Zack thought he could eat all of Ernie's special, an enormous banana split, by himself; he had to abandon it due to Ranger business soon after receiving it.
  • Zack carried a black skateboard into the Youth Center with him after the battle with the Chunky Chicken.


  • Zack, Jason, and Billy were cleaning the RADBUG in Billy's garage after school.


  • Zack, Jason, and Kim returned to Angel Grove in the RADBUG at some point after Alpha had been repaired from Green Ranger's attack, leaving Trini and Billy to make repairs in the Command Center to try to bring back Zordon.
  • Zack and Jason worked out at the Youth Center.
  • Zack and Jason wondered whether Green Ranger was working for Rita; they apparently hadn't heard Green Ranger shout, "Long live empress Rita!" upon boarding the Megazord in 117-GWE1.
  • When Zack and Kim rode the RADBUG to the Command Center, Zack piloted it with no problems.
  • Initiated by Zack, the Rangers called their Zords to fight the normal-sized Green Ranger when he said he was going to finish them off.
  • Zack and Kim went looking for Jason after Green Ranger had retreated from the Megazord.
  • Zack said he knew for a fact that Jason had met Tommy after school, while Tommy had said Jason had never shown up.


  • As the teens watched the Zords sink into the lava, Zack said, "It's like Rita destroyed a part of us."


  • Zack erroneously referred to the Sword of Darkness as the Power Sword.


  • Zack did his "slamma-jamma, double-whamma, hip-hoppin, 'cause you can't stop in it, big disgrace, 'cause it's in your face, long shot" while playing basketball with Jason.
  • When Trini was going to get hot dogs for the teens, Zack and Jason wanted hot dogs with everything on them.
  • Morphed Zack, Kim, and Billy were frozen in their tracks by Shellshock's stop-beam until Trini shorted out Shellshock's traffic light with dust from the Deandra flowers.
  • After the battle with Shellshock, Zack and Tommy played a one-point game to see who'd buy the other guy lunch, and Zack won.
  • Zack did his "slamma-jamma, double whamma, hip hop 'cause I'll never stop, high-falootin', rootin'-and-tootin', lawless, flawless, jawless jam" when Billy challenged him to a quick match; he ended up having to buy both Tommy's and Billy's lunches when Billy won.


  • Zack was afraid of bugs, especially spiders.
  • The next day, Zack said he liked mice a little more than he liked bugs.
  • Zack taught a hip hop kido class to younger kids after school.
  • Zack ran to his car to get a music tape he'd left in the car, but upon returning, he found all of his students collapsed in the grass; Zordon had him flee the scene to avoid also being caught by Rita's sleeping powder moths.
  • After realizing that the real Forest Spirit Statue was supposed to have flowers in its hair, not snakes as the statue before him had, Zack morphed and blasted the statue apart with the Power Axe.
  • After the battle with Spidertron, Zack claimed to have conquered his fear of spiders, but Tommy's rubber spider on his shoulder proved otherwise; Zack's fear of bugs would be evident again in 148-POTM and 155-TOrT.


  • In the Youth Center, Jason and Zack were talking about their battle with Spit Flower, yet it was a different day from when they'd fought him.
  • As a magic trick, Zack made a bouquet of flowers appear in his hand.


  • Zack offered Angela help with decorating for the upcoming masquerade party in the Youth Center.
  • Zack's costume for the masquerade party was a pharaoh.


  • Zack and Billy coached Jason and Tommy for the Team Ninja Finals.
  • It was Zack who commanded the Rangers to fire at will after they'd received their special weapons, even though Jason was present.


  • Zack was practicing for an upcoming dance contest; after screwing up a move, he lost his confidence in his dancing ability and eventually left the Youth Center to be alone after showing up Bulk in a little dancing contest of their own.
  • When the four teens found Zack in what looked like the park, Zack didn't seem to have noticed the storm, lightning, and earthquake which were all results of Rita's summoning of Mutitis and Lokar.
  • Zack found the Island of Illusion's magic to be too weird and left the others, only to hallucinate a huge snake in front of him.
  • Zack was terrified of snakes.
  • Zack was distressed because they couldn't fight the Island's magic, and he began to vanish as a result of his doubts.


  • Zack saved himself by remembering his battle with the Nasty Knight (in 112-HBZk).
  • Zack remembered beating the Nasty Knight, but it was actually the Megazord Power Sword which had destroyed the giant monster.
  • Zack scored straight 10's in the dance contest.


  • Zack fired his Blade Blaster at Scorpina to stop her from picking up the Mirror of Destruction.
  • When Jeremy was describing his experience with the Rangers, Zack asked Jeremy to tell them more about the Black Ranger.


  • Zack brought a black and white surfboard with him to the beach.
  • Zack played with a beach ball with Trini.


  • Zack helped with the organization of the talent show in the Youth Center.


  • Zack and Tommy sparred in the Youth Center.
  • Tommy hadn't yet asked Kim to the dance because he was nervous, but Zack insisted that Kim would say yes and that Tommy shouldn't put it off.
  • Zack tried to show Tommy how to impress the girls, but Angela told him to get a life.
  • When faced with the possibility that Tommy might have been turned evil again now that the Dragonzord was apparently on a rampage, Zack said they'd have to take Tommy down too.


  • Zack went into the Dark Dimension, without morphing, to bring Jason back without the Green Candle so that they could help Tommy in the fight against giant Cyclops.


  • Zack had to leave to fight Hatchasaurus and was unable to give his student Cameron support for the competition Cameron was in; Zack returned in time to watch Cameron win the final round of the competition.


  • At the recycling drive, Jason made exaggerated karate cries as he karate chopped cans to be recycled, and Zack did the same by squashing one with his foot.


  • When Zack asked Angela out at Power Ranger Day, she told him that if he were a Power Ranger, she'd say yes in a minute, and that he should keep trying.
  • Zack said that if they stopped Lokar, they'd stop Rita and the others; his prediction would later be verified by Zordon.


  • After beating the Putties, Zack did a breakdancing spin to get back up off the ground.


  • Zack exclaimed, "Jamorama!" after the teens' team had won the Oddball Games.
  • Zack laid down his red jersey in the mud for Angela and helped her out after she'd fallen in when her team had lost the tug o' war.
  • Zack correctly assumed Bulk and Skull had stolen the Noble Lion trophy when it turned up missing.
  • Zack said he'd given up on Angela, but then when Angela asked him out at the Youth Center, he eagerly escorted her to the movies.
  • At the movie, Angela wouldn't let Zack put his arm around her.
  • Angela cuddled up with Zack during a scary part of the movie.
  • Zack told Angela his beeping communicator was his popcorn alarm, and he left the movie, telling her he was going to get more popcorn; when he returned after the battle with Goatan, she dumped the new tub of popcorn on his head and stormed out of the theater.


  • During the Putty fight, Zack had Billy duck as Zack kicked a Putty, then Billy had Zack duck as Billy punched a Putty.


  • When the teens went out to get something to eat, Zack suggested liver.
  • Zack, Billy, and Jason had a pillowfight after the guys and girls had gone to their two Forest Creek Cabins rooms for the night.
  • Zack's nightmare induced by the Crystal of Nightmares was of nearly being defeated by Nasty Knight, from 112-HBZk.


  • Zack thought to divert morphing power and convert the goo stuck to the Megazord into energy for a power boost.


  • Zack submitted to Miss Appleby's time capsule a "slammin' CD with some phat tunes" because, he said, contemporary music usually reflected the world's current events.
  • Zack hoped that the people of the future lived in a world with no wars.


  • After school, Zack played basketball in the park with Jason and Kim.


  • Trying out a new flavor of tropical drink, Zack had Jason taste his drink.


  • Zack was putting on a magic show for kids in the Youth Center; he was trying to impress Angela, who was helping out with the show.
  • Zack could juggle.
  • Angela kissed Zack on the cheek.
  • Angela was impressed that Zack was so good with kids.
  • Ernie choked on his drink when Zack told Angela he hated to brag.
  • Zack entertained the kids to calm them down after the news broadcast on Peckster's attack on the city.
  • Zack managed to sneak away into the locker hall by having Bulk "magically" make him disappear from a magic booth.
  • Having been inspired by Mikey's inflated rubber ball, morphed Zack had Pecktser try to peck five balloons, each a Ranger color, with the black one actually a ball of rubber or some such material, in which Peckster got his beak stuck.
  • After the Megazord was knocked over by the wind from giant Peckster's wings, Zack told the Rangers, "Come on, guys! We can't give up! We're the Power Rangers!"
  • Zack was dressed up for a big night out on the town with Angela; he was thinking of a candlelight dinner at Le Petit Bistro, then some slow dancing at Cafe de Paris; he actually ended up accompanying Angela and all the kids to a cartoon festival - a five-hour retrospective of Woody Woodpecker, said Angela, her favorite.
  • Kim told Angela Zack always dressed that way to go to the movies, apparently forgetting Zack had taken Angela to the movies in 142-L&Bl.


  • Zack and Jason were dressed up as Musketeers in the audience of Trick or Treat.


  • Zack and Jason patiently trained Roger at soccer in the park.


  • Zack made the Angel Grove High football team; his number was 48.


  • Zack planned to give Angela a singing telegram at a restaurant before he gave her pearl earrings on her birthday.
  • Zack invited Kim and Tommy to double date with him and Angela if she agreed to let him take her out on her birthday.
  • Angela was leery of Zack and his surprises.
  • When Zack was trying to get Angela to agree to give him another chance, he told her Kim and Tommy would be there.
  • Angela was impressed when Zack said he was taking her to a little French cafe.
  • Zack visited a jewelry store called "Classic Designs Jewelry," but the pearls there were too expensive for him.
  • A Putty whose human disguise looked like Monty of Trick or Treat and Mr. Anderson from Stone Canyon, knowing about Zack's needing of pearl earrings, sold Zack the Pearls of Stillness from a coat full of jewelry; Zack first asked to make sure they weren't stolen, but the man told him his late wife Edna had fallen in love with him when he'd given them to her.
  • Zack and Angela, with Tommy and Kim, went to an outdoor French restaurant called "La TÍte D'escargot Restaurant" on Angela's birthday.
  • Zack and Angela were about to kiss on the lips after Angela had seen the pearl earrings Zack had given her, but Skull caused the waiter to drop a cake on their table, getting some on Zack and Tommy's pants, and Skull then knocked himself and Bulk over.
  • After the battle with Oysterizer, Zack realized that he shouldn't try to impress someone with money, because love couldn't be bought.
  • Zack could only afford a bouquet of flowers for Angela later that day.
  • Zack had Bulk and Skull play background music for him at the Youth Center when he sang to Angela.
  • The words to Zack's song for Angela were, "I was wrong to play the fool. I went out of my way, trying to be too cool, hoping that you'd stay, but now I know I do my best whenever I am me, so be yourself and give me a smile."
  • Zack could sing fairly well.
  • Angela apologized to Zack for being materialistic.
  • Zack and Angela kissed on the lips.


  • Preparing for the motor marathon, Zack said couldn't wait to hit the mountains.
  • When Kim wondered what kind of monster Zedd had in store for them, Zack remarked he had a feeling it wasn't Pudgy Pig, as if he felt Pudgy Pig had been a past monster of low intimidation value.
  • Zack and Trini were both pessimistic after Pirantishead had taken control of their Zords.


  • Zack had worn an ape costume for his little cousin's birthday party, and he wore it to the basketball court and scared Kim.


  • Zack brought to school some shades he'd gotten at a swap meet that weekend for his and Billy's lab experiment (which Jason called a physics demonstration) in Miss Appleby's science class.
  • A spell on Zack's and Billy's shades caused the two teens to see their fellow Rangers as Putties.
  • Zack and Billy tackled the other teens and Mr. Caplan because they thought the "Putties" were going to attack Mr. Caplan.
  • Alpha had soaked the enchanted shades in a special energy beam so that when Zack and Billy put them on, they removed the hallucination spell over the two teens.


  • Zack was in charge of the hip hop kido club.


  • Zack's hair was now in short braids.
  • When Bulk and Skull were preparing to insert their videotape (which would have shown Jason, Kim, and Tommy morphing) to play it for a crowd in the Youth Center, Jason stopped them from inserting it, and Zack then took it, supposedly to label it so the two wouldn't lose it, then secretly switched tapes with Billy so that the tape Bulk and Skull played was of a cartoon Skull had seen before.


  • Zack still hated bugs.


  • Black Ranger's voice didn't sound like Zack; this problem continued until Zack's departure in 228-PTr2 and also occurred in Kim's flashback in 233-LiCA of their fight with Pudgy Pig.


  • Kim wanted the help of Zack's skill with words for the lyrics to the song she was writing for Tommy.
  • Zack still appeared to be disgusted by bugs.
  • Zack was first to be captured by Guitardo's spell, which could have been resisted by maintaining strict control over one's own thoughts; he was captured just after he had made a retort in response to Guitardo noticing that they weren't listening to him.


  • Zack let Curtis borrow their uncle Ed's old trumpet for Curtis's performance but told him to be careful with it, since it was a famous trumpet.
  • Zack had inherited Ed's famous trumpet a while back.
  • Zack had some impressive leap and kick moves in the Putty fight; he had more impressive moves in 216-B&TB.
  • Zack didn't bring Curtis the trumpet until just before Curtis was to perform.
  • When Bulk and Skull came into the Juice Bar carrying a slab of concrete containing footprints of the Rangers, with the intention of making everyone in the Juice Bar match their feet with the footprints, Zack had Richie play a new CD that made everyone in the Juice Bar rush past Bulk and Skull to dance in the Youth Center area; while this didn't cause Bulk to drop and break the slab, Skull's pat on the back did.


  • Richie and Curtis were supposed to meet Billy and Zack in the park to go rollerblading, but they weren't there when Zack and Billy got beeped by Zordon.
  • Zack seemed to think Curtis was a ladies' man.
  • After learning of Kim's capture and the Putties' attack on Curtis and Richie, Zack had Billy and Trini go after Kim while he dealt with the Putties; this was a while before Jason had responded to Zordon's call.


  • Jason and Zack were in the park, playing football with Curtis "and a few of the others."
  • Zack had a different voice during the Putty fight; he also had a different voice while by the lake with the others in 219-TFrO.


  • Pursehead's compact ray froze morphed Zack's mind, but he was later unfrozen by Billy's reverse ocular dilator.


  • Preparing to participate in the trick-or-treat chaperoning program, Tommy said he'd just talked with Jason, who was picking up Trini and Zack for the three to chaperone as well.


  • Zack now had his old hairstyle back and would keep it that way.


  • Terror Blossom shot purple energy from his hand which froze morphed Jason, Trini, and Zack.


  • Zack's last name was Taylor; the reader will note that in real life, the twelfth president of the United States was named Zachary Taylor.


  • Adam took Zack's place as the Black Ranger.

    Pilot Episode

  • Zack seemed to be quite popular amongst the other teenagers at the bowling alley; he told a girl she was looking hot and then kissed her on the cheek.
  • As Jason was preparing to bowl, Zack sneaked up behind him and grabbed his rear, startling him and making his ball go into the gutter; Jason then playfully and lightly punched Zack a few times in the stomach.
  • During the brawl in the bowling alley, Zack danced in front of Bulk and another punk before flipping into a handstand and kicking the two punks in the face.
  • Jason and Zack seemed excited, perhaps even entertained, during the brawl with the punks.
  • After Alpha and Zoltar had introduced themselves, Zack mockingly said he was a Ninja Turtle.
  • Zack was the first of the teens to walk out on Zoltar.
  • Zack and Billy were the first to be knocked down by Putties in the desert, when a Putty threw Zack into Billy.
  • Zack became the Black Ranger.

    MMPR Interactive CD-ROM

  • Zack's birthday was given as May 3, making him a Taurus.
  • Zack's birthplace was given as Washington, D.C.
  • Zack's favorite food was meatloaf; his favorite subject was American history.
  • Zack was supposedly the fastest sprinter on Angel Grove High's track team.
  • Intuition was the guide of Zack's life, as he frequently acted on gut feelings.

    MMPR fan club video

  • Asked about favorite foods, Jason admitted he liked big bowls of ice cream, though not as big as Zack would eat.
  • Asked about what music he liked, Jason said he liked hip hop, which he got from hanging around Zack too much; Zack and Jason would often dance around and have a good time in one of their garages, until someone would walk by, embarrassing them.
  • Being interviewed himself, Zack sat in the Juice Bar; he had his hair in braids and wore a communicator.
  • Zack described himself as the fun, bouncy member of the group, the crazy, fun-loving, spontaneous jokester; he added that he was a guy everyone got along with, and he'd always have an ear for people.
  • As an instance of being caught off-guard, Zack described seeing an old lady acting weird and then turning into a Putty; he remarked that he should've known Rita had been up to something.
  • Zack's favorite ice cream was cookies and cream.
  • On the topic of music, Zack said he liked hip hop, since he loved anything he could dance to, and although he claimed to be able to dance to almost anything, hip hop had a funky groove he liked; he also enjoyed a variety of other music from rap to old-style rock 'n roll such as Elton John and Billy Joel.
  • With regard to his plans for the future, Zack thought he'd go to college, where he'd have more time to discover what he wanted to do; some ideas he'd considered were going into advertising, in which he could be creative and come up with jingles, or being a travel agent so he could see the world.
  • Asked how he'd come up with hip hop kido, Zack said he'd combined dancing with martial arts, figuring it was the best way to have fun and defend oneself at the same time.
  • Talking about her friends, Kim said she loved Zack, calling him fun and a great party guy who could always entertain people.

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